Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

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Editor: Derpy

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Chapter 044 – Doll That Imitated Human’s Appearance – Original Timeline & Alternate Timeline [A]

— Round Table Heroes – Doll of Vengeance – Final Chapter


The sky was bright and blue, and the sun casted its rays upon everything. The sea too was illuminated and glittering in the light, but on those shining waves was a floating body.

A little girl was washed toward the sandy shore by the waves. A little girl who was about 10 years old. 

“…Are you okay?” 

A beautiful woman, known as Alpha, with gray eyes and purple hair asked kindly to the unconscious girl on the beach. 


“This girl… where did she come from?”

The girl was battered with wounds. Her wrists were shredded, and her belly and chest were full of wounds that were sewn close. 

Looking at the girl, Alpha was reminded of her late little sister and another one who walked a different path, so she picked the girl up and decided to care for her. 

Alpha chose to walk a path of vengeance and quit being a paladin of the Kingdom of Britannia. Even though she was supposed to abandon her concern for others, some of her feelings still remained. Sugaru took notice of Alpha taking care of the girl. He was the man who showed Alpha the path of vengeance and walked with her on it. 

“Just leave that girl alone. Haven’t you already abandoned so many others?” 

Both of them had traveled together to the laboratory of Eternal Foundation. Everything was for the sake of killing Alpha’s father. Along the journey, they had witnessed many wounded much like the girl and many other miserable corpses. They abandoned them all and destroyed the laboratory. 

That was why he was telling her that showing such concern now didn’t have any meaning at this point. 

“Rather than that, we need to look for another laboratory. There is one that is said to be located around here.” 

“…I know. That’s why I intended to ask for information from this girl once she woke up.”

“I don’t think that’s possible. That girl is…”

“I guess so.”

Let’s hurry and exact revenge on your father. That is more important, right?” 1

“…You’re right. I wonder what I was hesitating for?”

The hands that were treating the girl stopped mid-motion. She got up and was about to leave the place. If Alpha left now, only death would await the girl. 

The girl was debilitated and at death’s door. The only reason why the girl managed to survive until now was because Alpha was taking care of her. 

However, looking at the terrible state the girl was in, Sugaru thought the girl wouldn’t make it anyway. Alpha also thought the same. 

Even if I took care of her, she would die. 

…But if I took care of her with all my heart, perhaps she would… 

“Even if that were the case, it doesn’t matter… to the current me.” 

Within the cave behind the coast, they found something like a switch there. When they pushed it, the dark wall of the cave moved and they were able to go beyond it. 

The wall disappeared and the road continued. 

The rocky ridges made for poor footing and was shaped like 凹凸, but they gradually turned into beautifully maintained corridors.2

There were many large test tubes filled with children floating in formalin. Their brains were neatly chopped into pieces and packed into vials. 

“I’ve already become used to seeing this.” 

She couldn’t endure the nausea before. However, she grew accustomed to it as she traveled around with Sugaru to the laboratories of Eternal Foundation to take revenge on her father. 

However, if she really were used to it, she wouldn’t even speak of it. The reason she did was perhaps to tell herself to calm herself down. 

As they continued walking, they arrived in front of a room. It was a normal door made of ornate wood but yet disturbingly it was splattered with blood. As they opened the door slowly… 


“I’ve been expecting you. Alpha-san, Sugaru-san.”

“Long time no see… Did that arrow which sent Mami to her death come from you at that time?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“What about Mare?”

“I killed her. I’m the only one worthy of receiving that person’s love.”

“…I see. Since you’re here, does that mean…”

“Yes… he’s here.”


Her expressions were wiped clean as her face turned cold. The footsteps of someone walking steadily echoed in the room. She hated the strangely beautiful sound. 

“It’s been a long time, Alpha.” 


The man who greeted her with a gentle face had purple hair and gray eyes — he was her father. However, regardless of that fact, Alpha swung her sword at him. 

“Oops, I would be troubled if you lay your hands on the professor.” 

“Step aside!!!!”

The sword Alpha swung down toward her father was blocked by a terrifying magic sword. It was Mai who wielded that sword. It was a sword with the mental interference effect, Direct Pain. Mai and Alpha’s swords crossed. 

“Mai, don’t get in my way!!” 

“Of course I will.”

“Sugaru!! Quickly support me using your Kotodama!!!”

“I know…Don’t move.”

It was the attribute he was good at. By imbuing power in the words he uttered, it produced a suggestive effect and became coercive power. He told Mai to not move, that was why she shouldn’t be able to move but… 

“That’s not effective on me, you know?” 


“Well then, sayonara.”

She used her other hand to throw a knife. That knife flew straight through Sugaru’s head and pierced his brain. He died as his blood spurted out. 

“…Why is it ineffective?” 

Alpha swung her sword many times as she said that with astonishment and resentment. Mai plainly stated as she blocked Alpha’s attacks. 

“His kotodama can only enforce what is possible to be done. It’s like a low level suggestion. He wouldn’t be able to revive the dead even if he told it to… and Professor and I had remodeled and modified our mental structure many times…” 

“It’s the experiment you did on us…”

“Exactly, because of that our minds are adaptable to suggestions.”

“…Damn it, damndamndamndamn!!!”

“…That sure is a grudge-filled face. So this is… that person’s.”

Mai squinted as she said so. In the next moment, Alpha’s father spoke out. 

“…It’s okay Mai. Let her through.” 

“Got it.”

Mai lowered her sword and opened the way for Alpha. Alpha faced her own father. 

“Should I be happy with our reunion?” 

“…Die- diediediediedie.”

“…I see. Then just kill me all you like… If you can, that is…”

Myriads of elongated soft swords emerged around him. It was like a bunch of tentacles, each giving off its own terrifying aura. 

“All of those… have the same effect as the magic sword, huh.” 

“As expected, you know it well.”

“I’ve experienced so much of it, of course I recognize it!!”

Alpha rushed toward him. She couldn’t avoid all the tentacles, causing damage to both her body and mind, and yet she didn’t stop. 

Despite being drenched in blood, she still proceeded until she swung her sword down toward him. But that too was blocked by the swords on the tentacles. 

“It’s astounding… too think you’re this capable … despite receiving this much mental interference… you barely have any memory left, don’t you? The Direct Pain… even though all of your sisters developed a resistance to some extent… it seems your grudge has not yet gone away.” 


“Fuh, that’s enough. I’ve got the data.”

The tentacle swords pulled away. As the resistance from the tentacles disappeared, Alpha’s sword pierced him as it was. Her sword went through his chest. Despite being drenched in blood, she finally did it. 

“Ah- aaahh… I-” 

Her father probably died with that. He collapsed with his eyes closed. 

“I. Fin. ally. Did. It.” 

After accomplishing her goal, she collapsed. Her bright blood stained the floor as it seeped out of her skin. 

“H-uh? I. Can’t. Exert. My. Power?” 

“Of course you can’t… You’ve been dead since the beginning after all.”


Where did Alpha’s previous spirit go? She was dead, as if sleeping. Mai mused as she looked down at Alpha. 

“Oh my, so she’s already dead. Well, I will at least explain it to your corpse so that you won’t die curious. You’ve held a grudge on your father more than anyone else. That’s why we kept piling up more grudges on you and then killing you. We immediately disposed of your dead body then prepared an exact clone of your body down to the cellular level. Then… you woke up once again.” 

“Do you know about the demons known as the living dead? They are souls that were revived to fulfill the regrets they had in a previous life. Indeed, just like you, you have become a living dead.” 

“Your hatred for your father made you live on despite being dead. It was amazing. And just earlier, you misunderstood that you managed to kill your father, satisfying your grudge and your soul… that was all that happened.” 

“A mere resentment managed to affix a body with a soul. That’s an amazing discovery. As expected of the professor, we are now one step closer to eternity.” 

“Of course it is.”

Alpha’s father was still alive. Even though his coat was wet with blood, he stood up as if nothing happened. 

“To think she managed to achieve this much. I’m fascinated by the extraordinariness of my daughter… Well then, Mai, let’s tear her body apart right away. Perhaps we could find something big that isn’t present in a normal body.” 


“Maybe my hypothesis about this will have a big discovery. The clone body was made based on Alpha. The living dead mostly have their souls hosted in their original bodies, which only have bones left. We will be able to investigate the compatibility of the original body using this clone body in more detail…” 

“Huh? I…” 



“That’s right!”

“Where is this place?”

She was in a colorful flower garden, a utopia-like place. Her sister Gamma was smiling in front of her. 

“—I see, so I no longer need to fight. I’ve finally arrived at the place where I can be at peace.” 

“Beta won’t be coming for a while.”

“I see… If it’s here, perhaps we could open a flower shop, just like how we said so in the past?”

“Yes! We’ll do it together!”

“I see.”

She saw something like a revolving lantern when she was on the verge of death. Her journey ends here, finally able to reach its end. 


“Alpha (Doll of Vengeance) Arc” 



This is the end of the story of Alpha, the sub-protagonist. Congratulations for clearing her story. Please continue to enjoy this game! 

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8 months ago

Brief understanding, she’s undead, and the only way to kill her is to appease her, and to do that is revenge i.e: killing her father, and because she did that, her soul let go and she is now resting with Gamma.

11 months ago

So Alpha is already dead

11 months ago

The author made the 1st volume of the light novel for Free on Amazon Kindle! Get a copy and support his numbers!

11 months ago

Link is broken, I can’t access next chapter

11 months ago

Huh, the author adding too much potential girl to be in Fay Harem, i hope adding that much doesn’t backfired lol (still wish one day we can see Fay wisdom scene…) Thank for translation as always~

11 months ago

This is a really shitty game, I hope Fay finish him off and then Alpha will added to harem