Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 042 – Siblings Killing for Love – Alternate Timeline [B]



He said nothing and didn’t turn to face Arthur. However, that determined back told her that he came to keep their promise. Kay, who had been launched away, pushed himself to his feet, vomiting blood. 


“Gehoh… Oi oi, what’s happening here? Those clothes… you’re a paladin, aren’t you?” 

“And what of it?”

“Nothing, I just think it’s very honorable of you to come and protect your comrade.”


A paladin of Britannia… did he avoid the suggestion somehow? I only have a little art left… I can only do it a single time. I’ll cast a suggestion on him and finally kill Arthur. 

I’ve come this far. I finally can earn a foothold. There’s no way I’ll let it end like this. 


Kay showed a smile of composure, but he was panicking inside. He only had a little art remaining. 


“But, it’s too bad. You will forget she was your comrade and die together with her!” 


Fay rushed toward Kay. He didn’t have his katana in hand, having thrown it earlier to block an attack on Arthur. It was too far away and he didn’t have a chance to pick it up that wouldn’t leave Arthur fatally unprotected.

Kay turned his crimson eye towards Fay’s own inorganic ones. That magic eye that burned a glowing red was slightly above the peak, its strength large enough to affect the entire Kingdom of Britannia, with every single person, including first-class paladins, being affected by it.

That eye blazed, aiming its suggestion at Fay, but it strangely didn’t affect him at all, and Fay landed a punch on Kay’s cheek. 


“What’s wrong? Are you not motivated?” 

“…Ah? Ah? I don’t get it… Why did I get punched just now? That’s the strongest magic eye, you know? It’s definitely among the peak of the world…”


Kay gasped out, launched away and laying on the ground, confused. Fay was definitely not in possession of a special magic eye. His eyes were a normal eye and a single prosthetic. Kay also felt that his suggestion was cast properly. 

However, it was meaningless. 


“…Damn it, screw you. I’ve come this far, you know? For the sake of killing Arthur… I’ve come this far… even though everything had been going well before!!” 


This time, Kay rushed at Fay with a roar. Kay strengthened his body using his art, but his manipulation’s accuracy dropped due to his earlier fight against Arthur. In addition, the man in front of Kay was someone who specialized in fighting Arthur. 

Fay had fought and lost against Arthur thousands of times, exposed to her swordsmanship on a daily basis. He had never won against Arthur due to the differences in their speed of growth, but he was still a man who was familiar with Arthur’s swordsmanship more than anyone else. 

Kay’s swordsmanship was similar to Arthur’s. Her potential greatly surpassed Kay’s, but it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that their roots were the same. 

The current Kay was an inferior version of Arthur. Fay dodged Kay’s incoming attacks as easily as breathing and struck Kay’s lower torso with a roundhouse kick in response. 


Screw you, what’s with this absurdity!! He has resistance against suggestion! Moreover, this guy! He already made his move before I performed my attack. 

He avoids my attack, and his movement shows he already considers it as the most obvious thing to do. There’s no way a person could react in such a way if they saw the swordsmanship for the first time. 

He managed to see through my, no, our swordsmanship which is derived from the memory of the Origin Hero’s cells. Screw you, what’s with this!! Isn’t this just too absurd!! 


Kay stood and glared at Fay. Just one more step before I managed to finish Arthur. If it weren’t for this guy, everything would have gone well, Kay thought. 


“There’s no way I can give up after coming this far. I will kill Arthur to become the hero, you bastard.” 

“Killing Arthur to become a hero… I don’t understand how the two could be connected.”


Kay charged at Fay once again. With a flowing movement, Fay caught him in a shoulder throw and slammed Kay to the ground. 


“Damn damn damn damn!!!! Screw you!!” 


It felt like Kay was being looked down upon. Certainly, Kay was stronger than the man he fought against in terms of overall strength. Maybe Kay would have performed better if not for his earlier battle against Arthur but that would be nothing but an excuse. 

After all, Kay had also made use of the environment to drive Arthur into the depths of despair to kill her. 


What is this? Seriously, what is this?! What’s with this absurdity? What is this man that exists outside of common sense who’s exerted unrivaled strength against me and my kind? I’ve never heard of such a thing! That shitty old bastard never said a word about a person like him existing… 

In my perspective, this guy… is far more troublesome than a first class paladin. 


Kay rushed at Fay over and over but Fay swung his leg in a roundhouse kick, breaking Kay’s footwork, then proceeded to kick Kay’s back, launching Kay up in the air.   


This environment is the worst, he possesses some sort of precognition against my moves. The world’s greatest magic eye is useless against him and his pure physical ability is monstrous… How can I win against such an opponent…? 


Kay laughed dryly as he was launched into the sky. As his body hung in the air, He immediately recalled his promise with Sen. 




Kay twisted his body mid-air and faced Fay. Kay forcefully exerted the rest of art in his body and strengthened his body to the point of breaking. It was the final act for Kay. 


“I will end it with this.” 


Fay also exerted his art in response and began chanting. 1


“This body is the Lord. Lord, therefore I know the truth of the Lord.” 

“I can’t measure my vessel myself. No one chases, no one, spin your own way.” 

“The story of the Lord.” 

“One end is shown below. Take a look and carve it into your soul.” 


“—The Truth of the Incomparable Lord.”


It was like a small universe exploded. Such was the power of the phenomenon, as Fay’s art overflowed from his body, and his flesh and blood tore under the pressure. 


“Come, I will kill—“ 


Fay rose like a dragon but Kay thrust his fist at Fay. Fay completely sidestepped Kay’s attack and his fist slammed into Kay’s solar plexus. 

Then after his fist connected, Fay drove his fist up to the sky. 2 

That one attack knocked Kay unconscious. At that moment, memories of older days came to Kay again about his promise with the girl named Sen. 


[“Geho, goho.”]



Sen’s body was unable to adapt with the cells of Origin Hero Arthur causing a rejection and hindering her life activities. Even though Kay was trying to do something, anything to help, there was nothing he could do. 

Kay came to love her as they spent their time together. As kids died one after another, and new children were brought to replace the dead, Sen, who had always been together with Kay, was going to die too. 

She could no longer catch her breath and couldn’t stop choking out blood, staining her lips red every time she coughed. 


[“Kay… It seems— this is… as far as I go…”] 

[“…You’ll be okay. I’m sure of it.”]

[“No- no, I don’t think so… Kay, you said you wanted to be a hero. I was actually the same. I always loved the heroes’ epics that I often read them when I was younger…”] 

[“…We can just become heroes together.”]

[“It seems to be impossible, I’m sorry… Kay, please fulfill your dream for my sake as well. After all, for me, you are—“]


Sen seemed to want to say something after that, but she could no longer speak. She died just like that, and then Kay took her pendant. 


[“Fofofo, so Sen died. How wasteful, she might have survived if she was more compatible with the cell… She had a special magic eye, you see, since it became like this. I might as well give her eyes to you.”] 

[“It also happens to mentally compatible with you, and Arthur’s cell seemed to mutate the eye for better. It should allow you to produce the same effect as she did. Well then, Kay, I have high expectations for you.] 

[“I have heard of your stories. It seems you want to be a hero. Very well. I made this ‘Cage of Hundred Children’ for that purpose, so make sure you use that magic eye well.”] 


Key received Sen’s magic eye from an incomprehensible, unknown old man, the world’s greatest magic eye. He vowed to see the scenery as he became a hero together through her eyes. 

Regardless of what or who he had to sacrifice for that purpose, he would fulfill it. It was his promise to his loved one. 

For that reason, he sought the holy sword of Origin Hero. He wanted to save the world by earning the sword as his own. 

However, his path was hindered by the real candidates like Arthur, Mordred, and Merlin. So Kay sought to eliminate all of them. 

Even though he almost reached his goal, he failed. 

Even though everything went well, and he even cast a suggestion over the whole nation, his wish easily shattered. 

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6 months ago

If he had to kill Mordred, he’d need to set up a serious trap for her.
Magic eye won’t be enough and simply throwing people at her won’t be enough either. Anyway, onto the part about the fighting, I find it hilarious how because Fey has fought Arthur 3k times now, when he fights someone else who uses the same style, they think he’s using precognition.

6 months ago

All these old men and their fuss about artificial heroes, false strength, experiments.
Every time an MC like Cid and Fay demolishes them, my soul cheers out

10 months ago

“Also, Tsukii has picked up a new series called”
Why’s this still there as “new”? It’s been well over a year (huh, I actually thought it’s been longer, tbh).

10 months ago

Damn! Fay-sama solve the problems so fast, he doesn’t even get a injured this time too! (except the pressure from his own art), the cliffhanger always make me sad tho… Thank for translation as always~

Last edited 10 months ago by Robinx211
10 months ago

A battle where Fay doesn’t get hurt? Is this the first time?

10 months ago

See you next week

10 months ago

Hoho,real impact I see… Thanks so much for the chapter!

10 months ago

So, with this event he gets the heroine, right? XD
Thanks for the chapter sr tl