Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 037 – End of Sightseeing [D]

Good morning! Let’s go to the dungeon today as well!! I trained with Mordred in the morning, broke a few bones in that practice, and went to the dungeon after healing! 

Before heading to the dungeon, I heard an interesting story. According to Marinne, the demons were heading to the ground above as if being commanded… Fu~hn, interesting. That was definitely the event for me!

Let’s go to the dungeon! 

Fu-chan? Who was that? Such a name was called loudly a while ago… Eh? Was it me? Oi oi, my name is indeed Fay, and it might be possible to call me Fu-chan if you shorten it. 

You shouldn’t use that to refer to cool characters. Wouldn’t I break my character if I responded when called with that name? 

Anyway, let’s leave it aside. Rather than that, let’s go to the dungeon and fight the hordes! Eh? Barbara was also coming along? 

Well, I didn’t mind… 

And we arrived! There were tons of demons… Well then, Aliceia and Barbara were running away to the rock fort, but… if these hordes went to the floor above, there would be casualties. It really did feel like my event to stop them. 

Well then, time to progress with the event… 

Since I knew it would be bad if these many demons got out, I used my intimidation to draw them to me… but these many… wouldn’t it be dangerous after all? 

There were hundreds of them too… But I was the protagonist, so it should work out! 

This kind of absurdity really stimulated me. Such absurdity was the spice of the protagonist’s life. Against such overwhelming absurdity, having the protagonist fight it head-on was basic procedure. 

The leg I reinforced broke, I took an attack and spewed out blood, but this is fine, I got potions. 

Aah, to think there were still these many demons… it might be the greatest absurdity ever forced upon me… so there was this kind of great event for the last day! The person who thought of this event was a genius!! 

I was the most stimulated I’ve ever been!!! Since these kinds of unreasonable events really fit the protagonist, I couldn’t help but laugh. 

I will destroy all of them. They are all the stepping stones for my event.

I will defeat every last of them!!!!! 

Or so I thought, but Mordred suddenly participated!! Then eventually, other adventurers also participated… so it was this kind of event… 

It was like trying to help the protagonist when he was in a pinch, right? I could feel friendship, hard work, and victory. Having everyone combine their power to get through adversity was a cliché, but I didn’t hate such development, you know?1 

As I desperately swung my swords while being stained with blood, the demons were finally subdued. 

Okay, the people who lived outside were now safe! I was glad there were no casualties in this event! And there was me, the protagonist who triumphed over the absurdity!! I reached a new height as the protagonist once again!! 

I was happy with that. I didn’t show any particular reaction since I was a cool-type character though… 

But as expected, I don’t have enough blood. Even if the potion closes my wounds, it won’t recover my lost blood. 

Well, it was obvious to faint as a human when they lacked blood, and it was a basic procedure for a protagonist. 

Considering how many people are here, there should be “people who will bring fainted protagonists back,” right? 

I would leave the rest to them. You guys, bring me to the bed with an unknown ceiling. 

Good night. 

A few hours have passed after the turmoil caused by the demons’ march. And as usual, one could hear the liveliness and noise made by the people of Free City and adventurers drinking alcohol.

There were no casualties, and the usual scenery was there as the wind blew through. Felmi baa-san’s prosthesis eye shop quietly stood in the Free City. 

Felmi went to a room with a cloth soaked in water inside the wooden bucket from the kitchen. 

When he entered the room, a black-haired man was sleeping there. 

Fay was sleeping with a rhythmic breath. His body was wrapped with bandages, and there was a tube-like IV drip containing medicine connected to his body. 


“…Ah, Felmi-san.”

In front of Fay’s bed was Aliceia with vacant eyes and Barbara who looked sad and tried to be considerate. 

“How is his condition?” 

“There’s no change… it just…”

Barbara glanced at Aliceia. Barbara told Felmi that Aliceia’s condition was more worrisome than Fay’s with her glance. Aliceia seemed to be absentminded all this time. Even as Felmi entered the room, Aliceia didn’t seem to notice. 

She just kept looking at Fay’s face. 

“Move away for a bit… I can’t treat him if you stay there.” 


Aliceia muttered her reply and left the room. Her uncertain gait made her seem like a zombie. 

“Um, what’s wrong with her?” 

“Well? I don’t know… I can’t do anything about her. Even if I could treat physical wounds, mental wounds are not my expertise.”

“…I see. Err, Fu-chan should be okay, right? You said you finished treating him…”

“I did say that. He’ll be better after a night of sleep.”

“T-that’s great.”

“It’s just, this guy took the poison from a dark snake, you see. He would be dead if things went wrong. Even when he recovers, he has to rest for some time.”

“I-I see… How to say this, he is amazing or something.”

“He’s weird. This kind of idiot is rarely seen.”

“…What is he really?”

“…He is a hero that your father longed to be. To be more precise, what one would turn out like by the end of their journey, I guess?”

“…Is he?”

“It’s just, he has the necessary qualities, courage, and kindness for that. That’s why he couldn’t ask anyone to accompany him. I have no idea the path he walked until now, but he tried to help someone, even at the expense of himself. He didn’t include himself as a person who ought to be helped. It is a true hero, the hero who serves others.”


“This fool woke up once earlier. It was during his treatment. What do you think he said once I explained the situation to him?”

“…Isn’t it things like ‘heal me quickly’ or ‘how long would it take for me to recover’… I guess?”

“You’re wrong… When I told him he got quite an amount of money for subduing the demons… He said, ‘There is a blind child in the orphanage I live in, so I would like to buy a pair of artificial eyes and the surgery cost’.”


“Even though he was pale from the poison back then and barely conscious at all… he didn’t think about his own situation.”

Fay had a much better complexion now. His skin color was beautiful and synonymous with health. 

However, Barbara, who looked at Fay’s face, turned pale instead in astonishment.

“This kind of person will die early… just like your father.” 


“I won’t deny their belief to do things for others’ sake. However, that doesn’t mean they can neglect their own well-being. It’s something I told your father over and over when I taught him.”

“…Will he… end up like my father?”

“I think so.”

“…I see… so that’s why I was weirdly attracted to him…”

“Does it feel like seeing your father’s back?”

“No… it’s just like what Felmi-san says… I just saw how my father would end up if he continued his path.”

At the end of those words, Barbara closed her mouth. She didn’t say anything more and left the room as she didn’t want to see Fay anymore. Looking at Fay reminded her of her father’s corpse and her father’s back. 

It was both comfortable and painful. And now, she understood why. Fay wasn’t similar to Rhine, but their father instead. She knew what lies after that. 

The path that Fay would take was similar to their father, where his kindness was used and devoured. It was painful to think that she would have to witness that once again, and she hated herself for thinking so. 

However, she saw her ideal at that dungeon. That was the very figure of the ideal hero that her father chased after. 

There was a figure who drew his sword and fought for others’ sakes. When she thought of how scary, fearful, and sad that ideal was… 

Barbara closed her eyes. 

She forcefully stopped thinking about it. When she left the room, Barbara saw Aliceia sitting on the ground while holding onto her knees with her face resting on them in front of the room. However, Barbara currently lacked the leisure to be considerate to Aliceia. 

Barbara didn’t want to think of anything, so she moved her weakened body. 

Barbara decided to rest her tired body in another vacant room. Since she was a long-time acquaintance of Felmi, Barbara decided to borrow one of Felmi’s vacant rooms. 

And then, Barbara closed her eyes once again.

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Fey thinking of Lele for the eyes just made me smile.

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Strawberry Milkshake
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friendship, hard work, and victory

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Reply to  Robinx211
He also gives his party mental debuff immunity while affected by madness Charisma Ex jajjaja. Thanks for the chapter sr translator.
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Ah, so the name of skill is all to be dicided, a lost

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