Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Intermission – Mordred [A]

The turbulent fifth day passed, and it was now the sixth day. It was early morning at Felmi baa-san’s house. Aliceia was cooking in the kitchen while humming. Her expression was radiant, which made it hard to believe she was so depressed yesterday.


She placed ham and lettuce on fluffy bread, sprinkled the special sauce on it, put bread on top of it and formed a sandwich. 

She made quite a lot of them in addition to egg soup and coffee. 

“Aliceia-chan, good morning…” 

“Oh, good morning… Hey, are you okay? Your expression looks terrible.”

“Aah, yes, I’m okay… Aliceia looks good on the contrary… it makes your state yesterday seem like a lie.”

“Well, things happen… sorry to make you worry.”

“Yes, it’s okay. And I see that you cut your hair.”

“…I’m just thinking of having an image change.”

“I see…”

“How about you eat as well, Barbara? Fay and others will be eating with us.”

“…I see. I guess I’ll be bothering you then.”


Aliceia and Barbara lined up the breakfast Aliceia made on the table in the large room. After a while, Fay, Felmi, and Mordred appeared. 

Fay noticed the change in Aliceia’s hair, but he said nothing and sat on his seat. Then everyone proceeded to eat breakfast. 

“I feel like there’s an extra person here somehow.” 

“Ara ara? I wonder who that person might be? I am quite curious~♪”

“I’m talking about you, Mordred.”


Mordred and Felmi, who didn’t get along very well, proceeded to say things like a mother-in-law. Fay didn’t care about their routine and proceeded to eat the ham lettuce sandwich. 


“Is it tasty?” 

“…Not bad.”

“I-I see…”


Aliceia asked for Fay’s impression about her cooking worriedly, but she was relieved as she heard a safe reply. 

“Oh, this is delicious.” 

“Aliceia-chan, you’re good at cooking.”

“…As regretful for me to admit… it’s certainly quite tasty.”


Felmi, Barbara, and Mordred said their respective impressions. Felmi and Barbara were surprised but enjoyed what they ate. Their expressions turned happy because they were eating delicious food. 


Mordred, on the other hand, had her expression distorted in reluctance. Fay’s impression of her cooking was merely “it’s edible,” but he gave Aliceia’s cooking a “not bad” impression, which made Mordred not amused. 

So Mordred tried to find something to complain about, but she couldn’t since the result of Aliceia’s cooking was clearly superior to hers, which made Mordred even more annoyed. 

“Fay… You said you were leaving, right…?” 


“That’s… I made some ham lettuce sandwiches… I’ll give you some, so will you eat it on your way home?”

“…I see.”

“…So you’re willing to accept it.”


KIIIIIIIII!!!!!! What’s with that woman!!! I could make lunch boxes easily too!! 


Mordred’s expression remained elegant since Fay was in front of her, but inwardly, Mordred really wanted to break the atmosphere between Aliceia and Fay immediately. Also, Mordred was quite sharp, so she noticed Aliceia’s feelings toward Fay were changing. 

So Mordred was really not amused by that. 


For Mordred, it was the most unamusing breakfast she’s had in her life. 





The sun began to rise. It was in front of the gate of the Free City where the cold of the night still remained where Fay, Mordred, and Aliceia stood at the moment. 

“Well then, take this.” 

“Sorry to trouble you.”

“Don’t worry about that.”


Aliceia passed Fay the ham lettuce sandwiches she made. Seeing Fay didn’t react as prickly as usual, it seemed that Fay quite liked the ham lettuce sandwich. She made a good deduction unlike a certain panda. 1 


“Fay-sama… There are still things I need to take care of here so I can’t come with you… but I will make sure to come to Fay-sama’s side someday~♪” 

“…I see.”

“Fay, see you again… also, thank you.”

“…Don’t worry about it.”


Fay turned his back on them without giving any particular farewells or signals. He didn’t look back. He kept looking forward as he left. 

“Uuh, Fay-sama.” 

“Don’t cry.”

“I feel sad… It’s actually the first time in my life I cried.”

“No, that’s definitely a lie.”

“I’m not lying… It really is my first time crying.”

“…I see.”


The two kept looking at Fay until they couldn’t see his back anymore. Then Mordred, who felt that staying there any further was meaningless, tried to leave the place with fluttering eyes. However, Aliceia grabbed Mordred’s hand. 

“What is it?” 

“I have a request for you.”

“Yes? To me?”


“—My deepest apologies. Your request is too much for me to handle.”

“I didn’t even say anything yet! Ah really, I hate that part of you.”

“I also hate how short-tempered you are~♪”

“Haah… Then about my request… Can you make me strong? Mordred… to be about as strong as you.”

“…I’m terribly sorry, but I’m not that free despite how I look. There are tons of things I need to do.”

“Then I will follow you on my own.”


“Also, please give me morning training like Fay.”

“I don’t feel like listening to such a request since it didn’t come from Fay-sama. Besides, there’s no merit for me even if I do teach you.”

“…I’ll teach you cooking.”


“You love Fay, right? Then until the next time you meet Fay, I will teach you so you can make delicious dishes.”


“I heard that men are weak if their stomachs are grasped.”

“…Heeh, I will try it next time then.”

“…I think you understand, but I will tell you just in case, okay? I didn’t mean that as physically grasping his stomach, okay? It’s just a phrase, okay?”

“…I know.’

“Fine then. So you’ll train me in combat, and I’ll teach you how to cook. How about it?”


“Don’t you want to be given an evaluation of ‘not bad’ instead of ‘its edible’?”


“Is it okay for you to be losing in cooking to me? Perhaps Fay will fall for me first, you know? Even earlier, he took the ham lettuce sandwiches with him. If it was the usual him, he would have instead said things like “it’s an unnecessary consideration!””

“…Mumu, I feel somewhat unconvinced. Somehow, it feels like you are exploiting me.”

“Oh, really? Then just accept being told ‘it’s edible’ for the rest of your life. You were an aristocrat after all, so of course you never cooked properly before.”

“…Aah, okay!! I get it!! I’ll teach you! I’ll teach you properly!! Is that okay?!”


“Haah… to think I have to teach this dimwit instead of Fay-sama.”


Aliceia smiled happily for winning against Mordred in an argument for the first time. Then she looked again at the direction Fay was gone earlier. The scene where she couldn’t see his back showed her difference of where they stood. 


Someday, I will catch you up… wait for me… oniichan. 



“Ara? Felmi baa-sama, is something wrong?”

“That kid forgot his wallet so I came here to deliver it… but it seems he is already gone.”

“—! In that case, I will deliver it in your stead~♪ Fay-sama, please wait for a moment~♪”


BOOM! Such noise loudly rang along with a big smoke. Mordred left there at the speed of light to catch up to Fay. 

She wanted to meet Fay again even for just a bit. She was like a dog. 


And seeing how Mordred instantly disappeared from Aliceia’s view, Aliceia reconfirmed the difference of her ability with Mordred. 


Mordred was more powerful than Fay. This time, I will follow her along instead of Fay, and I will grow stronger. 

I will steal a lot of her fighting skills and grow stronger. 


Not just to Fay, I will also not lose to you… in many ways… 


She revealed a thin smile and returned to Felmi baa-san’s house for now. With this, Fay’s adventure in the Free City has temporarily ended. 




“Move away.”

“Uuuh, I want to stay like this for a little bit longer…”



Mordred embraced Fay’s arm while crying. Mordred still had things she had to do in the Free City. That was why she got lonely because she couldn’t accompany Fay. 


“Fay-sama… hm.” 


Mordred closed her eyes and turned her lips toward him. However, Fay didn’t respond to her advance at all. 

“Muu… Fay-sama…” 

“…See you again.”

“…Uuh… please wait for a bit.”


Fay had emotionless expression, but Mordred had teary eyes and dissatisfied expression. She embraced Fay’s arm and locked it so Fay wouldn’t escape.

“…I’m sure we’ll meet again someday.” 

“…When that time comes, can you take me… for a date… for a special occasion?”

“…I refuse.”

“Muu, then I will keep your arm locked like this. I will carry Fay-sama back to Free City just like this!”

“…I’ll think about it. So let go of my arm.”

“…Ehehe, then please think of the date course until we meet again~♪”


“It’s a promise, okay?”

“…I haven’t consented yet though.”

“Muu, then I’ll keep the arm locked~♪”



Fay made an expression as if he couldn’t help it and was convinced. Fay understood that if things stayed this way, he wouldn’t be able to return to Britannia forever. 


Fay was half-forced to promise Mordred a date, but his expression didn’t change much from earlier. However, Mordred was grinning. 

With that, he thought he could now return so he turned his back on her. 

“See you again.” 

With that said, Fay started walking again. 

“Yes… I’ll see you again.” 


Mordred also didn’t stop Fay more than she already had. However, she was filled with loneliness when she saw that Fay didn’t turn back even once.  


“Really… it’s a promise, okay…? Otherwise… I.” 


That was her sole fragile expression. Although she usually wouldn’t let her sadness be seen, she was a girl filled with sadness. 


“—I’ll be left all alone again.” 


Her tone was like that of a crying child, waiting for someone, seeking for hope. Her voice flowed in the wind and disappeared. 

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