Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 043 – The Next Generation [B]

“You’re here.” 

“Fay-kun, I’m sorry for being late.”

“You don’t have to apologize. I also arrived just now. And… it seems you came as well.”

“Mei apologizes. Does it bother you?”

“Not really.”

Fay said, walking ahead alone with his arms folded with a tasteless expression. Behind them, Mei whispered into Yururu’s ear. 


“Mei has been thinking about this for a while… but Fay-sama is a very serious person, isn’t he?” 

“So Mei-chan also thinks so? You see, I was looking for a book about magic to help Fay-kun improve his art operation at the knight brigade’s library the other day… but when I looked at the list of loaned books, there were tons of books with Fay-kun’s name… including books about swordsmanship…”

“So Fay-sama reads such books in his free time… he is such a serious person… he also arrived here before we came too.”

“Whenever I had an appointment with Fay-kun, he would always arrive earlier than I did. He is a responsible and kind person, and whenever I am together with him, it makes me understand really well that he isn’t just a scary looking person.” 


Yururu and Mei looked at Fay in front of them and expressed their respective feelings. Fay didn’t seem to be interested in their conversation and kept walking in front of them as they went around the festival. 


“Ah, Fay-kun, the ham and lettuce sandwich from that stall seems to be one with a particularly different taste.” 



Fay stopped his feet in interest,the two catching up to him. Then there were figures of two paladins walking towards them. 


“Oi, oi, why is the fourth daughter of that Garethia family here, on this memorable celebration day?” 

“I find it hard to understand how she could show herself in public  like this.”


They were people who still had a grudge over the great crime that Yururu’s elder brothers committed in the past. They were a pair of a man and a woman coming over to bully Yururu.


“…I-I’m sorry.” 



Yururu’s earlier smile became cold as she inhaled and looked down. As Mei saw that, she sharpened her gaze at the two paladins, but they ignored Mei’s gaze and kept looking at Yururu with contempt.


“You’re just a dropout who could never go up from twelfth grade—“ 


After the male paladin uttered heartless words toward Yururu, the man and the woman felt the hairs on their skin stand up. Even though the temperature wasn’t that cold at the moment, they felt like they were thrown into the middle of winter. 


“—Begone. I doubt you want to turn this festival into a festival where your blood rains down.” 


They ran away like zebras encountering a lion. 


“You also are not to apologize right away. That’s your bad habit.” 

“…I-I’m so—ah, I mean. Thank you very much.”

“…Let’s go.”


Fay only said those words to Yururu and went to line up to buy the ham and lettuce sandwiches. After that, the three of them ate the sandwiches, spent their time together, and the sun began to set. 




A music troupe went around the capital. It was a famous music troupe that was summoned by the King of Britannia to play music. There was a legend that dancing together with a member of the opposite sex during the music would tie the pair together as a married couple.


“Fay-kun, would you like to dance?” 

“…I don’t mind.”


Although it wasn’t a date with just the two of them, Yururu was still satisfied. Mei also danced and the festival was over. After their tour of the festival, since Fay was a training idiot, he returned to swinging his sword by himself again to kill time. 

He swung his sword until midnight and returned to the orphanage. When Fay returned to the orphanage, it was quiet inside. Of course, it would be, since no one would normally be awake at this hour. 




However, Lele was still awake. He was sitting on a chair in the dining room when he noticed Fay’s return. Lele’s eyes couldn’t see, but perhaps that was why his mind’s eye kept growing. 

And next to him was Maria sitting in her nightwear. 


“Welcome back, Fay.” 

“…Why are you still awake?”

“We’re waiting for Fay! Maria says she wants to dance with Fay!”

“Eh?! I-I didn’t say such a thing, thought?! L-Lele just said he couldn’t sleep today so he wanted to wait for Fay to return…”

“Fay! Maria just can’t be honest!”


Lele himself thought he might be unnecessarily meddling, but he still decided to do it for Maria’s sake even so. Lele asked Maria this morning. 


[“Maria, don’t you want to dance with Fay?”] 


[“Maria, please be honest! I know that Maria loves Fay!”]

[“…So you noticed. But as long as Fay is happy, if Fay himself wanted to dance with someone, I don’t mind… I want to cherish his feelings after all.”]

[“I understand Maria’s feelings! I won’t meddle unnecessarily”]

[“It’s a promise, okay?”]

[“Un! It’s a promise”]


“W-what about the promise…?” 

“Fay! Just invite her! I will play the piano!” 1


Lele pointed to the piano. He slowly sat down on the piano seat. 


“…Would you dance with me?” 

“…Is it okay to dance with me(me)?”

“…I have no reason to refuse you.”


Maria (Lilia) took Fay’s hand. Her expression was both childish and adult-like and it was beautiful with the sounds of Lele’s piano accompanying their dance. 




There was a village called Start Village. There weren’t many people living there, and every one of them were commoners. 


“Are you really going…Heimi?” 

“Yes. Mom…I will become a paladin and save a lot of people.”

“H-Heimi… What a good child we have. Don’t you think so, dear?”

“This is thanks to the paladin-sama who rescued her that time, darling.”


All the inhabitants were gathered at the entrance of Start Village. They were celebrating a girl who decided to leave the nest. 

The girl’s name was Heimi. She was originally destined to die earlier in the game version, but she managed to live on as Fay had rescued her. And that made her determined to become a paladin. 

Her beautiful golden hair extended all the way to her shoulder. Her eye color was the same gold as her hair. Although her appearance wasn’t as flashy compared to Arthur, Yururu, or Maria… It didn’t change the fact that she was beautiful with a curvy body shape. 


“Well then, I’ll be going!” 


She stepped out of the village, rushing towards the royal capital Britannia. 

Just like what Fay’s group did last year, the paladin exam would commence this year as well. The new generation of paladins was about to emerge. 




Maria was shopping for dinner, her gait lighter than usual.


Fufuh, I danced with Fay… Perhaps the legend might actually come true… no no, there’s no way. 

Of course it’s possible!! I was thinking of being active from now on!!

B-but, is it really okay…?

Of course it is! Let’s be more active!!

Fufu, I guess so… Perhaps I might be suited with Fay… maybe.


Maria and Lilia were conversing inside her mind. Maria was quite reserved, but she actually thought things were going well with Fay. And as she walked around the place in a good mood, she encountered Yururu and Mei who were also shopping. 


“Ah, Maria-senpai.” 

“Yururu-san and Mei-san, good afternoon.”

“Good day.”


The three often encountered each other, but they had something in common in that they were interested in Fay. And Fay happened to appear at that moment. Everyone noticed it. 




Maria & Lilia, Yururu, and Mei noticed. Just about they were about to call Fay, 




A yellow haired girl crashed into Fay, using the momentum to hug Fay. Yururu’s mouth involuntarily hung open. It was a shock that made her feel like her soul was flowing out of her mouth. 

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