Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 040 – Voice [E]

Alpha and her sisters who listened in the distance couldn’t help but close their eyes and clench their teeth because it was so loud. 

It was a roar that was produced by strengthening his own throat using art to the limit. It was the awkward and bad strengthening that he usually used. A double edged sword which allowed that part of the body to perform beyond the 100% limit at the cost of making it unusable afterwards. 

By using that on his throat and roaring, he attacked Sugaru’s eardrum and brain, making Sugaru quiver and blasting his thoughts to white. 




The impact seriously damaged Sugara’s brain and ruptured his eardrums. And even though Fay’s fist was already as slow as a snail, there was no way a paralyzed opponent could avoid his attack. 

As Sugaru couldn’t move and his head turned white, an old scene appeared in his head like a revolving lantern. His mouth was gagged so he couldn’t say anything. He was imprisoned in a cage and he spent every day crying in loneliness, wanting to see his parents. It was hellish days where he endured pain as an experimental subject, forced to give commands to corpses, and forced to make outrageous commands to people, which gradually destroyed his values. 1 

And one day, a girl talked to him. She was a girl in the next cage who was imprisoned together with her little sisters. 


[“Are you okay? Please don’t cry…”] 


She said that and was being considerate of him, that was enough to make him happy. He fell for her. Even as he escaped from that cage and grew up, even as he killed people to relieve his anger, even as he became a criminal, that feeling still remained. 

That was why, when he reunited with her, when he found Alpha once again, his heart slightly returned to his old days. So he chose to challenge Fay head on at first. He wanted to defeat Fay head on and prove how awesome and superior he was compared to Fay. However, he was forced to use his kotodama before Fay’s overwhelming swordsmanship and manipulated Alpha’s two sisters. He managed to come out on top. He was as close to victory as he could possibly be. 

However, even so, Sugaru couldn’t overcome the adversary in front of him. 


—It didn’t matter. Regardless of Sugaru’s background or emotion, even if he was a criminal, one on the wanted list, even if he was an asshole who killed people. The man in front of him (Fay) blocked his way, ruthlessly and equally, as if sneering on common sense. 

Fay exerted the last of his strength, concentrated his art on his right arm, and hit Sugaru’s face with all his might, all the way to the ground. 

A dull sound. It was the sound of impact to the ground.   


Sugaru could no longer tell what happened anymore. His consciousness fell into the darkness, without realizing he was beaten down and was defeated by the man in front of him. 

With the effect of Sugaru’s kotodama disappearing, Alpha and the others could move freely once again. 

Fay was bleeding too much and fainted shortly after hitting Sugaru. Marumaru, who heard Fay’s shout, came running. They quickly rushed Fay to the medical office. 




Alpha was rubbing Beta and Gamma’s back, who had been crying all this time. Even though it happened under the influence of an ability known as kotodama, they ended up turning their blade and causing heavy wounds on their savior. 

Sugaru was seriously injured and was arrested. Since he killed people regardless of their sex and age, he would eventually be sentenced to death. The incident could be considered as settled, but the three still felt responsible for hurting Fay. 


“Hic, uuh.” 


“Gamma, Beta, cheer up…”


They were waiting next to the sleeping Fay all this time until he woke up. He wasn’t dead, but the shock couldn’t stop the two from crying. Alpha was trying to console them since she didn’t want to see them crying, but things didn’t change. 

After waiting for hours, around the time they felt their tears might have dried up, Fay slowly opened his eyelids. 


“Ah, F-Fay… A-are you okay?” 


Gamma came closer to Fay and asked with a quivering voice. He was still alive. However, she thought he should have remembered that they had stabbed him, so she couldn’t help but ask. 






Fay didn’t reply even though some time had already passed. He was expressionless, but they could tell that it seemed a little more dubious than usual. He put his hand on his throat and tried to confirm something. 



“So your throat was crushed… and you can’t talk because of that.”


Alpha could guess why he didn’t say anything and explained in his stead. As he used his gaze to agree with Alpha, he gestured with his hand to tell Gamma and Beta not to worry about it. 


“I’m sorry… I’m really sorry.” 

“…I’m sorry.”

“”I’m sorry… I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”” 


The two kept apologizing as they cried while Fay was trying to tell them it was enough. However, it didn’t work at all, and regardless how many times he tried to convey that with his hand, the two kept apologizing, which made him sigh and rise up from his bed to see them at eye level. 

He kept staring at them for a few seconds. Perhaps the fact he didn’t mind it was finally conveyed to them, the two gradually regained their composure. 


“Y-you are willing to forgive us…?” 



Gamma and Beta had astonished expressions but the person in question was telling them they were right using his gaze. He then reached for his paladin uniform that was stained with blood, took out a potion, and drank. 


“…I will tell you with words this time. I didn’t mind it, so a further apology is unnecessary.” 

“…B-but, Gamma and Beta were-“

“There is no meaning no matter how much we talk about the past. That’s why I didn’t mind it. I don’t care whether you care about it or not, but don’t cry in front of me. It feels unpleasant.”


Fay began to change into his bloody and tattered uniform. He took off the hospital gown he wore during treatment and his body was revealed. It was an abnormally trained body that was full of wounds. 




The three were stunned. It was because they had no idea that he was covered with that many wounds. One of his eyes had also become a prosthetic before they knew it. He had grown so much as a warrior. 

 They didn’t know anything. They didn’t know what he went through as he tried to grow stronger at all. However, they were sad to see new wounds carved on his body. If one continued to suffer pain, they would get used to it, and their heart would wear out accordingly. They became even more despondant as they learned that.





Gamma and Beta started crying again. Their tears wouldn’t stop even though they wiped their eyes over and over. They overflowed beyond their control. Fay saw that and turned silent. He didn’t sigh or show an attitude that found that annoying. 

After a while, the tears of the two finally stopped. They were tired of crying after crying so much that their eyes were swollen red. 


“I’ve been here for quite some time so I’m bored. Accompany me for a bit.” 


They could feel a little kindness in his emotionless voice. Fay exchanged glances with the two. He didn’t laugh or get angry at them and his expression didn’t change.  

They thought it was his usual response, but it wasn’t. He usually spent his time alone and hardly involved anyone. In a sense, he was a man who was complete by himself. 


“Hurry up.” 


He said to hurry them up and left the hospital room. The three followed him. Having a man wearing a bloodstained uniform, followed by two women who clearly cried seeing how swollen their eyes were + 1, walking together in the middle of the city certainly stood out. 

People around began to make fuss about what might have happened. After passing through people, he entered the bakery and bought four ham lettuce sandwiches. Three were put in a bag while he was eating one with his other hand. 

Then he passed the three sandwiches to the three. 


“Eat it. I just bought it for the occasion.” 


After handing it to them, he resumed eating the sandwich on his other hand. The three of them were at a loss, but they took them out and started to munch on it. 

When did they last receive such kindness from others? They felt the last time it happened was during their childhood times when they were still pure and didn’t know anything. 

They felt like they returned to the old days, they were filled with warm feelings, and time passed on. The bread they ate was no more. Fay, who was watching the three until they finished eating, turned around and was about to leave. 

As his back was facing them, he muttered at the end. 


“I will tell you again, I didn’t mind it. I don’t think it means much regardless of how many times I tell you… but don’t worry too much about it.” 


Fay quickly left the three unlike before, as if expressing they were not to follow him this time. 

The three that got left behind were stunned, but as they felt his kindness, Gamma and Beta’s feelings for him grew stronger. 


“Gamma understands now.” 

“Hm? What is it?”

“Gamma was born to meet that person… It feels something like fate…”



Gamma and Beta rushed to chase after Fay. Alpha was stunned by their expressions… but she couldn’t leave them alone so she started to chase after them. The rain had already stopped before they knew it, and the three were laughing. 

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8 months ago

Fey being kind is a foul.

8 months ago

Man. That absolute sudden roar against fey who’s normally silent, if he also learnt how to unleash his killing intent and intimidation at once and proceed to strengthen with katana..
Can’t he at one breakthrough absolutely destroy Arthur? For one fight, but it’d be a win nonetheless.

1 year ago

i hope he doesn’t over boost his throat next time, atleast leave your voice intact

1 year ago

Sasuga Fay, walk with bloody cloth In middle of city after all it’s our beserker gyahahahahahahahahaha

Thanks for update tsukiisite