Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Ink

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Chapter 041 – Siblings Killing for Love – Original Timeline [D]

In the wilderness without people, Kay appeared in front of her once again. 


“Yoo, Arthur.” 

“…Why did you do such a horrible thing? Why? Tell me, why?”

“I have no obligation to answer you… no, I guess I have… Okay then. Simply put, you are a hindrance. You might not know, but there is a holy sword in the Nation of Elves. Only the person who is the closest to the origin hero could pull that out.”


“As for what the closest means, it is only one thing. Both of us bear the cell of the origin hero. It refers to how close our body transformed to the original. The nature of art seems to be considered as well though.”


She couldn’t understand what he was talking about. That was how exhausted her body and mind were. 


“I wanted to pull that sword out… but it seems impossible, even though I was confident that others would already die from an early age at that shitty facility. I survived there longer than anyone else, but even though I vomited blood and endured pain from the cells… there is actually someone who is ahead of me.” 

“…And that happens to be me.”

“To be more precise, it’s you people. In that case, I have no choice but to kill the others if I wanted to wield the holy sword. But all of you are strong. I couldn’t defeat you upfront. Not to mention all of you have magic eyes.”


“That’s why I chose to drive you to the deep end mentally. If you are rejected by everyone in that nation, you’re sure to weaken. One’s mental state could affect their art manipulation. In your current state, killing you might be easier than twisting a baby’s hand.”

“…Just because of that… you did all this.”

“Aah, you can resent me for that. I’ll kill you no matter what.”

“…I see.”


Arthur hesitated to wield her sword. Even if she continued to swing her sword and struggled, she would still end up all alone. There was only sorrow even if she kept on living. No matter how much she resisted, the calamity would still fall on her. 

She felt so exhausted by the burden of the responsibility to become a hero, and she felt like it didn’t matter to her now. She didn’t want to be bothered by anything. 


“What’s wrong? You won’t swing your sword? Let’s begin our last battle.” 


“…I see. So you’re going to let yourself be killed by me. Well, I don’t mind since it’s easier for me.”


Arthur’s eyes became vacant, making her seem to be a beautiful, dead doll which just happened to breathe. Kay slowly approached her. 

He raised his sword and was about to swing it down. 


<I no longer feel anything. It’s better if things end just like this> ◀

<…I still have a vow to fulfill. I…>


Blood spurted out along with the slashing sound. The blood dyed Arthur red. Her breathing turned rapid. However, there was no instinct to survive left in Arthur. 


“…Sorry about this, Arthur.” 

“I have no choice… but to do this.” 


Arthur didn’t respond. Everything began to disappear from her memory. Her vision was filled with white. She died with her eyes open. 


[—Doll END] 




<I no longer feel anything. It’s better if things end just like this>

<…I still have a vow to fulfill. I…> ◀


“I can’t die just yet. There is still an important promise for me to fulfill.” 


Arthur held on to her sword and blocked Kay’s sword with her own while exerting the art within her. Her tears overflowed again. 

She felt the weight of living and the fear of what would happen. 

Such was the reason her tears overflowed. 


“I see, both of us have things we couldn’t give up on. I will kill you, Arthur.” 

“…I will kill you.”


Arthur already consumed a lot of her art by running all over the capital. She was also mentally exhausted. Even so, she managed to make her resolve by the very end. 




She shouted and ran toward him. Her body was battered all over, but she still rushed at him without regard to that. Their swords crossed over and over. 

Eventually, Arthur was cornered. The advantages of the dual element of darkness and light, the environment they were in, and the damage that Arthur already suffered were too great. 

She ended up showing an opening and got kicked in the belly. 




She bled from her mouth, held it down with her arm and crouched. It was painful, and the pain just wouldn’t end. Her tears overflowed. And she began to moan, like a child, like a baby. 


“Uuuhhh, why, why, auaaaahhh.” 



But she stood up again and swung her sword. She had her resolve. On the other hand, when Kay saw Arthur’s crying voice and expression, a memory ran in his head. 



[“What’s wrong, Arthur?”]



It was the memory of young Arthur crying. She wasn’t old enough to talk. She couldn’t have recognized him as her elder brother either. That was why, the thing he said to her back then no longer held any meaning, it was merely a verbal promise to begin with. 


[“—Rest assured. Onii-chan will help you regardless of what happened.”] 


Fresh blood spurted out. Kay was wounded. Arthur managed to cut him down. 




Arthur raised her voice. She didn’t think he would be cut with her swing. After all, he was so strong earlier. 



“Se, riously…? I see, I guess I am, just a half-assed person.”


Kay collapsed and looked up at the sky. The blue sky was spreading in the sky. 


“I had both, light and darkness… but in the end, I belonged to neither… Even though dark art supposedly gives regeneration ability… the light power repels it and renders it unusable, huh…” 


“I couldn’t abandon either vow… yet I also couldn’t fulfill any of them… I am just a half-assed person… isn’t it just too lame… me?” 

“…Why, why did you hesitate there? Why…”


Arthur looked down at Kay, who had collapsed and stained with blood. As he looked at her eyes, he immediately looked away toward the sky. 


“I’m just a half-assed person… that’s all…” 

“…What are you? Who are you? I don’t understand!”

“…It doesn’t matter who I am. Rather than that, you ought to return to that nation… I’ll dispel the suggestion.”

“Why! Why! You know I will become a criminal for the rest of my life if you leave it alone! Why did you help me, the person who killed you!”

“…Because I’m a half-assed person… so I feel like doing another half-assed action for my final moment.”


Kay looked at the sky. He didn’t glance at Arthur at all. His eyes gradually turned vacant and his voice was no longer heard. 

Arthur buried him in the ground and began walking back to Britannia. She saw people living their daily lives as usual, as if nothing ever happened. 

Arthur was filled with happiness when she saw that. She shed her tears. Surely no one else there understood the reason for her tears. 

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1 year ago

On volume 8 chapter 47, one of the heroines finally confesses to Fay!!! She even asked him to marry her! it was so fucking wholesome I was grinning the whole time, well, kind of! In any case this calls for celebration!!!
HURRAY!!!!! HURRAH!!!!! \( ゚ヮ゚)/ HUZZAH!!!!!!

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Oh yeah, Arthur as a playable character/protagonist too. Forgot about that with how Fay makes everyone cannon fodder.

1 year ago

Arr…so Fey still remember Arthur after all

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Tragedy time over… time to get Fay back in the game, sayonara Utsu-san~, when Fay-sama come back there will be nothing left for you. Thank for translate as always~ Can’t wait to see Fay-sama return!

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Now the shitty game scenario ending, time to Fay to save everyone

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Owh I want to read more 🙁 why

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