Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 039 – Blank Slate [F]

…gh?! That scale of magic, that’s not normal?! Damn it… what’s happening there? I have my hands full with the monster in front of me too…! 


Their sword and katana clashed over and over. Fay was scratched by the thorns several times, but he didn’t care. Mare realized her situation worsened and there was also uncertain information regarding that magic earlier, so she began to consider withdrawing. 




Mare called for the Abyss in her mind for the sake of buying time for her escape. However… nothing happened. 


“Cih… so all of them already got done in… Mami and May have even used the emergency stock too…” 


Mare knew she was out of options and began to run. She launched thorns as she ran, aiming toward Beta and Gamma. Fay made use of his katana and deflected them away. Mare took advantage of that instant and escaped into the darkness. 




Mare ran,and ran, and ran. She was heading to the dark forest far from the big city. The visibility was poor, and one couldn’t tell what kind of demons might lurk there. 

Mare ran without minding that. She had run a few kilometers and was convinced she managed to leave safely. However…


He is still chasing after me!! 


There was a devil pursuing tenaciously chasing her. Fay forcefully strengthened his leg and made use of the potion to heal the damage as he continued to chase after Mare. 

The two continued to run and reached the Valley of the Abyss, far from Pond City. The darkness there was so deep that it was said one couldn’t return if they fell inside. 


“You’re too persistent!!!! Damn it!!” 


“Fuck fuck fuck!!!”


“Calm down, calm down… For the professor… Yes, that’s right. I have to catch this man…”


As far as I’ve seen, he forcefully strengthened his body. He doesn’t seem to have any potion left… in that case… I can make use of this one on one situation… I panicked earlier when I realized the magic sword was ineffective against him… but as long as I take that into consideration… I should be able to win!!

Things might be different… if he has an ace in the hole, though… what would he do in this situation…?  


Mare was looking at Fay. He was a monster with absurd mental fortitude, a madman who stayed calm even as he bled. It wouldn’t be strange if he had something else.  

The valley was right behind her. 

And the madman was in front of her. Mare desperately turned her consciousness at him. Fay stabbed his katana on the ground.


What is he doing…? 


He stretched out one of his arms and opened his mouth. The pressure he emitted made Mare forget about everything else. The image of him killing her came to her mind clearly. 


“…I am the heartbeat of the world…” 

“As long as I continue to move forward, the world shall be carved. The world shall point the path to me, and I shall spin the new line. I shall not stop until I reach the end. I aim for what lies beyond the end.” 

“Aah, aah, the song shall grant me power.” 

“Grand Road (Endless Path of the Hero).” 1 


A chant?! And I’ve never heard of that one before?! 


Mare was confused by the chant she had never heard before. Her thoughts were hindered by Fay’s pressure. She tried to move, but it was a step late. At the next moment, Fay made use of his forcefully strengthened leg to close the distance in an instant and he swung his right fist. 


Damn bastard, isn’t it just body reinforcement!!! So that grand chant was just a bluff!! But I won’t die alone! Like hell I’ll let that happen!!! 


Mare fell into the valley. But before she fell, she shot a thorn at Fay’s body. It began to wrap around Fay’s body, dragging him to fall into the valley with her. She immediately stabbed the sword through her waist into the rock wall and secured her position so she wouldn’t fall.2


However, Fay did things differently. Instead of ensuring his survival, he decided to prioritize defeating his opponent. He grabbed the thorn by hand and pulled it vigorously. 

His hand bled as the thorn pierced his flesh but he didn’t care. Fay jumped straight to her position that was fixed by the sword on the cliff. 


“You lunatic!!” 


Fay punched her again. Fay’s right arm and right foot were already swollen with reddish black color. It was because he couldn’t control his art well, even with the chant. And right now, his left arm was also rendered unusable. His left hand slammed at her solar plexus, causing her to fall into the valley. 

She saw him with her faint consciousness. Fay already shed too much blood and was on the verge of losing his consciousness. He kept running despite all the blood loss, and he was at his limit now. 

She was exhausted and couldn’t muster her strength. Fay also fainted due to lack of blood and was falling down the cliff like she was. 


Professor… I never thought… that I would find it… the perfect soul… in a place like this… 


[“Mare. I believe that a perfect flesh and a perfect soul are both necessary to achieve eternity.”] 

[“A perfect flesh and a perfect soul, is it?”]

[“Aah, however… I think those things definitely do not exist naturally. Humans are fragile existences. The same could be said regarding souls, as one’s psyche could collapse easily. Even if they existed, I doubt we can refer to them as perfect. That’s why I’m trying to create them. I keep researching flesh that is superior to humans, and I also research the human soul by understanding their psyche, and attempting to sublimate them to a higher dimension. By achieving that, eternity will be obtained.”]

[“I think I could understand how to research the flesh… but how does one research about psyche?”]

[“For now, I will make use of those children to confirm the strength of their psyche. I will do it thoroughly…”]

[“Fufuh… I look forward to their screams.”]

[“As for the other… it would be the Holy Grail cult… and there was War, the leader of ‘Romeo’ legion in the Free City, who might provide some sort of clue regarding that.”]

[“Holy Grail cult… and Romeo…”]

[“The power of psyche and soul can’t be confirmed yet. However, it is said that the Holy Grail cult heavily dabbles around that matter. As for War of Romeo, it is said that he could inspire his allies through his words and showing his back. In a sense… that could be considered ability that interferes with other’s psyche.”]

[“The Free City, is it… Are we going to be sent there next…”]

[“Well, we could do what we want once the deal reached there, so we don’t need to. For now…”]


The memory of her conversation with the Alpha sisters’ father replayed in Mare’s head. Mare, May, and Mami lovingly referred to him as professor, and they were his mistresses and assistants who helped his research. 

Although the three of them were sisters, they were already sick in the head to begin with and were inquirers who often resorted to outrageous methods like killing and torturing people. The relationships among the three sisters were bad, but they stayed together solely due to the reason it would be harder for them to get caught if they did. 

Then, the father of Alpha sisters called them and invited to be his assistants, making them assist his research by letting them torture people and provide their basic needs. The three sisters were intoxicated by the person who provided the best environment for them. 

The outrageous experimentation done in the Eternal Foundation was paradise for them. And the conversation in that paradise came back to Mare’s head as a revolving lantern. 


To think that at my final moment… I got to learn that… your hypothesis was wrong… 


Mare fell into the abyss, and Fay fell together with her. However, Fay’s body was grabbed by someone. The person with blond hair and golden eyes, Arthur learned of Fay’s location and hurriedly chased after him. 

Arthur embraced Fay, found a slight foothold on the cracks in the wall then made use of magic strengthening to leapt back to solid ground. 


I never thought… that only you would get to survive… what an end… 


Fay barely managed to escape from death. Even though the man fought without attaching any thought of survival at all, it was he who managed to survive, which made Mare laugh. She didn’t die from the impact of falling to the abyss. 

For she… had already closed her eyes as if she was sleeping. 

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8 months ago

The chant would be really cool , if I didn’t knew who is chanting it

1 year ago

Is it possible for it to be Great Road (the TO is spelt wrongly as DO)?

1 year ago

Instead of Grand/Grade Road, he might mean Grand Route like in Fake Saint? Since the world is based on a VN?

1 year ago

Wow wow wow wow wow wow !

How about kill dragon next?

Fay : sure, I am pretagonist after all

Thx for update

1 year ago

Most of the time I see this scene happening where a villain uses a desperate card to make the mc prioritize his safety over catching the villain.

But kyaa~ as expected, Fay will be Fay

1 year ago

I will say in most stories they don’t show off their MC’s strongest element until they have raised several of their elements to a certain degree Fay on other has his insane element with pretty much just above peak human elements when he shows off his main element