Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Snail

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Chapter 037 – End of Sightseeing [F]

“…You’re awake.” 

“Pretty easy to tell just by looking.”

“Yes… you’re right! I’m glad!”



Fay’s eyes turned sharper. Something felt off about Aliceia, but he couldn’t decide if it was her unnaturally energetic voice or her slightly clouded eyes. 

Without minding Fay’s behavior, Aliceia suddenly approached Fay and straddled him. The demon’s poison hadn’t completely detoxified yet, so he didn’t have complete control over his own body and couldn’t avoid Aliceia’s action. 

Besides, he let his guard down. Fay did trust Aliceia to some extent, after all. 


“What do you think you’re doing…?” 

“Hm—? I’m just thinking of thanking you for all you’ve done for me until now.”

“…What do you mean by thanking me?”

“Well, you know… for everything. Hey, Fay…? Would you like to do something that feels good with me?”


“You are a man after all, so…  you must get pent up sometimes, right?”


Her voice reminded Fay of what a cat sounds like when it is looking to be spoiled. She pulled off her top, revealing her beautiful body, then grabbed his hand and pressed it against her chest until it sunk into her bosom. His touch sent sparks coursing through her chest, triggering her libido. It wasn’t something that Aliceia would normally do, and Fay would never have let her get away with it if he hadn’t been so weakened by the poison. 


“You’re not aroused with me? I’ve never done this before, but… well, I do have some knowledge about these sorts of things. If you don’t mind, how about I help you with my mouth?” 

“…Cut it out, right now.”

“Hey, don’t say that. Doing this much is okay, isn’t it? I told you, this is my way of thanking you.”

I want to feel better. I want to reward him for all he’s done for me. 

“…Or do you prefer something a little rougher? I don’t mind, you know, if that’s something you wanted. I do have an interest in that, after all.” 

I want to feel better… I want to be needed by someone. Even though I have so many flaws, I wish I could be treated as someone precious. 

“Ah, here’s a good idea. For as long as you live, I’ll be your exclusive plaything…” 


She wasn’t chasing sexual pleasure purely for the sake of physical desire. Her impatience in wanting to be freed from her unreasonable obsession was what drove her to take these actions. Fay was simply a means to an end if it meant she could find meaning in being precious to someone. 

She yearned to find value in her existence through Fay’s affirmation. She tempted and flirted with him, exposing all of her body’s secrets while staring up at him with a saccharine smile. 


“I’m gonna say this one more time… cut it out.” 

“…D-Don’t get angry at me. Don’t you actually feel like doing it?” 

“…Embracing random women isn’t one of my hobbies.”

“Ngh… Please, don’t say that… choose me, I beg you… I will do everything, whatever it might be. I don’t even mind if you only treated me as sex object for the rest of my life! I’m even willing to be your slave! If you asked me to, I’ll gladly earn money for you by using this body—”

“—Just shut up, will you?”



Aliceia was unable to withstand the force underpinning Fay’s curt response. The psychological pressure he projected made her whole body go rigid, preventing her from taking more liberties with his body. She saw herself through the reflection of his eyes, a weak figure merely pretending to be lusty as an excuse for escaping from her own responsibility. 


The way I am now… it’s so pathetic… because I’ve done this… because I have fallen this low, I guess even Fay… wouldn’t be interested in me… 


“…I’m sorry.” 


“I’m really sorry… I…”


“I won’t be a bother to you anymore… I’m sorry.”



She let her hand drop, releasing Fay’s as she did. Her loneliness returned, along with feeling sad and ugly about what she had done. 

The saddest part was that he’d probably never speak to her again after this. Although he didn’t speak much, Aliceia didn’t hate his voice. Although he was scary, she was also aware of how gentle he was. Now she had lost it all. 

Tears were threatening to spill down her cheeks, but since she had decided to disappear from Fay’s life, it wouldn’t do to leave him remembering her face looking like that. 


“…Well then, see you later.” 


That was all she could say in the end. She had no intention of prolonging her departure and wasn’t going to say another word, but Fay wouldn’t let things end that way. 


“…Idiot, you think that fixes everything?” 


“You’ve just done all this weird stuff to me, so I deserve some kind of explanation, don’t you think?”

“…Are you willing to listen?”

“…Come on, out with it already.”


He folded his arms and closed his eyes so he would not see her naked body. Aliceia was happy to know that he hadn’t abandoned her yet. 

“…Th-Thank you.” 


She peeked up at Fay and thanked him. Fay’s eyes stayed closed and didn’t show any change in his expression. One of his fingers tapped on his crossed arms impatiently, as if urging her to speak quickly. 




Aliceia began to speak in a quivering voice. She explained how her constitution had dragged Fay into trouble and how he was wounded in her stead. She went to explain how the incident earlier might be caused by her presence, and finally, expressed how truly sorry she felt about Fay’s involvement. Her deep-seated regret prompted her earlier actions as an attempt to reward him. 


After talking about everything, she lifted her gaze tentatively to assess Fay’s reaction, but Fay only heaved an exasperated sigh. 


“How foolish… the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.” 

“…Do you… really think so?”

“Aah, first off, you were already mistaken from the very beginning. I already told you before… all those things are drawn to me, not you.”


“Nope, no buts. This incident today, the other incidents this city’s faced, and all the strange things that have happened all over the known world… all of them are related to me. That’s the truth.”

“Truth, you say… isn’t that an exaggeration…? Besides, what about the things that have happened to me up until now?”

“That’s just your misunderstanding. Your beliefs are all wrong, that’s all. Besides, regardless of what happens from now on, you can just blame it all on me.”


“Trust me, I know… this world and my existence are connected in ways you couldn’t possibly understand. If something did happen to your surroundings, then it’s not your fault, but the world’s method of trying to connect to me through it.”

“…Is that… really true?”


“How do you know all this?”

“I told you, there’s no possible way for you to understand. However, the things that happened in Free City were because of me. As for your past, the things that happened around you were just coincidence or your mistaken belief. That, or the world was using your circumstances to try to connect with me. Just remember that.”


There was no hint of a lie in Fay’s words. Aliceia could tell immediately. It was because Fay was well aware of how he chose to live his own life to the fullest, so he had no reason to lie. 


“Stop worrying about it already. You are not the bringer of disaster. Actually… that title suits me better.” 


Aliceia knew he didn’t say this lightly. She could feel the weight and resolve contained in his words, and she was convinced that he wasn’t lying just to make her feel better. He was simply stating the facts. 


The burden that weighed her down all her life disappeared. 


Her heart filled with happiness. After experiencing so much rejection and paranoia, her relief at being released from her burden was instant. Everything had stemmed from her mistaken belief, which had trapped her in the illusion that she was the bringer of disaster. 

But now, she had solid proof that she wasn’t. Moreover, the person who set her beliefs straight had more of a claim on being the true bringer of disaster, so she had no room to refute him. 


All the burdens she carried were forcefully taken away. She was told that everything was her imagination, and even if something did happen, it wasn’t her fault. Fay had snatched away all of Aliceia’s burdens without so much as a by your leave. 


But… if everything that happened to me is nothing but coincidence… then what about Fay? 


“Hey, Fay, what are you?” 

“…Who knows?”


His roundabout answer implied that he wasn’t willing to say anything about it. No matter—Aliceia was just glad to have Fay by her side. 




I want to be stronger. I’m sure that Fay didn’t lie to me, but that means he’ll likely suffer the rejection I’ve experienced… Then, this time, I will… 


“Just wait, Fay, you’ll see!” 


“I want to be strong! Just like you!”

“Knock yourself out.”


Fay, thank you… 

His reply was off-the-cuff, but she could feel the encouragement in his tone, causing a smile to slip out across her face. However, his next words quickly threw her back into reality.  


“You can worry about getting stronger or whatever after you put your clothes back on.” 



She immediately wrapped her arms around her front. Even though Fay had kept his eyes closed the entire time and didn’t see her body at all, she finally remembered she was practically naked while sitting on him all this time. After all that happened, shame finally eroded her heart. 


“…Fay, you pervert.” 

“Yeah, whatever, just get dressed and leave.”

“I-I know!”


…I even said he is a pervert even though I was the one who got undressed on my own… I guess I can’t call Mordred a pervert anymore. Rather than that, I have to hurry and get dressed, otherwise Felmi or Barbara, or by the gods, Mordred will— 


“—Fay-sama♪ I worked hard and made something called a gratin for Fay-sama’s sake… err…” 

“Y-You’re wrong! This isn’t what it looks like!”


Mordred, barging into the room to deliver Fay’s food, locked eyes with Aliceia. 

Aliceia floundered as she tried to make excuses, but… 


“This is! How to say it! I-It’s not like I came here to be embraced by him! It’s just, um, I came to have my body checked! That’s all! I wasn’t doing anything perverted, I swear!!” 


Aliceia’s incoherent excuses kept coming, but Mordred’s eyes turned cold. 

“Fay-sama’s taste in women seems questionable…” 

“I had nothing to do with it.”

“Is that so? In that case, does that mean that Ali-something undressed herself?”


“…What a pervert… I guess that’s just how Ali-something-sama is as a person.”

“I don’t want to be told that by you!”

“Hmph, don’t think you can bluff your way out of this. Only the most depraved of perverts would attack Fay-sama while he is at his most vulnerable.”

“I-I told you! I didn’t come to attack him! Okay, well, I kind of did, depending on how you look at it!”

“See? You really are a depraved pervert after all.”

“Y-You’re wrong—!”


—Aliceia stumbled into her clothes with the same coordination as she stumbled over her excuses. 

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