Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 044 – Doll That Imitated Human’s Appearance – Original Timeline & Alternate Timeline [D]

“P-professor… no way. To think, the professor actually died… the magic sword should have been effective…” 

“…To think those magic swords are actually ineffective against him…”


The man’s subordinate, Mai, including Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, were unable to hide their collective astonishment. They knew well the power of those magic swords. The fear it caused was already imprinted on their body. That was why Fay, who could easily ignore its effect, looked abnormal to them. 


“Ah, aah, finally, that bastard died.” 


Alpha finally felt relief when she saw her father’s death. Although she didn’t kill him personally, her vengeance was indeed fulfilled. The bastard who harmed and scared her sisters was no more. She was happy with that. But the next moment, she collapsed to the ground. 


“Huh? Why did the strength of my body…” 

“Professor… I shall continue your will. That man is drenched with blood now. Alpha-san is also in that state. I will continue the research myself.”

“A-Alpha! What’s wrong with you!!” 



Gamma and Beta drew close to Alpha. They couldn’t help but worry upon seeing their elder sister suddenly collapse, and Alpha herself didn’t understand why her body lost its strength all of sudden. Mai answered their doubts. 


“Your elder sister is a living dead. She merely lived on for vengeance, all for the sake of killing her father. With that now achieved, her regret disappears… she wouldn’t be able to live anymore.” 

“A-Alpha is actually a living dead?”

“Yes, so move away. There’s no use even if you try to protect her. I have to continue the professor’s research… don’t block my way.”


Without the professor who served as Mai’s mental support, her reason began to break down. Her frustration kept increasing and her usual attitude was overcome by rage. 

Gamma and Beta stood up to block her way despite their trembling bodies. They endured their fear in order to protect their elder sister.


“You know Alpha-san can’t be saved anymore… gh?!” 


As she tried to cut down the two while sighing, she noticed another sword slashing  from a different direction towards her the next moment. Her magic sword and a normal katana clashed once again. 


“What do you think you can do… with that body?!” 

“Let me test it myself, how much I can do.”



Fay’s blow landed on her belly, following with a slash of his katana. Mai’s attacks were parried away, and the magic sword who was supposed to deal great damage at the slightest wound meant nothing to him. 


What is this?! What is this?! What the hell is he?! Where did he come from?! 


Mai had witnessed and made a lot of artificial things. That was why she could understand that the man in front of him was a person belonging to a completely different league. 

The professor was someone who tried to achieve an artificial eternity. He was a person who had given up on human potential in favor of robbing everything, trampling over many things, and took what he robbed from to better himself. 

On the other hand, the existence in front of her was someone who believed in his own potential, continued to train, grew stronger, and established his strength through experience and abnormal mental fortitude. 


I-if only… I could’ve met him before I met the professor, then maybe I… Kuh, what did I just think of…? 

No, that’s not it. I have to kill him, dissect Alpha, and grasp the key of eternity!! 


She swung her magic sword toward Fay, only to be blocked by the first move of Namikaze Seishinryuu, Namikaze. She got injured by the following counter attack, blood spurting from the wound on her stomach. 


Tch… even though he’s just a dying person… yet he has such a calm expression, is he used to being near death? Also, why didn’t Alpha die yet? 

She’s barely breathing, but she is still alive… Professor’s hypothesis is that she would die soon after the vengeance is fulfilled. Is it because her little sisters are by her side? Does that leave her with regrets… or is it because of that man? 

It feels like the bishop of the Holy Grail sect… was she affected by mental suggestions that possessed similar effects like what was used then…? 


Mai remembered Fay’s earlier words. It was the words he said when Alpha saw her father and was about to rush to cut him. 


[“—Don’t move.”] 


She stopped with that single phrase… could an insane soul bring such an effect to others…? 


“To think you actually have leisure to think of something else, I guess you’re underestimating me.” 



Her blood spurted high this time. She had been murdering, torturing, and experimenting on others until now. She never thought about the feelings of her victims until now nor had she even cared about it before. 


And for the first time of her life, she feared the karma that was about to bite her back. 


So this is the fear of death… to think that I, who had tampered with my mentality, could actually feel fear… 


Even though she had modified her body, considering how much she had been cut, she couldn’t avoid death considering the amount of blood she lost. Just like Alpha’s father, his assistant was also about to meet her end. 


Professor… even though we’ve come this far… but at the very end, we were finished by the possessor of the spirit with the fragment of eternity we have sought all this time… 


She collapsed and died. After that, Fay used his potions to heal his wounds. Then he started to go outside with Alpha and others. Since Alpha was weakened, Fay carried her on his back. 


And with that, the chain of fate that had bound Alpha, Beta, and Gamma had been cut off in the truest sense. 1 




“Hey, I’m okay already.” 

“No, I’ll carry you all the way to the inn.”

“Err, but.”

“Setting you down now only makes it more of a hassle.”


It was dusk, the orange light shining upon them and reflecting off of the sea. Their footprints were imprinted on the sandy beach and disappeared quickly as waves washed them away. 

Alpha’s breathing had become stable. Fay had carried her until now, but she regained enough energy to refuse his help. 


“You see, I… recalled everything. Be it the moment I died… and how vengeance had held me back from moving on. However, I… am still alive. It makes me wonder if it might be you who held me back in this world this time.” 


“All my strength escaped my body earlier. My consciousness faded… even so, I could feel that you were still fighting to protect me. You have fought our father for that girl’s sake, and you even dodged in different directions so we didn’t get caught up in the combat a while ago… you really are a kind person.” 

“You’re overestimating me. I had no such intention.”

“I think it’s all thanks to you.” 

“Being grateful on your own would only trouble me.”

“Geez, you’re being cold here.”

“…That’s how I am.”


I wonder when did I last act spoiled towards another person? I never had such a thought before because I’ve always thought about my responsibility as an elder sister before, but this isn’t bad.  

…I can finally understand Beta and Gamma’s feelings… He might be weird, but he is strong and warm. 


“Take responsibility, okay?” 


“My body can no longer live on without you, so take responsibility…”


Uwah, I uttered such embarrassing things?! Isn’t it practically a confession?! Or rather, doesn’t it sound even worse than that?! 


“What do you mean?” 

“Eh, ah, don’t you know?”

“I don’t know.”

“…Y-you’re lying. You should understand what I meant by that, right?” 

“I have no idea.”


H-he definitely knew, right? It’s that thing where one falls in love after being rescued… 


“I told you, it’s quite a common story… how one gets rescued and their feelings flutter…” 


Alpha’s face flushed beet red. It had nothing to do with the illumination of the setting sun. On the other hand, Fay was as expressionless as usual. 



“U-uhm, it’s that thing… you see, it’s a somewhat common story in the book, you know? Just like a princess being rescued… or something like that.” 


“T-there’s no way you don’t know, right? It’s quite a common story in fairy tales, you know, it’s that.”

“…I don’t know.”


E-eeh? I thought it was easy to understand… Well, even if I noticed my feelings, I don’t know if Fay would respond to my feelings… 

Besides, I have to thank him properly first. Let’s say my gratitude again.


“Thank you, for a lot of things. It’s all thanks to you that I could still speak like this.” 

“…There’s no way that’s the case.”

“…It’s really thanks to you, you know? I’ve been trapped in vengeance and that’s the only thing I’ve cherished. But now, I finally found something else… an important person that is you.” 

“…It seems you can blab a lot now. I’ll put you down.”


Fay lowered her on the beach. He put his hands in his pocket and walked down the beach. However, he then stopped in place without looking back. 


“…Be it things you cherished and things you could be grateful for, you can easily find them if you just look back.” 


He walked away after those words. Alpha was about to chase after him, but she looked back since he told her to. 

She found her younger sisters there. 


“I see. Didn’t I also have little sisters that I cherished…?” 


Those two have always supported me. And it’s all also thanks to you… 


She recalled Fay’s words when she said he was her important person. He denied her words back then, but she was convinced it was because he had his own thoughts. 


[“…There’s no way that’s the case.”]

So Fay told me I also have my little sisters and reminded me to thank them properly… 

“Beta, Gamma, thank you. We’ll always be together from now on.” 


The two replied to Alpha’s words with a smile. After that, three of them smiled together. 

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Gigachad ending. The third route. The tip of the coin. The Utsuge correction only serves to blast his theme song harder lmfao

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Lol what would Fay think? Since he heard the iconic phrase “take responsibility” he must think that Alpha is a heroine of some kind right?

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Sasuga Faysama with his word alone he stop revenant to be ascended, now start Alpha and her sisters hardest quest to seeks Fay love

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Another one bite the dust, or I should say, bite Fay

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