Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 045 – Protagonist’s Awakening – Original History and Alternate History [D]

The night arrived. I vaguely felt a presence. It was the smell of a strong adversary!! 

There was a weird ring made out of rubble. Did it appear naturally? Perhaps somebody made it as a stage or something. 

But I didn’t hate such a setting. It was a special ring, worthy of the protagonist’s awakening. 

There was a white Abyss in the ring. I saw a humanoid Abyss before, but I felt the atmosphere he exuded was on a completely different level. 


“One, two, three… with one person who’s the same as me… no, there’s another one there. What is that? A life form similar to trash? How shabby, how shabby, what an ugly and fragile existence…” 


He seemed to point at me, but there was no way a protagonist would be a trash, so maybe he meant Tlue beside me? Tlue, how pitiful. To think you got insulted that much… 

After he insulted Tlue, the Abyss still pointed in the same direction. Perhaps he meant me who stood beside Tlue? He had no eyes, so it was hard to tell which he was pointing at. 

Well, I guess he was pointing at me standing beside Tlue this time. 


“But really, what an insane existence, wearing human skin yet inside is a monster just like us. Kukuku, did you forget about your mission?” 


Eh? Did he mean me? I didn’t quite follow the conversation, but was this the development where there was something dangerous sealed within the protagonist? 

So it was an awakening event after all. He even said a monster of similar degree, so perhaps the protagonist would awaken powers of darkness? Okay okay, I understand. 

I knew what kind of power was sealed in me, the protagonist, now. All that was left was how to awaken it… 


“In that case, I will help you draw it out…” 


Ah, so it was the type where the enemy helped me awaken. It was getting exciting. 

But well, there were various methods to awaken power along with varieties of situations. 

I was thinking of having two choices for awakening. It was to awaken in a cool manner or in a flashy manner. 

If one was to awaken in a cool manner, the protagonist had to strike a cool pose in the moment of awakening. Staring diagonally upward would make it even cooler. 

As for an awakening in a flashy manner, this was the cliché among clichés. It was about roaring loudly and making an appeal about the new power. It felt like returning to the original. It reminded one like the moment they had their first cry as a baby. 


Well, I accepted diversity so I had no intention of saying which was better. It’s just that if I was asked which I preferred… I’d say I would choose to roar loudly. 

UWAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! Or something like that. It felt like carrying out the original intentions, the good old method was preferable to me.

It was just a guess, but since the enemy Abyss said he would draw out my power, I guess I need to prepare to shout loudly. Since I normally acted in a cool manner, having me shout during the awakening moment would make me seem cooler. 

Okay, take a deep breath, make sure my throat isn’t clogged… 

Okay, I think I could do it. I had been waiting for the awakening event for a long time, so I secretly practiced how to shout. Wow, I felt really excited! 

Shouldn’t it be about the time? Okay, 3, 2, 1- 




Hey, it was Tlue who awakened?!!!! 

Haaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh?! What did this mean?! It was set up so elaborately yet it wasn’t me?! Wasn’t Merlin talking crap about me earlier?! 

OI, scenario writer?! 

Moreover, there was even a strange wave of darkness blowing…!!! What the heck!! 

It made me really irritated. What was this? Eh? Wait a minute. Did that mean the trash the Abyss talked about wasn’t Tlue but me? 

Rage filled me up. Even though I had been waiting for an awakening event all this time, didn’t this make Tlue appear to be the protagonist instead…? 


Anger alone filled me. I was really looking forward to it. I felt like a kid who got his toy taken away from him. 

And more than anything, I was very annoyed by that Abyss who made a fool of me. He was sneering at me as if I wasn’t the protagonist. 

To be honest, I was so angry that I couldn’t even hear what others were saying properly. I wanted to vent my anger on Tlue, but as expected, I shouldn’t do it. But I really wanted to vent my anger on something. 

Wasn’t there an Abyss in front of me that served just as the right target for that? Let’s beat him up… or rather, I could no longer stop myself. 

From now on, I will vent everything at you(Abyss)… 

And by the time I noticed it, it was all over. I was just dumbfounded as I stood on my feet in the night. To be honest, I thought we ended up not carrying out the tactics that were discussed with the Merlin earlier. I was so angry earlier I couldn’t remember anything. 


“Fay, thank you.” 



Eh? What was she thanking me for? Arthur thanked me, but I had no idea why. Tlue seemed to be defeated by someone, as he was laying collapsed in the corner. 


“It seems I’ve been mistaken. He is a knight beyond my expectations.” 

“It’s good if you know that…”


Merlin and Arthur seemed to be talking about something, but I really had no idea what was what now. However, I didn’t remember having a hard time fighting the enemy this time. 1 

Perhaps he wasn’t that strong of an opponent to begin with. The main event of having the protagonist awakened was also gone. Perhaps I might achieve awakening in a more important situation. 

Yep, it must be that. 

When I thought that way, I felt a little relieved. Well then, the event this time was concluded, and since it couldn’t be helped, I took the unconscious Tlue with me and returned to the old inn. 

I carried Tlue on my back and left the ruins. The stars were shining in the sky. 


“…Must be nice, I also want to be carried on Fay’s back.” 


Arthur seemed to mutter something behind me, but it must have been just my imagination. Thinking it was better for Tlue to be checked by a doctor properly than return to the old inn, we went to a nearby, proper city instead. 

When I got him checked by a doctor, it was said there was nothing wrong with Tlue. What was that darkness then? Well, awakening wasn’t limited to the protagonist, so I guess I shouldn’t think deeply about it? 

Perhaps that would serve as precedence for the protagonist’s awakening. It seemed Tlue would rest in bed for some time. 

After carrying Tlue, it was already morning. 

I was free until he woke up, so I walked around the city to have breakfast. Since I was a cool protagonist, I walked and looked around in a cool manner. 

Thinking I should eat in solitude, I went to the store that opened in the morning. When I sat down, Arthur sat beside me for some reason and Merlin sat across from me. 


“Please let me pay for your meal as gratitude.” 



I didn’t say a word about eating together though… oh well. I crossed my arms and pretended to not care. 


“Fay, what is your paladin grade?” 

“Why are you asking?”

“No, I’m just curious…”

“Fay’s grade is twelve, very much underestimated compared to his actual ability.”

“I see, so that’s how it is… I would like to express my gratitude again. Thank you. Above all, I am glad for your roar back then… Even if you didn’t mean to do so, you are the first person who protected me with such passionate words.”

“Mu- Fay is a womanizer.”


I had no idea what Merlin was talking about. My memory was blown away by the anger of being swindled into thinking it’s the protagonist awakening. 


“Well then, I’ll speak of another topic, Arthur. Do you know of a female warrior by the name of Mordred?” 

“Just her name.”

“Then it’ll be faster to explain. Be careful of that woman. She seems to be trying to eradicate people with light art.

“Does that mean she’ll be trying to kill me?”

“Yes. I’ve fought her many times, but it took my all just to barely escape. Mordred was that strong. Moreover, words wouldn’t get through to her. If she notices that you have light art, she will attack you without question. Communication should be possible though…”

“…Fay, you have met her before, right?”

“Is that true?!”

“Just a few times. We crossed swords.”

“It’s amazing you managed to come out safely.”

“It’s not a big deal, just a few broken bones.”

“That can’t be considered safe then.”


Now I thought about it, how was Mordred now? I think she was in the Free City with Aliceia, but I haven’t met them since. 


“What do you think about her?” 

“Nothing in particular. I did see her as a worthy opponent to fight against.”

“I see. I recommend you to be careful from now on. After all, she is a person who would suddenly attack me from above.”

“That sounds like something she would do.”


Merlin talked about Mordred. Was Mordred a famous villain? I did think she had a few screws loose, but I also thought she was a violent heroine after all. I wasn’t sure now. 

I didn’t think she was a bad guy. She was just a little crazy… 


“Fay, I also want to thank you.” 

“No need.”

“Muu- You took Merlin’s gratitude but refused mine, why?”

“I also have no intention of taking her gratitude.”

“Mumu… then it can’t be helped. But can we go somewhere together again?”

“…If I feel like it.”



Well, the same could be said about Arthur though. She didn’t seem to be a bad person… anyway, the three of us ate our meals and killed time until Tlue woke up. 

Then as Tlue woke up, we took him along, parted with Merlin, and returned to Britannia. 

It felt like an incomplete combustion of events so it felt bad… especially about Tlue, who awakened ahead of me, the protagonist. But let’s consider that as giving screen time to Tlue. 

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11 months ago

Fey getting duped is hilarious.

1 year ago

I hope the author don’t rush too much WN just for the sake of LN, i know he want to keep more detail for LN but still, is will be disaster if WN become bad.Thank for translation as always

1 year ago
Reply to  tsukiisite

yeah i know, but still,rush this much gonna backfire a lot (But i kind of interest what he gonna do with LN, LN volume 2 cover is very good too)

11 months ago
Reply to  Robinx211

SThey tryed. But the LN sold badly, it got cancelled after the V2. Author himself said that they have to finish their studies and find a job so we might expect less updates or no updates at all. Currently WN is on hiatus I think

1 year ago

Thank you for the chapter
Again, I really feel these pass 2 arcs are too rushed, still funny though, so next arc Mordred and Arthur might met, this would be funny if somehow
> Arther and Fey go somewhere together as he kind of promise
> Mordred jump at Fey
> They start to fight for different reason from original timeline