Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 042 – Siblings Killing for Love – Alternate Timeline [A]

A young woman ran  through the streets of the royal capital Britannia. An enormous eerie eye suddenly blinked open in the sky, driving her… Arthur, deeper and deeper into despair.

Attacked by a mysterious man, an eye appearing in the sky afterward, left her in such a frenzy that she was confused about what was what. 

She kept looking for anyone who could recognize her, but there was no one. Arthur’s heart broke at the fact that she returned to being all alone. People’s sorrowful words struck her heart and tears began to flow in her eyes. 

She ran and ran, then hid in an empty side road. She wasn’t tired, but the mental burden made her gasp for air. 


“Haah, haah…What’s happening…?” 


She clutched her chest and repeatedly chanted that it would be fine but her unstable mental state made her more anxious instead. 




Someone chased her again. She began to run again. She was chased by strangers, acquaintances, and even people she thought were close to her. She kept running away. 

Even so, she couldn’t find anyone who could accept her. 




When Fay’s group returned to the royal capital, an uproar sparked among its citizens.


“W-what’s wrong?! What’s with this uproar?!” 

“Not good, there’s a criminal on the run!”


Alpha stopped a passing paladin and listened to his story. He said a murderer named Arthur was found within the kingdom. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Marumaru immediately discussed the bad situation and started preparing for subjugation right away. 

An evacuation of the general public was taking place. Alpha’s group hurried to the royal capital, but there was a man who wore an expression of doubt.

It was Fay. He looked around to understand the situation, then gazed up at the sky and proceeded to ask the paladin a question. 


“Oi, what’s with that big eye in that sky?” 

“Eh? In the sky? …I don’t see anything there though…”

“I see.”


A faint look of understanding fell across Fay’s face upon hearing those words and began to walk away. Somebody seemed to call him to stop, but he ignored it. 

Just as he was about to run to look for something, someone called out to Fay again. 



“…So it’s you.”


The person who had a cute face and wore a maid outfit was Mei, the Yururu’s maid, called out to Fay. 


“Fay-sama, do you know what’s going on right now?” 

“I dunno.”

“Mei understands. Fay-sama seems to be able to see that eye in the sky… so Mei thought you knew something.”

“…It seems you can also see it.”

“Yes. Mei has no idea why, but it seems Mei managed to stay normal somehow. People around were accusing Arthur-sama of being a criminal, even though Mei was aware there was no way it was actually real. Everyone kept saying so, almost to the point that Mei was about to be deceived as well… So Mei is relieved to see that Fay-sama thinks the same as Mei.”

“…I see. Do you know where Arthur is?”

“…Yes. Mei saw her running outside the nation while crying. Mei intended to chase after her… but she went too quickly… and there were many injured due to the riots… so Mei will chase after Arthur-sama after treating people’s injuries here to some extent.”

“…I see. Which direction did Arthur go?”

“It is straight in that direction.”


Mei pointed her finger in the same direction where Fay was about to run to before she had called him. Fay also somehow felt that Arthur was likely in that direction before Mei pointed her finger. 


“—Let’s go.” 




Arthur and Kay were clashing swords in the wilderness. The high-pitched ringing of steel echoed through the trees. After Kay hypnotized the entire nation into believing Arthur was a criminal, she had no choice but to leave the nation for her safety. Kay was lying in wait for her. 

Kay unsheathed his sword and swung at Arthur. aiming to kill. 


She… is strong… Even though I have a considerable advantage for taking in dark art… 

Being branded as an enemy by the entire nation has placed a burden on her heart. Her art operation is unstable. However, I can see she still has composure remaining somehow… Is there anything else that Arthur sees as important out there? 



“…Oi, Arthur. It seems you unexpectedly still have composure.”

“…That’s not true, it hurts. I really want you to stop doing this.”

“…I see.”


Arthur suffered, the crack in her glass-like heart widening and widening. However, she still had an important promise from that day that became the support for her heart. 

Under the moonlight that day, Fay promised her that he would definitely take her everything away. 

That promise became the core of her heart. 

But, even with that, the situation wasn’t favorable for Arthur. Her opponent took dark art into him which temporarily granted him great power. She was chased all over the nation, her art and physical strength were consumed greatly, and being emotionally unstable, she couldn’t properly cast her art as usual. 

Still, she managed to resist this opponent who used the same swordsmanship. 


Time passed as their swords clashed, tension dominated the surrounding. Their senses gradually dulled as they focused. She had no idea how long their battle would continue. Such thoughts doubled her exhaustion. 

Arthur was driven to the corner. However, Kay was also in a similar situation. He had used a suggestion that covered the whole nation which consumed a lot of his art. Moreover, Arthur’s persistence was more than he had expected. 

Arthur was a genius, a raw gem of talent. Her pure overall strength had already exceeded a first-grade paladin. That allowed her to compete evenly with Kay, who was strengthened by dark art. 


“Haah, haah… damn it, you’re being… persistent… Just let me kill you already.” 

“No way… I… can’t die… yet…”


They both had exhausted their bodies, their limbs getting heavier and heavier as they tried to kill each other. It was about whose heart broke down first that would upset this standstill. 

In the beginning. both their swords were swung with deadly speed. But now, their swords were slow and heavy. Both of them exhausted their art. The metallic clashing rung painfully in their ears. When they thought it would last forever, Arthur’s determination broke first. 

The young man knocked her sword out of her hands, landing a kick on her stomach, flinging her away a few meters. Arthur held down her bruised torso as she coughed and vomited blood. 

Her sword laid far away from her hands. Her body ached and she couldn’t think properly to use her art. Rather, she didn’t have any art left in her body. The young man already stepped in front of her and lifted his blade high in the air, about to swing his sword downward. His face looked slightly sad. 


On the other hand, Kay was also close to his limit. He fought while enduring the backlash of light and darkness clashing against each other. The burden caused by the sudden change of strength in his body was greater than he expected. And above all, Arthur persisted in her fight against him, causing his physical strength to run out sooner. 

Even so, Kay managed to take a winning lead at the very end. He ground his teeth as he recalled his past regret and vow. 

Arthur could see her own imminent death. Her memories flowed back to her like a revolving lantern. The last thing that came to her mind was the face of an expressionless man who would only give short replies even when she talked to him. 

He wouldn’t and didn’t take the initiative to talk. However, the way his desperate figure acted spoke more than his words would. He lacked common sense and she couldn’t predict his thoughts… but perhaps he would be willing to save her despite the kind of person she was, and she cried out in her heart, filled with the expectation at the incoming last moment.


—Fay, help me… 


The sword swung down, a slash that would reap the life of its victim. Arthur closed her eyes, trying to escape from the pain that would come to her. 

But the sound of flesh being cut… didn’t echo through the forest. Instead, there was another metallic clang ringing out. It was the sound of a thrown katana parrying the descending sword. 


“Ah? Gaah!!” 


After that, a fist sent Kay flying. When Arthur opened her eyes, she saw a familiar back. 

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6 months ago

Hes basically created his own cheat of being essentially absolutely immune in anything soul and mental related.
Causality itself bows to his sheer power and will. Fate be damned. This world is his and he is the MC. Destiny is his bitch.

Im Vietnamese
Im Vietnamese
8 months ago


Im also Vietnamese
Im also Vietnamese
8 months ago
Reply to  Im Vietnamese

Strong self suggestion dude, mei is delusional

10 months ago

It seem people who have strong self suggest would able to resist, not only MC