Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 040 – Voice [F]

I received a request to subdue demons, so I left for a certain city! The members were two mobs, Alpha, and Marumaru. 1 

The two mobs kept trying to talk to me along the way… but what’s up with them? I thought they forcefully tried to make screen time by involving themselves with me, but there was no way that was the case. Really, what’s wrong with them? 

I arrived at the city while thinking about it. I was told we could have free time so I was walking by myself… then the three sisters followed me. 


Well, I didn’t mind though… I felt like some sort of event would happen here. Mobs as they were, they sometimes had their respective events. 

When I was looking for a place to have lunch, a bad looking guy was calling out to Alpha and her sisters. Somehow this guy… felt like an enemy. 


“The people who hold you back from taking action… are they your sisters… or… is it the man over there?” 



As expected. I guess I should crush him. 

I clashed with him with my katana… but I somehow felt like I could easily beat him. It made me re-recognize that I was growing stronger. However, since I was a hard-working type of protagonist, I doubt things would develop that simply. 

Just as I thought of that, Beta and Gamma stabbed me. Ah, as expected. I knew something would happen, but even I didn’t expect that attack would come from allies. 

I ended up having a little disadvantage, beaten down, stabbed a lot, and bleeding a lot, but it was okay. 

No problem here. 


“Don’t worry, they are not fatal. I won’t kill you quickly. You still have a debt to pay regarding my arm. Let me enjoy it for a while. Well, I guess you would only last a few more minutes before dying though.” 


Not fatal, huh. Well since I didn’t die, it meant every attack I received wasn’t fatal, so it wasn’t wrong. But he seemed to be underestimating me, showing off such composure… Did he not know underestimating the protagonist was a fatal mistake? 



“Did you see this, Alpha! This is my power! You witnessed the power and ability of kotodama. Isn’t it amazing! This is me! Things are so different with my kotodama ability than without! I could turn back the difference in power! I was convinced when I looked into your eyes! You hold a grudge just like me, assholes who hate other people’s happiness! Let’s rampage together!”


“I’ll also kill your father, Alpha.”



Kotodama? Was he related to Alpha somehow? I didn’t understand their relationship.

What I knew was that he was overconfident of his ability. Also, the fact that kotodama allowed him to manipulate people and make them do various things. 

Fu-hn, that was certainly convenient. But you see… 




I made a little voice. Ah- voice check, voice check. It seemed that I could do it. Alright then!!! 


“What’s up, loser? I will at least listen to it, your last words, that is.” 


Oh- I see, so you’re willing to listen. He really underestimated me. Then listen to me properly. You see, in my perspective as protagonist, kotodama isn’t that big of a deal. After all, I could just forcefully reinforce my throat to extremes and make use of a loud voice to rupture your eardrum and damage your brain. 




Well then, all I needed to do was to hit his face after all. He seemed to be a wanted criminal anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem. It was just a guess though. He was the main dish in this event after all! 

I didn’t manage to hit him earlier since I was bleeding too much. But I have paralyzed him with a loud voice right now. This should reach him then. 

It landed. Slam all the way to the ground as it was!!! 

Rest assured, it’s not fatal. 

And I fainted just like that!!! 


When I opened my eyes, Gamma was doing gammachi again. Even though I kept telling her to not mind it, she couldn’t help but be concerned. Beta and Alpha also seem to be concerned a bit. 2

Being injured and bleeding was a usual thing to me though… Well, I was the one who made them worry anyway, so I guess I should make a follow up. By the way, my throat was also crushed, so let’s drink a potion to heal it. 

U-hn, tasted bitter. But it was a taste that made me want more. I never drank it before since I died during my high school years in my previous life, but maybe Strong XXro tasted like this…? 3 


Well, let’s leave that aside. I should do some follow up for them rather than that, but I was a cool type character so I shouldn’t do it so blatantly, which was quite troublesome in this situation. 

For the time being, they should feel better if they eat some food. 

I passed them some ham lettuce sandwiches. We were munching at it. Yep, I guess they would be hungry since they were waiting at my side until I woke up. 

Let’s tell them that I didn’t mind it just one more time. I really didn’t mind it, so you should live comfortably like mob characters should. 

I still couldn’t decide whether Alpha was a mob character… But regardless of the case, danger was everywhere so it was normal. 


After saying my piece and leaving in a cool manner, the three followed me along. Although Beta and Gamma were mob characters… they were good people at their core… Well, I never heard of mob characters that were evil at their core before though. 4 

I wasn’t sure, but I was glad to see the three feel a little better. Perhaps they were just hungry… but I guess not. Since they look better either way, I guess that was fine. 




There was a huge tree that seemingly extended all the way to heaven. It had a huge trunk and thousands of branches. One could feel some sort of mysterious atmosphere from it. 

It was a kingdom far away from the royal city of Britannia. Elves (Fairy race), a race with long ears as their characteristic, lived in the Yggdrasil kingdom. 


There was a legend in this kingdom. Once upon a time, the origin hero Arthur brought peace and stability to the world after repelling all disasters. 

The legendary sword wielded by that hero was waiting for its new wielder at the foot of the big tree… 

That legend was real, and there really was the legendary sword stuck at the foot of the huge tree that towered over the Yggdrasil Kingdom where elves lived. 

However, nobody managed to pull out that sword until now. Not even veteran elven warriors managed to do so. The legend remained as the legend on the foot of a huge tree. 


Someone was walking at the foot of that big tree. It was a blond man with jewel-like blue eyes whose appearance seemed to be similar to a certain someone. 

He wasn’t an elf even though he was in the elf kingdom. The young man was of the human race. He grabbed the holy sword stabbed on the tree with heavy expression. 


“Please let it be pulled out…” 


He said words as if to plead to it and exerted strength into his hand. However, no matter how hard he tried, the sword didn’t seem to move at all. 


“Damn it!!!” 


He shouted in a rage. Smoke fluttered as he kicked the ground. There were two people running up behind him. One was a person wearing a robe, while the other was an old man of the human race. He had a white beard and revealed an arrogant smile. 


“Fofofo, it seems you didn’t manage to pull it out.” 

“…Shut up, fucking old man. I’ll kill you.”

“It is said that sword can be pulled out by a person who is most similar to Arthur the origin hero, its wielder back in that era. It seems that it is impossible for you. That’s all there is to it. Well, you knew it was impossible from the beginning, right?”

“I’ll say this one more time. Shut up or I’ll kill you.”

“That’s impossible for you. You are definitely unable to win against the man next to me.”


“Fumu, it seems you already knew that as well. Well then, what would you do? There’s no way you would choose to give up your path to be a hero just like this, right?”

“…Of course I won’t give up.”

“I see, then there’s only one answer. All you need to do is to be the person most similar to the origin hero yourself in this era.”


“The person who is closest to the origin hero in this era… it would be your little sister Arthur, Kay. You know what I mean with this, right?”

“You mean I am to kill Arthur? So I could become the closest person to the origin hero if I kill another person who is closer to the origin hero…”

“That’s right. However, it would be hard to achieve for you as you are now. She is by far the best hero imitation this genius me has managed to create.”


“There are also Mordred and Merlin. They should be tough for you. I know that well as the person who made them. Kay, you are also a great product, but you are merely great. Regardless how hard you try, you won’t be able to win against the three names I spoke of.”


“Therefore, you can just take this dark art that I made recently.”


The old man presented a syringe containing something terrifying from his bosom. However, the young man named Kay refused it as he glared at the old man. 


“Are you trying to kill me? There’s no way I could use such a thing.” 

“Then do you want to give up? What will you do to the promise you made with your lover?”

“…Cih, give it to me.”

“There you go. It’s something I borrowed from the things researched by an organization called Eternal Foundation. Once you inject that in… you will basically grow stronger. Make sure you use it effectively.”



Kay received the syringe while staring at the old man as if looking at a foul existence. He immediately turned his back as soon as he received it. 


“I will definitely kill you someday. Remember that.” 

“I don’t mind, if you can, that is. Ah- regarding Arthur… it seems she became a paladin in the royal capital Britannia, you can go there if you want to kill your younger sister.”



Kay left that place silently. His destination was now the royal capital Britannia. After Kay was gone, the old man talked to the man in robe. 


“Well then, let’s investigate that organization called the Eternal Foundation for a bit. Let’s go, Molgan.” 5 

“…Can Kay win against Arthur?”

“Well, I guess it would be impossible. He is definitely unable to win against Arthur in straight combat. The same could be said even if his opponent is Mordred or Merlin instead.”

“Then why do you make him fight Arthur? I don’t think there’s meaning to it.”

“I want Arthur to gain experience. She possesses a weak mentality, so she should grow stronger by killing her own brother.”

“I see. But what would you do if Kay manages to win?”

“I’ll just adapt to the situation. Arthur is not the only greatest candidate to pull out the holy sword in my calculation. There is also Mordred and Merlin. There are three candidates who could be the hero of the world, so if Arthur died, that just shows it is the limit of her ability.”

“…I see.”

“That’s right. Let’s go if you understand.”


With that said, the old man and the man called Molgan left the nation of the huge tree. 

And the event that possibly branched into Arthur’s first Bad END was approaching. 

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Gary Sanderson
Gary Sanderson
1 year ago

As an avid FGO player l can’t stop thinking thinking about THOSE characters

1 year ago

No worry Fay will destroy bad end

1 year ago

the start of Arthur Route ? Let f*cking goooooo!!!! Even though Fay fight like a Berserker, he still calm enough to think a strategy to beat up his opponent huh, actually that Dragon Roar is very cool. Thank for translation as always~

1 year ago

legendary sword stuck at the foot of the huge tree that towered over the Yggdrasil Kingdom where elves lived. 

Hmm Fay will pull it…

And what the heck that Molgan named man,if I remember again I think he missing brother right?

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