Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 040 – Voice [C]

At the royal capital Britannia, Alpha had a massive cause of concern. It was about how her little sisters were sticking to Fay.


“…There’s Fay.” 



Be it how they stalked Fay around to look for a chance to talk to him,


“Please make Gamma’s group be in same mission as Fay as much as possible!!”


“…Hey, that’s not something I get to  decide arbitrarily… but well… I’ll at least inform higher up about that… so calm down.”


And how they even requested their instructor during the temporary enrollment period, the senior paladin Marumaru, to be arranged on the same mission with Fay, and their attempts were getting more and more explicit from there on. Perhaps because of that, Alpha’s group and Fay were arranged to take on a demon subjugation mission tomorrow. 

The next day. At the front of the gate of the royal capital, there were the Alpha sisters, Fay, and Marumaru who were tasked to go to a certain city. Beta and Gamma were walking beside Fay all the way there, which worried Alpha. 


“Ah, err, well…” 



Gamma found it embarrassing to speak up and couldn’t speak properly. Beta walked on his other side but didn’t try to talk at all. It was because they didn’t know how to talk to a man they were interested in. 


“Alpha, are those two okay?” 

“I don’t think so.”


Alpha glared at Fay while holding on to her head as she heard Marumaru’s words, but Fay seemed to only treat her gaze as the wind. 


“I-I see…” 

“Yes, they’re definitely not okay.”



Rather than blindly thinking about vengeance, being worried about her little sisters seems to be a more decent thing to do, but I’d like to not get dragged into the conflict… 


“Hey, both of you come to your onee-chan’s side!” 



“Whatever, just come!”


Alpha… and also Fay… I don’t understand why… how pure children like them ended up having darkness within them, and might end up swallowed by that at any moment… That was how much they were unbalanced between how they normally were to the darkness within them.  

I have no idea what Fay is thinking about or his final goal… but if something did happen to Alpha… perhaps he is the one who could stop her… 


Marumaru could feel the danger within Alpha. She was a lively girl, but he knew that she sometimes was at a loss with pondering expressions. And Marumaru was also well aware there was nothing he could do to help her. 

Meanwhile, Marumaru also had no clues regarding  Fay. Marumaru only recently came to realize that Fay wasn’t someone he could measure using his own standard. 

Beyond him, there was Alpha who tried to pull her two little sisters away from Fay. It was a cute act that showed how an elder sister didn’t want her little sisters to be taken away from her. As heartwarming as it seemed, Marumaru had a bad premonition. 


And his premonition was correct. 

This was because in the game version, Alpha would leave the knight brigade after this. Then as it was, she would seek power at all cost, even resorting to crimes to do so. 

There was nobody to stop her. However, this time there was a man who would ignore everything and put a stop to such a thing walking with them. 




Marumaru and Alpha arrived at the city where they were tasked to subdue demons at. Alpha already lost her little sisters, walked a different path, and was left all alone, so her eyes were lifeless. 


“Alpha, are you okay?” 

“Yes, I’m okay.”


“I want to walk alone. May I leave for some time?”

“Yes… go ahead.”


With that said, Alpha started walking alone in the city. She saw sisters walking happily. She also saw a family laughing at each other. It aroused hatred within her. Meanwhile, she was suffering and burning with hatred alone. 

Yet strangers were able to reach their happiness. She felt it was very unfair. Who was at fault for that? Was it her? Was it others? She quickly denied both answers. 

She realized it was all caused by her own father and no one else. She realized she couldn’t reach her happiness unless she killed and eliminated him. 

Her dissatisfaction was piling up. 

She clenched her fist so tightly, so much so that her nails were digging into her own palm. 

While feeling angry at others’ happiness and being filled with hatred… her lifeless eyes found something that made her eyes slightly go wide. 

There was a young man who looked very similar to a boy who was once treated as an experimental subject by her father. 



“Alpha, huh. Long time no see.”

“So… You’re alive.”

“Well yeah. I’ve been put into the wanted criminal list so everyday hardly makes me feel alive though.”

“I see…”

“So Alpha became a paladin now.”

“You could see it from my uniform, couldn’t you?”

“How cold.”

“I have no interest in you, so go away quickly.”

“Oioi, don’t quickly try to end our long-time reunion.”

“I’m not interested after all.”

“…You’ve changed.”

“You too. Do your best and run away. Bye…”


Alpha tried to leave without paying attention to the young man. However, Sugaru grabbed her arm. 



“No, I just see that your expression is filled with dissatisfaction. So I thought to at least listen to your problem.”

“…I’ll tell you just one more time. Begone. Don’t get involved with me.”


Her eyes turned terribly cold and swirled with anger. 


“Ah- those eyes. Those look the same to the ones you had in the past. So you are still filled with resentment?” 


“What happened to Beta and Gamma? Did your father kill them?”

“…Do you really want to be killed by me?”

“I have no such intention. Rather, I’d like to cooperate with you.”


“I told you, I’ll help you achieve vengeance against your father.”

“Nothing will turn out good even if I work together with a criminal like you. Rather, you’d likely become a hindrance instead.”

“No no, you shouldn’t underestimate my ability, you know? Kneel.



She kneeled on the ground, even though she didn’t have any intention of doing so. 


“This is your…” 

“That’s right. And this power is the reason why your father caught me. I have power, and it is powerful.”

“…This is indeed powerful… However, I’ve not fallen so low as to cooperate with a criminal.”

“Nothing will change even if you keep doing peaceful missions with other paladins. Besides, don’t you find it uncomfortable seeing others around you grasping their happiness while you are left alone with nothing…?”


“I am strong. And I’ve also… wanted to kill your father all this time. Our goal is the same, so team up with me.”

“…A commanding power. You could just manipulate me to do everything with your ability, couldn’t you?”

“Well, that’s right. I could even make you commit suicide right here and now. However, that would be risky. I could only make you follow simple commands, and I need a partner to use my power to the fullest extent.”

“…So you’re saying I could kill that man if I team up with you?”

“Aah. Regarding his annoying mental interference ability… I could destroy it. You could use magic to some extent right?” 

“I could.”

“In that case, even if we happen to encounter him, there wouldn’t be any problem if you could buy me some time.”

“I see… Tell me one more thing. Why do you want to partner with me?”

“Because we’re the same. I also hate other people’s happiness. Since I have nothing but anger and resentment, I want to get rid of it. That’s the only way I could live. Since you only have vengeance left with you, there is no risk of you betraying me, so it makes me feel assured, right?”

“…I have no idea what you’re talking about… but as long as my revenge is carried out perfectly, I don’t give a damn.”

“I see.”


With that said, the young man laughed. Then he muttered something, and Alpha was slashing a passing civilian on the road at the next moment. She cut off a man who went shopping due to the effect of Sugaru’s kotodama. 

Alpha glared at Sugaru with a slight anger. 



“How is it, don’t you feel better? You didn’t like seeing someone happier than you, right?”



She hated it. Everything. If she was asked if she wanted to live that way, perhaps she wouldn’t agree. 

Even so, she did feel a bit better. She hated herself for that. She felt like she was breaking down. Her little sisters were no longer in the knight brigade. Nobody would stop her anymore. She could make use of the man in front of him, his magic, to be the tool of vengeance. 

She felt like everything would end well. She was left with nothing, so she can do everything she wants… With that in mind, she closed her eyes for a while then opened it again. And before she knew it, there was her teacher in front of her. Marumaru was looking at her blood soaked sword. 




“Stop. If you step further, you won’t be able to return anymore.”

“It’s no longer possible. No, this is the only thing I’ve had since the beginning… I was a rotten human being, a rotten corpse, who could only feel happy by doing this kind of thing.”


She finally realized that was her essence. She did feel that someone goaded her into feeling that way, but it didn’t matter to her. 

She clashed swords with her former teacher. Sugaru interrupted Marumaru’s actions in the perfect moment, which allowed her to finish her teacher. She was bathed with bright red blood. 


“Let’s go.” 



The relationships of using one another began. She noticed his disgusting gaze at her, but she accepted that. She was prepared to accept the caress from the person she didn’t even love and left the place. 

It was raining. The rain continued to wash the spilled blood. 

However, she couldn’t wash away the lump in her heart. 

The turmoil inside her grew. She left the place with him, completely awakened as a demon of vengeance. At the same time, she began to be awakened as a mere criminal that couldn’t tolerate other’s happiness and vented her frustration at them. 


“Hey, you can use me all you like, as long as everything goes well.” 


She said that with inorganic, lifeless eyes. That was the beginning of the end. The two left that place.

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