Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 039 – Blank Slate [D]

A white-haired woman approached them with an eerie smile. 


“Who are you? You’re not a paladin, right?” 

“Just as you have guessed. I am just an assistant of a certain personage.”

“I see… and?”

“Your swordsmanship is an amazing thing… and that art… it’s the light element… is it?”

“…And what of it?”

“…Aha…ahahaha, you came at the right time… yes, really… It is the light art that is said to be lost… It doesn’t seem like you inherited the bloodline of the noble Origin Hero, though. Indeed, that seems to be the case. It’s definitely the case.”


“I found just the right guinea pig. Please come with me…”


“The professor would definitely be pleased… if I manage to get the experimental body from ‘The cage of hundred children’.”



Arthur was astonished… she lost her words as her eyes became wide open. The white-haired woman smiled eerily as she looked at Arthur as if licking her all over. 


“To think… I got the chance to encounter such a rare experimental body, I really am fortunate—“ 


—She couldn’t continue her words. 

The words beyond that couldn’t be formed. Arthur raised her right hand to the sky with cold eyes. 


“Oh, star, light, rain down, to the realm beyond human knowledge. Receive the wrath of the stars and heavens on thy body.” 


The next moment, a polar light fell like a meteor on the white-haired woman. 


“—Stardust shower (Stellar meteor swarm)” 

“gh, T-this is.”


Many stars fell down from the sky. They drew beautiful lines as they poured down, creating roaring sounds like bombs exploding. The white-haired woman avoided the stars one after another. She would end up more than gravely wounded if even one hit her.


The woman looked at the sky. The stars were still falling to the ground, as if the stars were showing off their wrath. 


“I-is this… really a phenomenon conjured… by the magic of a single person…?”


The wrath of the stars didn’t seem to subside just yet. They kept falling toward the woman, aiming at her, producing craters all around her. 


“Aha, to think you are capable of this much… it seems… I underestimated you too much…” 


The woman kept running, following her survival instincts. The magic eventually subsided, and the white-haired woman showed her smile while panting.


“How wonderful… It makes me wonder… who managed to make you… it really strikes my curiosity.” 

“Are you… a person related to the organization?”

“Unfortunately, I’m not. I’m affiliated to a completely different institution.”

“I see… However, I don’t care either way… All I have to do… is ask using this eye.”

“—A magic eye?! Ah…”


Arthur opened her magic eye, one with the highest class of domination. The suggestion instantly struck the woman and she could no longer move. 


“I’ll ask one more time… Are you related to the organization?” 

“N-o, I-am-not. We-are, belong-to, Institution, known-as, Eternal-Foundation…”

“I see, so you didn’t lie… what about those Abyss? What is your goal?”

“We-made, them, for-the-sake, of-experimentation… We-are, running-test, for-them, and, we-are, to-secure, few-paladins…”

“…Who are the other members present here?”

“In-this-place, there-is-me, and-two-others…gh.”



The words stopped there. An arrow flew out of nowhere and pierced the head of the white-haired woman. Since the woman died instantly, she couldn’t speak anymore. However, she looked satisfied with her own death. It looked as if she was happy that she died before she troubled others by saying more information. 

She was smiling as she met her death. 


Bouran and Arthur quickly ran to search for the person who sniped the white-haired woman from earlier. The arrow was shot accurately and quickly. The one who was responsible was definitely not an amateur. However, the presence of that person had already disappeared. 


“Oi, are there other enemies?!” 

“…It seems they got away.”

“I-I see… O-oi, are you okay? Your expression looks terrible, you know…”

“…No problem. Rather than that, we have to hurry and reinforce other places.”



Bouran was worried since Arthur’s expression looked terrible, but since Arthur herself said she was fine, Bouran felt excessive worry would only trouble Arthur, and they proceeded to run to help others. 




Shortly before Arthur and Bouran started running, Alpha was hunting Abyss. Tlue was helping her there. They used magic and cleared the Abyss one after another. 


“Are you okay, Alpha-san?” 

“Thanks, that really helps… Err, you’re Tlue, aren’t you?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“I see. By the way, have you already taken care of the side you’re responsible for?”

“I have already taken care of my side. That’s why I could come and help Alpha-san like this.”

“Fu-hn, you are very strong after all. To think you have the leisure to help others, I guess it’s as expected of a talented person.”

“W-well, is that so?”

“That’s right… Rather than that, let’s proceed and help other locations. This city is quite wide, the wall is quite tall too, so we have no idea how the members on the other side of the walls are doing.”

“You’re right. There are quite a lot of Abyss too.”

“Beta and Gamma… I wonder if they’re okay…?”

“—I think it’s better for you to worry about yourself, Alpha-san.”


Alpha felt noise rushing through her brain the moment she heard that voice. The lid of bad memories she didn’t wish to recall was opened. Her hand that was holding the sword trembled. Her anger spread all over her body. She gritted her teeth and turned her bloodshot eyes to the source of the voice. 

There was a white-haired woman standing there. 


“—No way… it’s you… May…” 

“That’s right. It’s been a long time, Alpha-san.”

“…Since you’re here… that means that bastard is here too…”

“Unfortunately… Alpha-san’s father isn’t present.”

“I never thought of that bastard as a father!!”

“Ooh, that’s scary… but… I’m really glad. The professor is always looking for you and I see that you’re still alive. I have to bring you back…”


The woman called May pulled out an ominous sword. 


“Yes, that works fine… I will ask you about that bastard’s whereabouts… even if I have to break all your limbs, cut them up, and mince them up.” 

“Fuh… What a wonderful voice. It sounds like vengeance is your everything.”

“…That’s right.”

“…Fuh, the professor will be really happy about that… and he will say that we got one step closer to eternity.”

“I’ll kill you.”


The sword clashed with each other. Tlue didn’t understand the situation quite well, but he was trying to support his comrade Alpha and began to construct his magic. 


“Tlue! You go and help Beta and Gamma!!” 


“Don’t mind me!! Just go!”


Although Alpha said that, her swordsmanship was about equal to the woman. Moreover, something like a thorn came out and shot toward Alpha. 


“I think you are aware, but a touch from that would put you out of commission.” 

“I know that well!!!!”

“I see…”



Alpha was unable to defeat May easily. 


Tlue was at a loss. He wondered… whether it was really alright for him to leave her and help others… This was Tlue’s turning point. His choice would decide whether he survived or died. 

<—Let’s stay here and support her. I couldn’t call myself a paladin if I couldn’t save the life in front of me!> ◀

<—No, let’s do as she says and help the other paladins.>


That’s right. I should help her for the time being!! Tlue unleashed his magic with that thought. With his skillful magic, May was pressured. 

Alpha’s skill wasn’t inferior to May to begin with, it was just that she couldn’t attack freely. There wasn’t that much difference in terms of pure skill. That was why it was possible for Alpha to survive the confrontation even if Tlue didn’t help Alpha. 

And as they were at advantage, the silence of the night broke as the wrath of the stars fell down. 


“W-what is that?!” 

“That’s… Don’t tell me… it seems that Mami messed up … I should prepare an arrow to silence her just in case…”

“Don’t look away!!”


Mai squinted her eyes as she saw Arthur’s meteor magic. Mami was May’s sister. However, there was no worry about the safety of the other party. It was just that May was worried that Mami would mess up as she fought Arthur and would leak information. 


“This is for professor’s sake… for now… Alpha-san, I’ll be seeing you again.” 

“You won’t get away!!”

“No, I will force you to let me go away.”


As May said that, a horde of Abyss rushed toward Tlue and Alpha. May was gone while they were busy dealing with those Abyss… 

In the game version, this choice would result in Beta and some other paladins being massacred. Gamma had already died before, and Beta was killed this time. With nobody to stop her, Alpha walked her path of vengeance. 


Tlue wouldn’t get involved with Beta, and the story would continue while Tlue felt powerless by the result. It was the possible future of the game version, where Tlue’s choice allowed him to survive and keep moving even as he lost something.  

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8 months ago

So , fey is actually japanese……and japanese people are 2 feet tall in this universe, that’s funny

1 year ago

Long time no read,long time not free

Thx for update

1 year ago

Arthur cannot possibly be just a simple experiment. There’s either a twist where it’s revealed she really has genuine hero blood. Or perhaps a clone or artificially created child with hero blood.