Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 040 – Voice [A]

<—Let’s stay here and support her. I can’t call myself a paladin if I can’t save the life in front of me!> 

<—No, let’s do as she says and help the other paladins.> ◀


Tlue started running. He arrived just before Beta was attacked by a woman who looked similar to May. Thorns were shot from the woman’s sword and flew toward Beta. And those thorns,  


—Were blocked by Tlue. 


Then, a shock pierced his mind, causing a phenomenon close to mental collapse. Because of that, his memory collapsed and returned to a blank slate. 


—Blank Slate END 


Congratulations by reaching Blank Slate END. This END is special, as it allows the player to shift perspective from the main protagonist Tlue and Arthur to the perspective of the sub-protagonist. 

We included a brief explanation regarding this for the first time users. May we proceed to an explanation? 

If you select NO, we would skip the explanation. 


<YES> ◀



When a player purchases Round Table Heros, there should be a statement in the package’s back regarding the story of the sub-protagonists. The main protagonists of the story are Tlue and Arthur, and if either reached their BAD END, it would allow the player to restart the game from the last save point. 

However, in the case of a special BAD END, like Blank Slate END, it would allow the player to play the game from the perspective of the sub-protagonist where the story left at the BAD END. Of course, players could restart from the last save point to return to Arthur and Tlue’s perspective as well. 


With this END achieved, the perspective for the sub-protagonist, Alpha, had been unlocked. The game starts where Tlue was no longer active, and Alpha was left with nothing but vengeance. 

The time would be around when Arthur reaches her first BAD END. What would you like to do? Would you restart from the last save point? Or would you like to proceed from Alpha’s perspective? 


<Restart from last save point.> 

<Enjoy the story from Alpha’s perspective.> ◀


Please continue to enjoy the story. 


The screen went dark. After a few moments of pitch black, a dim sound began to be heard. 


—It was raining. 


She looked up. From the cloudy sky, rain spilled from the gray heaven and fell onto her eyes. The rain water flowed down on her cheek from there. She was all alone. Was she (Alpha) crying? 

Or was it just rainwater? Not even Alpha herself could tell. However, the grudges were swirling in her heart. 

She felt like ashes were piling up inside her heart. Gamma was dead, and Beta had left her. She felt like the last “something” that was supported by them was lost. 

Negative emotions came swirling in her eyes. No one could stop her anymore. 


“…That’s right… I have… something I have to do… I need to kill, stop the breath… of that bastard…” 


Alpha was muttering incoherently. 

Pond City. The journey of the doll of vengeance began there. 


[Alpha’s Arc (Doll of Vengeance Arc)] 

—Prologue fin 




Pond City, the group had completed their big mission. After collecting information, they were left with nothing to do. They have to return to the royal capital Britannia soon, but…

Sajinto granted them a short vacation. The time was noon, and it was cloudy like it would rain soon. It was thought that they would enjoy their break on their own, but that wasn’t the case. 


“Hey hey, Fay! Let’s go for a meal with me!!” 


Fay was walking to act alone, but Bouran walked next to him with shining eyes. Fay found that annoying and tried to ignore her and walk along, but she always followed. 

It wasn’t just Bouran, Arthur was also there. Then there was Ese and Kamase who didn’t find it amusing to see Fay flirt with beauties so they tried to invite Fay for lunch to pull them apart. 

Tlue found it lonely to spend his time alone, so he was nearby. Then there was Gamma and Beta who were looking for a chance to talk to Fay. 


“Aah, what should I talk to Fay about…?” 

“…………………don’t understand.” 1


Seeing this Alpha held  her head. 


“Haah… how should I convince them to give up…?” 


From Alpha’s perspective, Fay was a madman, so she wanted to do something to make her little sisters give up on their love for him. This peculiar group was looking for a place for lunch. However, they couldn’t find a place to eat. 


“I’m starving—!!!” 

“Bouran, you shouldn’t be selfish!”


There were no seats available anywhere. Arthur admonished Bouran when she began to whine. Since it was lunchtime, all the places were crowded. They kept walking for a while but they were still unable to find a place they could eat. 

Along the way, Bouran kept whining about how hungry she was. So they reluctantly went to the temporary castle of the Round Table, where the other paladins were staying. The castle seemed to be built similarly to the castle where they stayed to train at Magnum before. 

Paladins could have their lunch for free in this place. Once inside, they saw the dignified knights, who were their seniors, were taking their lunch as well. 


“Hey, rookies over there, you’re here for lunch?” 



As Tlue replied to represent the group, the veterans guided them inside. They wanted to eat outside, but due to Bouran unable to endure her hunger and how crowded restaurants were outside at the moment, they went inside the castle and received bread and eggs. 

However, Fay didn’t receive his portion. 


“Oops- sorry about that. We ran out of bread.” 

“…I see.”


An energetic old woman who looked dignified with considerable stomach size said so. Just as she said, Fay didn’t get his lunch. 


“Fay, how about eating mine?” 

“No need.”


Arthur was trying to be considerate, but Fay merely gave a glance. The old woman in charge of the meal was walking around to search for a substitute meal for Fay. 


“Wait for a while. I’ll prepare some substitute meals…” 

“…It’s unnecessary.”

“Eh? But…”


Fay looked at the unwashed dishes in the cafeteria. 


“Baa-san, thanks for the meal.” 



The other paladins returned the dishes they used to her, and she slightly tapped her hips twice with her fist to ease the burden. There were tons of dishes, it was clear it was quite a burden to the elderly to wash them all. 

Fay felt like he lost his appetite. Fay was trying to leave as if trying to express it was fine even if he didn’t get to eat. 


“Oioi, wait. I didn’t need weird consideration.” 

“…I didn’t, I’m not hungry to begin with.”

“What a strange child… wait a minute.”


After a while, Fay received stir-fried chicken and vegetables, eggs, and ham then he sat down. 


“Fay, I’ll feed you my bread. Open your mouth wide.” 

“No need.”


Arthur tried to bother him but Fay ignored her as usual. Bouran was staring at Fay’s side dishes while swallowing her saliva. She then whined as usual and Fay shared some of his side dishes. 

After the group finished their meal, Bouran talked to Fay as they took an after meal break. 


“By the way… Does Fay know about the Sevens (Seven Apex Predators)?” 

“…I heard a little before.”

“It’s something we learned in Yururu’s trivia class before!”


“If it’s that, I know it too!”


Ese raised his hand confidently and entered the conversation. 


“They are individuals that are particularly strong among the Abyss and have caused an enormous amount of damage. They were so famous that there’s practically nobody who doesn’t know about those monsters. There are seven of them… I heard the first class paladins managed to defeat some of them… but it is unknown where the rest of them went.” 


Fay and the others listened to Ese’s fluent explanation. They were disasters that spread all over the world. They were prominent existences, monsters that everyone in this world knew about. 

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Tlue, Arthur, Bouran, Ese, and Kamase went silent as they reconfirmed that fact. What kind of monster they might be, as they likely lived over hundreds of years? 

The symbol of fears that was incomparable to the Abyss they faced yesterday made their breath feel heavy. However, there was a man among them who took his dishes and tried to leave that place like normal. 





Arthur called Fay to stop. 


“What do you think about it, Fay?” 

“…They are existences that I will have to confront in the future.”


“That’s all…”


He left as if muttering his own curse. Before they knew it, it was raining outside. Fay didn’t pay attention to that and left. 

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1 year ago

Wow for some “thing” this chapter make Fay so Epic

He left as if muttering his own curse. Before they knew it, it was raining outside. Fay didn’t pay attention to that and left.
(Maybe in mind like this)
Fay :” go out after in heavy atmosphere in heavy rain is basic procedure”

Thx for update

1 year ago

Another week has passed! Thanks for the translation!