Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Snail

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Sixth Arc – Siblings Killing for Love 

Chapter 038 – New Year’s Break [A]

In a certain room, someone was doing something there with a maniacal grin. There was green liquid and other ores of dubious color, and rainbow-colored liquid swirled in a glass tube.




The woman chuckled to herself as she worked. She was surrounded by scattered documents and other paraphernalia1, making the rather large room feel cramped due to its haphazard organization. 

She mixed the green liquid with another liquid and stirred it with a glass rod. As she watched a strange luminescence appear, her grin became wider. 


“I-I did it! I finally accomplished it!!” 


She was Ector, a fourth-grade knight who possessed healing magic—a rarity within the Knights of the Round Table. She had healed Fay before, and with how Fay seemed to get injured almost as often as he breathed, she often used her healing magic on him. Fay was starting to become a regular customer at her medical office.  

From Fay’s perspective, he would visit her whenever he was injured, and for a hardworking character like Fay, her existence was indispensable. He took advantage of her peculiar ability so often that she could hardly get a vacation. 

However, even she was entitled to a bit of vacation, so she spent her vacation time before and after the New Year conducting research. After all, she was a researcher before she was a doctor, and she wanted to do something related to delaying aging. She spent her vacation experimenting with creating a drug with that goal in mind. 


“T-This is the medicine that will prolong youuuuth!!! Fufu, now that I’ve done it, it’s time to brag about it to my coworker!!” 


She picked up the glass tube full of medicine and went out, just like a child ready to show off a new toy. However, since she had been doing research during her entire holiday, she was so fatigued that she was not as steady on her feet as she usually was. 

She went outside and looked for an acquaintance while enduring the cold of winter. Then she found a little girl-like woman with beautiful silver hair. Next to her were a woman in maid uniform and a black-haired man who had his back turned. 


“Ah, Yururu-chaaan!! Look at the result of my research…” 


Ector ran toward Yururu. However, her accumulated fatigue due to her lack of sleep made her stumble. The drug in her hand flew into the air, landing squarely on top of Yururu’s head. 




Despite the sun’s brilliance, the air remained crisp and cold, and the streets of Britannia were still covered in snow that had fallen the night before. Adults were busy shoveling the snow while the kids were running around freely. 

One street in particular echoed with the pleasant crunching sound of feet trodding on snow. Suddenly, a child called out, followed by several more. 


“Ah! It’s the upside down nii-chan!” 

“You’re right!! Long time no see!”

“Hey hey, play with us!”

“I refuse…”


Fay, who had returned from the Free City, was surrounded by Britannia’s children. He was about as popular as the hero after the hero show and people were trying to shake hands with him. However, since Fay was a cool-type character, he reacted coldly. 


“Please! I’ll give you a ham and lettuce sandwich for it!” 

“That’s right, we’ll give you a ham and lettuce sandwich!”

“We won’t let you go home until you accompany us to a snowball fight!”

“Huh? Fay, your eye looks different…”


There were a lot of children around Fay and it became so crowded that he couldn’t move properly. Strictly speaking, Fay could move if he wanted to, but he wasn’t the type of guy who would force his way through by pushing children away. 


Knowing he would get stuck otherwise, Fay just sighed in resignation and participated in the children’s snowball fight. 



“As expected, he really loves his ham and lettuce sandwiches.”

“Behold, the man you can rely on to buy ham and lettuce sandwiches!”

“Please shake hands with me, great ham and lettuce sandwich enthusiast!!”


Fay was merciless as he played. He decided to think of it as training, pelting the children with snowballs while avoiding every snowball that came his way. It was extremely childish, but Fay won anyway. 



“As expected, the man we can count on to buy a ham and lettuce sandwich is amazing!”

“I want to be a man who buys ham and lettuce sandwiches when I grow up!”


The children who were interested in and longed for Fay’s strength watched Fay’s retreating back as he walked away from the remains of their snowball fight. They were watching the back of the man who would definitely buy a ham and lettuce sandwich. 




A light snow was falling as two figures sparred under the shadows of three trees. This was the training ground that Fay and Yururu often met at, and in fact one of those figures was Yururu. The other belonged to Mei the maid.

The two were training by swinging a wooden sword and a wooden spear at each other. The sword swung from all directions at the speed of raging gale, while the wooden spear blocked it. Finally, Mei managed to perform a sharp needle-like stab. 

However, that stab got deflected away like a flowing stream, and Yururu’s sword was pressed against Mei’s neck.


“It’s Mei’s complete defeat, ojou-sama.” 

“Don’t underestimate your own talent, Mei-chan.”

“Well, it is to be expected that the swordsmanship of an active first-class swordswoman would be different.”

“I don’t think I am a first-class swordsman though.”

“No, you are a first-class swordswoman. Mei is sure Fay-sama would also think so.”

“Really…? Does Fay-kun really think of me that way?”

“If you’re that curious… it’s better for you to ask the person yourself… Look, he’s just arrived.”


Mei was looking behind Yururu’s back. Yururu turned around and smiled happily. She could see Fay’s figure in the distance, walking toward them. 


“Fay-kun, you’re—” 


Yururu and Mei’s eyes both widened in shock. Fay’s left eye looked similar to a normal human eye, but they could tell it was a handmade prosthetic. The iris wasn’t black, but red. They understood that meant Fay lost an eye. 


Fay stopped in front of them. 


“If it’s this eye you’re worried about, you can drop it.” 

“You say I don’t have to worry, but… what happened to it in the first place? What happened over there?”

“…Just a little something.”

“I don’t think that’s ‘just a little something’… just when I imagined your return… this is how you suddenly appear, it’s just so…”

“Ojou-sama, since Fay-sama himself said he is fine with that, you shouldn’t do more than that.”

“I know, but…”


…I wonder if it’s my fault. If only I could teach him better… if only I could make him stronger… he wouldn’t have to return wounded like this. 


“…You don’t have to worry about it.” 

“I’m sorry… I… I just can’t help worrying about it.”


“If only I …. no, nothing. Since Fay-kun told me not to worry… I shouldn’t then…”


“Ahaha… want to train?”


“So you want to grow stronger… that’s all you think about, after all.”


“Ojou-sama… you shouldn’t press him any further.”


Although there was no way she could stop worrying about his eye, Yururu plastered a smile on her face and beamed at Fay. Yururu was good at acting like nothing was wrong and hiding her true thoughts. She was always filled with ridicule and contempt without anyone realizing her real feelings. 

She always endured to prove them wrong someday. It was also because regardless of how much anger, sadness, or injustice she felt, things wouldn’t change. 

That was why she tried to endure and endure until she could prove them wrong. She pretended not to care. But when it came to Fay, she couldn’t endure it. 


It’s not a big deal… huh. He could say the fact he lost an eye lightly like that without any trace of lies and deceit. I want him to at least lie that he cared… as it stands, there’s no way I could understand his values. 


It is painful… even if you don’t find it painful and tell me to not worry about it… I was really pained by that… 


Why does it pain me so much?! Fay-kun, I don’t understand. Why have you gone that far? 


Are you going to leave me as well…? 


Nobody could understand Fay. Yururu wanted to understand him—or more like, she didn’t want to be left behind. She didn’t want to be left alone anymore. Fay was her support for her heart, her most beloved person, and her important disciple. 

He was her everything. 

But she couldn’t understand Fay anymore. Why didn’t he consider losing an eye as a big deal? Why did he only seek strength? She didn’t understand anything about him. She wanted to be able to sympathize with him. She would be satisfied if he could just laugh together with her. 



“…Please talk about yourself sometimes… I want to hear about you from your own mouth… why are you always…”



Just as Fay was about to say something, someone came in between them. 


“Ah—I finally found you, Fay.” 

“…Oh, it’s just you.”

“No, you’re not supposed to have such an attitude towards your seniors… oh well. Chief Paladin-sama is calling for you, but you’ve been absent for a long time, so I was troubled.”


It was Marumaru who had come looking for Fay. It had been a while since Fay last saw him. 


“Huh? Are you in the middle of something?” 

“…I guess you can take it that way.”

“Ah, so that’s how it is… then let’s quickly promote you to the eighth-grade paladin, as for the procedure—”


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6 months ago

I think this line: “She was always filled with ridicule and contempt without anyone realizing her real feelings.” was meant to say that yururu was able to endure the contempt and ridicule of her surroundings without showing her pain. Currently it’s saying she is two faced and hides a bad personality while acting normal.

8 months ago

Thanks for the awesome translation Tsukii!!

8 months ago

I wonder this arc gonna focus on Yuzuru alone or gonna focus on something else ? Thank for translate as always

8 months ago
Reply to  Robinx211

It’s not really an arc. It’s more like a filler episode tbh

8 months ago

Are we just gonna have whole arc chapters now?

8 months ago

why not just not punch Fay yururu???

Ah damn,i know she can’t but I need to see her punch him just once

Note:when I read this my anger toward event for lost eye rising