Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 039 – Blank Slate [C]

“U-hn, today’s been a tiring day.” 


At a certain room in the inn of Pond City, a woman was stretching her back to relieve her fatigue of the day. She took off her clothes and removed the cotton sarashi wrapped around her chest. A pair of bosoms the size of Arthur’s was revealed. Then she proceeded to remove the sarashi on her waist.

Her body proportions are totally that of a mature woman. She spilled her complaints as she sighed in dismay. 


“Haah, mother didn’t want men to flirt with me so she made me wear this, but it instead made women go on the aggressive, how troublesome…” 


She changed to her nightwear which was easy to move in, and comfortable to sleep with. She was looking for her elder brother, all while not knowing his face, voice, personality, the things he likes, hobbies, or anything related to him firsthand.

All she knew about him was what she was told by her parents. 


“Ah- I’m tired… Even though I got this tired, to think there are no leads at all… Won’t this make it impossible for me to find my elder brother no matter how long it takes…?” 


She threw herself onto the bed and laid down. She relaxed her body and looked at the ceiling in a comfortable posture, which made her drowsy. She decided not to think too much for the day and sleep early. 

Then she was reminded of the day she spent today and the older brother that her parents talked about. It was a memory of a woman with similar black eyes and hair like she was telling her something. 


[“Your elder brother is a wonderful person who was amazing, cute, and filled with a talent as a knight, but one day… we got separated, and we have no idea how he is doing right now.”] 


[“It’s just a guess… but if he is still alive, he should be a famous knight. If he lived as an adventurer, he would become someone like a brave hero. And we love him as much as we do you. If possible, I wish we can meet him again.”] 


[“He is a really cute and adorable child like an angel. But I’m sure…”] 


Her mother, who was strict and didn’t change her expression very much, had a sad expression, which made her understand what her mother meant to say. 

She couldn’t meet him anymore. Looking at her mother who gave up on meeting her elder brother again, she began to think of looking for her elder brother. Then her memory became the moment when she asked about her brother from her father. 


[“…Rather than doing that, you better look for a person to marry.”] 


Her father was a quiet person like her mother. However, he was looking for a marriage partner out of worry, and he would be angry when he had to. Even though her father was a man of few words, she could tell how gentle her father was as a person. 

Her father lost his house, territory, his son, and was practically left with nothing. The only thing he had left was his wife and daughter, and he was willing to do anything to protect them. He wanted them to live comfortably and happily until the end. 


My father is a gentle person… Well, he could be noisy and he keeps telling me to look for a partner and get married though… 


And because I want to get away from that and also because I want to find my elder brother, I forced myself to come here while telling them I want to travel… I guess he’s going to be angry once I return… 


It really  is questionable whether he’s still alive to begin with. Mother has given up on it, but father is still drawing portraits and imagining what my brother would look like right now and doesn’t seem to be giving up on it yet, so I will continue to look for my brother… 


An elder brother, huh… I didn’t have any attachment or rather any memories of living together with him to begin with… now that I think about it, the blond girl I met today said she also had an elder brother. 


Those two are unexpectedly gentle people… they are also pretty…  


I hope that blond girl can find her elder brother… my elder brother… I wonder what kind of person he is? My mother said he is a very gentle person like an angel, and since father didn’t say anything, it meant he didn’t deny that… Besides, the portrait drawn by my father seems to be a caricature drawn with a lot of dramatization, and it does look like an angel… But I don’t think I can guess what he would look like if portrayed that way… 


But both my father and I are tall people… so I think my elder brother should also be a tall person. Then there’s a description that he is a person… that looked like an angel… Even with the dramatization effect, my parents agree that he is cute so he should be cute… as for another trait… he is a gentle person… 


When she thought of being gentle, she was reminded of another person. It was the man with cold and terrible eyes that she met today. 


Now I think about it, there’s someone else. That person had a terrible gaze and was very rude, which made him feel like a devil. Although I honestly have no answer about how the son of my father and mother would look… 


It would definitely not be that kind of cold and rude man. Besides, he is quite short… a chibi. 


A-ah, I wonder where my elder brother would be… let’s just rest for today. Then I would eventually go to the Free City or the royal capital Britannia… 


Just as she thought that much, she realized she was getting drowsy in earnest. She then took a bear doll out of her bag and slept by using it as a hugging pillow. 


—A gentle, cute, and tall brother like an angel appeared in her dream. 




Due to the mission, I, the protagonist, arrived at Pond City. As I went around and collected information, I noticed it was already around noon.

Well then, I guess it was time for lunch… I could be quite particular about lunch. You see, there was a concept of food terrorism. There was a period where I thought I could be the protagonist of cooking fiction and I secretly practiced cooking. 

After all, I shouldn’t ignore any possibility. Well, I no longer think I was a cooking protagonist though. Now that I think about it, I cooked an okonomiyaki for Lele’s birthday the other day. He was very happy about that. 

By the way, Maria who ate it also looked very happy. 


[“I-I think Fay would be a good father…”] 


She said that with a flushed expression… Perhaps Maria was the heroine after all…? She often reacted like a heroine after all. 

Since I made too much back then, I gave some to Yururu-shishou… then with a red face, 


“I-i-i-i-it’s very delicious…I-i-i-i-I want to eat it every day… o-or something like that.” 


She said something like that… Yururu-shishou’s face… was very red back then… Perhaps it triggered a sudden raise of blood circulation and gave some sort of strengthening flag. But it didn’t seem possible for me. It seemed that I didn’t work hard enough… I’m sorry, Yururu-shishou!! 1 


Well then, I felt my thoughts get sidetracked, so let’s put my thoughts back on track. A protagonist who wasn’t about food fiction was unexpectedly capable of making delicious food, which happened quite often. I also want to take into consideration how the food was visually, so as a first rate protagonist, I want to put some effort in the road of food as well. 

—However, that was only if I had time for that. 

My task was to gather information, so I had no time to do so. 

And the main reason I came here was because of the mission. I should prioritize this above all. After all, it was a mission. I should do my mission seriously. Besides, there were already people who died in the city, so it was possible there would be other casualties later, therefore I have no time to eat gracefully. Let’s just settle the meal appropriately. 


I could just do the food terrorism when I have the time for it. 


I talked a bit with a tall woman with an unfriendly gaze. She seemed to be cross dressing as a man, but people were free to wear what they liked. Perhaps that thing was actually popular among women? 

Since she got involved with me… did that mean she was some sort of character? Or was she really just a mob character who got troubled by women flirting with her…? 


Regardless of the case, I’m sorry. I had no time to worry about it. My mission to gather information was to be prioritized. See you again next time, a woman whom I don’t know the name of. 


As I did things… Night came. Security was included among the mission, along with Abyss subjugations. 


Let’s put my spirit into it. It was my turn as the protagonist. 




Silence surrounded the city. It was late at night and there was an eerie atmosphere in the air. Arthur and Tlue moved separately and proceeded on the security duty.


Arthur walked around as she kept watch, and there suddenly was a tense atmosphere. She drew her sword and squinted her eyes. Then, she could see a creature that looked similar to gray colored clay products with her eyes. Their shape was similar to demon species of hound, with sharp wolf-like fangs and walking with its four limbs. 

There were dozens of them. They produced power that would make an average knight take a step back inadvertently. 

However, Arthur already made her move. With her gale-like movement, she defeated the Abyss one after another. 

One, two, three, four… ten, twenty of them were flowingly defeated. A beautiful silence returned to the place, but Arthur felt the presence of other Abyss and she proceeded to that location. 


Arthur proceeded to help Bouran, who struggled against the Abyss, and tore apart those monsters one after another. 


“Are you okay?” 

“O-ouh… As expected, you are amazing…”


Bouran was stunned by Arthur’s strength and trembled. It was a show of overwhelming strength that belonged to a different dimension to Bouran, be it the amount of art used or how Arthur operated them. Bouran could feel an overwhelming difference between them, which was incomparable to the time when they first trained together. 


“I’m glad then… I’ll go to reinforce other places.” 

“O-ouh, this city is quite wide after all… The outer wall is tall too… It makes me worry about how the knights on the other side were doing.”

“Yes… Who is there?”


When both of them were about to move to reinforce the other knights, Arthur noticed there was someone watching them. When Arthur uttered so toward the darkness of the night, that person appeared. 


“So I got noticed…” 

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