Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 041 – Siblings Killing for Love – Original Timeline [C]

After the fierce battle with Arthur, Kay realized the difference in their ability and retreated. He then left the Britannia Kingdom and sat in a place nobody would see him. He hid behind rocks and restlessly looked around. 

After that, he decided to take out a syringe containing some sort of ominous muddy liquid from his bosom and stabbed it into his arm. 

He injected it into himself , and it generated dark art. 


“Gaaa! A, ga, gagea!!!” 


 Light and darkness within him repelled each other. The conflicting power put a heavy burden on his body. Severe pain ran all over his body and the cells in his body were screaming. However, he bit his tongue to endure it.


“I, have, promised… Sen, I, have, sworn, to, you, that, I, will, become, a, hero!!!! I will, save the world! And become, a hero!!” 


He held an important vow at the bottom of his heart. It was a most important vow to him. It could also be referred to as a promise. He used that as a restraint to endure pain and temporarily suppressed the dark art. He now possessed the conflicting powers, light and dark. 

A large amount of sweat oozed out of his entire body, but it stopped before he knew it. He also felt a comfortable wind blowing as it dried out. 

Then he muttered a phrase. 


“…Time to go.” 


His eyes were originally blue. But now, one had turned red. That red color looked ominous yet it also looked beautiful as if contradicting itself. It was the eye which once belonged to Sen. 

It was one of the highest tiers of magic eye . The conflicting power of light and darkness gave it more power. However, Arthur also possessed a magic eye of similiar quality. 

Using a suggestion on Arthur wouldn’t work. However, Kay’s magic eye was “slightly” superior to Arthur’s at the moment and possessed greater power. 

Kay was aware of it. He once again opened his eyes towards the sky of Britannia. 

A large eye projected in the sky in response to his eye.  


“Since I have no guarantee that I could win against you even if I fight you with my current state, I will crush your heart first, Arthur.” 


There was a big eye in the sky. The suggestion that temporarily exceeded the highest peak poured all over the nation. 

It only gave a single suggestion, and it didn’t change much. It was to kill the criminal named Arthur. That was enough to change Arthur’s perception at once. 




“I’m sorry, Arthur.”

“Don’t worry about it. Rather than that, let’s contact the headquarters.”

“Okay, let’s do it.”


Arthur and Bouran were heading to the knight brigade headquarters together. It was to report about the battle with the mysterious man that happened earlier. Since Kay’s abnormal art had already been detected, there was an uproar in the royal capital. 


“I guess everyone is worried.” 

“You’re right…”

“Are you wondering about that guy earlier?”

“Yes, I don’t know why… but somehow, he feels familiar…”

“So you knew such a dangerous guy…But he seems to know you after all.”




Bouran’s legs, which walked next to Arthur’s, stopped moving. 

“What’s wrong?” 

“…W-what is that?”


Arthur noticed that Bouran was suddenly looking at the sky, so she also looked upward. They saw a big eye there. 


“gh…is that, a magic eye?” 


Arthur’s eyes went wide. She never saw such a gigantic magic eye. It was comparable to Arthur’s magic eyes. 

Arthur was trying to keep her cool, but it collapsed soon after. It was because both men and women of all ages were wielding their swords, stones, and wooden sticks surrounding her. 

A stone was thrown at her. It was a stone thrown by a child. 




“You criminal.”

“Catch her.”


Series of insults were hurled at Arthur. 




A dry voice came out of Arthur. She could recognize people there. There was a good shop owner who once gave her food, there was an aunt who bought bread, and there was a child who played with her. 


“Ah, I have to dispel… t-those suggestions!” 

“Catch her!!”

“Children, run away.”

“It’s a murderer.”


—I-I failed?! That magic eye is slightly superior to mine. To think it exceeded the high tier magic eye… I can resist its effect, but as for dispelling the effect on others… I couldn’t. 


People’s condemnations were aimed at her. Be it people who were important to her or people who he had opened her heart to, all of them became her enemies. 



“Don’t come any closer… you murderer.”



“Kill, kill, kill her.” 

“Kill kill! Someone, kill her! Before the kids get hurt!!”

“Go away! I won’t forgive you if you hit my papa or mama!”


“”””Begone begone.”””” 


Arthur felt her heart was about to break. The core of her heart was very fragile. Arthur herself was aware how weak it was. 

When things like this happened, she was helplessly weak. She would return to a mere girl. 

She ran away from people. There were those whom she entrusted her back among them, yet she ran away. She felt she would be broken if she stayed there. Although her body could easily avoid the crisis, her heart would be destroyed. 


Arthur ran away. She was looking for someone who could recognize her, comfort her, and wouldn’t leave her alone. It would be faster if she just escaped from the nation. Even so, she couldn’t escape. 

Painful things happened during her stay in this nation, but Arthur had opened her heart in this place. She wished to quickly wake up from this nightmare. She desperately searched for a method to wake up from this dream. 

But wherever she went, she was condemned as a villain. The hurled insults and condemnation gradually broke her heart.  

Tears overflowed from her eyes. 


She ran and ran… looking for someone. 




“…You are.”


Arthur found Tlue. Next to him was Rei, his childhood friend who lived with him in an orphanage. 


“I-I am-“ 

“Tlue! She is a murderer!! You have to run away fast!!”

“N-no! Please believe me!”

“…Rei, get behind me… I’ll definitely protect you.”



Tlue’s eyes were looking coldly at Arthur. Bouran arrived and pulled out her sword, and pointed it at Arthur. 


“Oi, you murderer! Hurry and get bound by rope!” 

“B-Bouran, it’s me! Tlue, please notice me too! Three of us were a group and doing our best together since the temporary enrollment period!”

“What are you talking about?! The group members were only me and Tlue during the temporary enrollment period!”

“It’s better for you not to respond to her, Bouran-san. Perhaps she’s trying to confuse you.”

“Both of you, please kill her quickly! I’m scared! Even Maria disappeared recently! I don’t want anyone to disappear more than this!”

“Rei, rest assured. Nobody will disappear anymore.”

“—…Why, why, why… does nobody recognize me? Why am I always alone? Hey, someone, help me.” 


Arthur continued to run all over the nation with hope. However, nobody recognized her even as the sun began to set. That was why she had no choice but to leave the nation. 

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8 months ago

Unless they could overpower her, she’s not in any bad position really.
For her heart, yeah, considering how fragile it is, but overpowering someone and talking to them is also an option, the magic eye kinda negates this but hey, it’s worth a shot. Either that or figuring out a way to negate the suggestion.

1 year ago

I’m confuse the power that he use on her here

1 year ago

This would probably still happen but we all know Fay took the vaccine for those.