Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 039 – Blank Slate [B]

Fay continued walking alone in Pond City. He wasn’t good at talking with people. Mainly because his wording couldn’t help but sound provocative.

 He was gathering information by checking newspapers in the city while looking around. There were “Many Abyss have appeared around the city!!” and “Two paladins met mysterious deaths!” written on the headlines, which felt like a harbinger of something.

Fay checked the newspaper from one corner to another while confirming the information he was told. After reading the whole thing, he came to know that everything written there was something he already knew about and he proceeded to the trash can to throw away the newspaper. 


After walking for a while, he heard someone’s voice. It belonged to a few people, and they were high-pitched voices of women. Fay continued to walk and saw the sight beyond the road. 


“Hey hey, onii-san. How about going around with us?” 

“That’s right, how about having a meal with us?”

“Onii-san, you look cool!”

“Where are you from?”

“—No, that’s, I’m in a hurry. Please move away.”

“Isn’t it okay for just a bit, onii-san.”


There was a person with a tall body around 180 cm. However, that person looked slender despite their height. Their features were fairly well-organized, with shiny short black hair and black eyes. The gaze of that person was a little bad, but several women were calling out for that person. 

It wasn’t like Fay was particularly conscious about that person. That person just happened to be in the direction Fay was walking to, but Fay’s eyes and that person’s eyes met for a moment. That person seemed to think of something for a moment then proceeded to wave hand to Fay. 


“I-I’ve been waiting! Really, where did you go?!” 1



Fay silently walked closer to the group then passed by just like that. 


“Hey! Don’t ignore me! Well, that’s how it is, so please excuse me!” 


That person pushed away the surrounding women and proceeded to walk next to Fay. 


“Isn’t it clear I’m asking for help no matter how you look at it, why don’t you help?” 

“…Not interested.”

“You really are a cold person…”

“I don’t care.”

“…You truly are cold…”


That person sighed at Fay’s cold reaction. 


“Well, I was the one who got rescued so I guess it’s wrong of me to complain… by the way, looking at your blue uniform, are you a paladin?” 

“And what of it?”

“Ah, well. I’m just asking out of curiosity… I’m sorry.”

“Apologies are unnecessary.”

“I-I see… You don’t seem to be a person who likes to interact with others. I thought about doing something as gratitude for the help, but…”

“I don’t need it.”

“I guess so… Well then, please excuse me… thanks for the help. See you again. I wish you good fortune.”



The tall person said that much and left. Fay didn’t seem to particularly care and the two parted ways. 




“Ah- asking for information sure is troublesome.”

“You’re right. I wanted to go with Fay.”

“That’s all you’ve been saying.”


After asking for information from the residing paladins in the city and helping them, Bouran and Arthur were walking in the city. 


“Haa- so we’re asking for information from the inhabitants now?” 

“You’re right.”

“Ueh- sounds troublesome… let’s have a meal before that!”

“That’s also all what you’ve been saying all this time…”

“After all… huh? What’s that over there?”



In front of Bouran and Arthur, there was the tall person from earlier being called out by several women. When that person saw Bouran, that person immediately waved hand. Obviously, they have never met each other before. 


“I’ve been waiting! Both of you are late!” 

“Who is that, your acquaintance?”

“No, I also don’t know. Who is that?”

“Both of you are late.”


“Who are you?”

“Um, please help me here. These women were trying to flirt with me.”

“Eh? Why should I?”

“That’s right. We’re going to eat from now on.”

“How cold. Are all paladins actually this cold…?”


The two ignored the tall person and left. Anyway, the tall person talked appropriately with the women and escaped. Then that person walked next to Arthur and Bouran as it was. 


“Well, I was saved. It’s all thanks to you. Rather than that, is flirting about like that a common thing nowadays?”

“I don’t know.”

“I also don’t know.”

“How cold… really… Well, I still got help. Thank you.”

“Don’t worry about it. After all, I did nothing.”

“Me too.”

“I see… Are the paladins of this generation mostly like this…? Oh well. Why are you in this city?”

“I just came as ordered.”


“I see…”

“And why did you come to this city?”


Although Bouran wasn’t interested in particular, she asked that person anyway. 


“I… went to look for my elder brother, I guess…? My parents wanted to meet him, so I’ve been searching for him all this time.” 

“Heeh, I see! Good luck!”

“Ah, so you could give a kind response too.”


Bouran was unexpectedly a straightforward person, so she was a good girl who would encourage others if she could. The tall person looked a little astonished about it. 


“Elder brother…” 


Arthur raised her voice as if she remembered something. 


“Do you also have one?” 

“I should… I don’t remember him though.”

“Me too… but rather than saying I don’t remember at all, it’s more like I don’t know him to begin with. It’s just that my parents mentioned that I have an elder brother.”

“I see… I hope you get to meet him.”

“Aah, I hope so… oops, sorry. I’ll be going. Ah! I posted a search warrant for my elder brother on the bulletin board in this city. Please tell me if you know something about him. Well then, I wish you good fortune for your journey!”


That person said that much and left them. The two resumed their walk. The sun was still up high. It was about time for lunch. The city began to become more active. 


“Elder brother huh… mine were all assholes though! I hate them very much! My little brothers are also trash! All of them!” 

“I see…”

“I wonder what his elder brother looked like? Is it a tall man just like him?”

“You’re wrong.”

“Eh? How do you know that?”

“I have no idea who that person’s elder brother is, but that person is not a man. That’s why it’s wrong to say the elder brother would be a tall man just like him.”

“Eh? But that person-”

“That person never said she was a man. Not even a word.”

“Y-you’re right… but that person also didn’t say she was a woman, though? That person also dressed like a man too.”

“It seems that person is cross dressing. I have no idea why, though, however that person’s voice is quite high too. Also, according to how that person looks… and my instinct… Well anyway, I think that person is a woman. There’s no doubt about it.”

“A-amaziiiing!! Arthur, you’re a genius!!”

“Fufuh, you can praise and worship me more, you know?”

“No, I’ll stop there!”

“…I see.”


Arthur and Bouran were talking excitedly about that person earlier. Miraculously, Arthur’s instinct judged and revealed that person earlier was a woman, not a man.  


“I see, so that person is a woman- I don’t notice at all.” 

“I noticed at the first glance.”

“Oh-, that’s amazing. Ah, but the perfume that person used… is one that is used by women, and her body odor is also that of a woman too… Besides, men and women have different musculature, or something. That person’s muscle is more of a woman’s structure too, the shape of that person’s pelvis is also female…”

“………I noticed all that earlier.”

“Eeehhh?! Seriously?!”

“Of course.”


“…Of course.”


Bouran continued to praise Arthur as they explored the city. Arthur found a certain thing along the way. 



“What’s wrong?”


“What is there?”

“There is a bulletin board over there.”

“Fu-hn, might as well take a look…”


The bulletin board was a place where one could pay to post a request for a task or information in the form of an order or request form. Both of them were aware of such a system, and they were looking for the order form that was posted by the tall woman earlier.


“Which one is it?” 

“There are many here…”

“We don’t know her name after all.”

“…Perhaps… it’s this one?”


Arthur pointed at a certain request form. The request was written in a terrific round letter. It might be weird to decide it was written by that woman, but Arthur’s instinct told her that was the one. 


“U-hn, sniff sniff… there’s her scent in this one.” 

“Ah, so it is this one after all.”


Bouran sniffed on the paper and it was clear that it was the correct request paper. And on that request paper, a name was written. 

“Err… looking for a person… Morgan…” 2 

“Morgan… I’ve never heard of such a person. I traveled around before becoming a paladin, but I never heard of him.”

“Me neither… Too bad, it seems we can’t help her.”

“You’re right… err, it is said he is a very gentle, strong, and amazing person… That’s vague information.”


Bouran read the order form. However, she couldn’t think of any person who would match that category in her memory. 


“Heeh, so the person was originally an aristocrat.” 

“So that’s how it is… then it is less likely for us to know him.”

“Too bad, but we can just tell her if we learn something!”

“You’re right.”


The two remembered the content of the form and left. All while vowing to tell her if they learn something… 

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5 months ago

Behold!!! The incest route

1 year ago

Fay and Morgan……

Should I call him with sama ?

1 year ago

A tall, handsome little sister… now I’m not trying to imply anything about authors life choices but, he IS cultured I’ll give him that.

1 year ago

Ara ara, so he could indeed have been an aristocrat before!

1 year ago
Reply to  Vishock

I mean there is another Morgan character in the Arthur brother arc, but later on they pretty much confirmed.