Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Author Note:

Sorry, but please let me preface this time.

I think I have announced the publication of the light novel last time, but it seemed that when the book was released, it would come with a bonus side story.

Since it came to this, I wanted to write something different from the main story, but I really didn’t want to write something that the readers didn’t want.

So, although this wasn’t a survey, I was thinking of taking a look at readers’ impressions and deciding what to write.

This would be something like a what-if route…

[“――How would story turns out if there was another reincarnator other than Fay-kun, who was a beautiful otaku girl?”]

I’d like to receive an honest impression after this SS. Please excuse me for the long preface.

Timeline wise, it would be from around the 2nd arc, so please enjoy.

Side Story if? [A]


For sixteen years, I lived according to my parent’s instructions. It was the so-called anachronistic ojou-sama. Be it self-study or lessons, those were all I did. I was said to be good-looking and talented. 

However, it made me estranged, or rather, I was lonely. It was like I was just following what others decided for me. Since my parents were strict, things like games and comics were all prohibited. 

Well, I did play games and read ebooks secretly, though… 


And in secret, I began to occasionally be active as an otaku. I even did things like cosplay… as I lived like that, during the autumn of my first year of high school, I was hit by a car and died on my way to school. 

Since the child in front of me seemed about to get hit, I instinctively… reached out to help them. 


When I died, I found myself in a pure white space with God who said that they would reincarnate me into the novel game world of “Round Table Heroes.” 

Since I was a fan of the story, I was really happy!! I was a fan after all! My favorite was Arthur-chan! I often cosplayed as her as well!! 


Then God told me they would reincarnate me as the protagonist named “Nanana”… Huh? I played the whole game, but as far as I could recall, a character named Nanana supposedly was not the protagonist after all. 

[“Um, that’s supposed to be a lie… or a mistake, right? Nanana is supposed to be a character who suffers terrible death in the DLC limited story…”] 

I said without thinking, 

[“U~hn, you’re no fun.”] 

Such was the reply I got, and my vision turned white. 


――When I woke up… I was standing on a cliff with fantastic scenery.

I often heard that reincarnation tends to start from a baby… but it seemed I didn’t start this life from birth. The height of my line of sight was about the same as my previous life.

I checked my figure using a hand mirror. 


“I’m really becoming Nanana…” 


I saw the same appearance I saw in the game, so I guess it was the same age of my previous life of 16. If I was asked which appearance was cuter… I guess Nanana won by a small margin? 

Fu~mu, I was blond, but a section of my bangs were silver. It was the first time I saw this kind of hair outside cosplay. It was amazing to see this was actually her natural hair. 

But since she was a character in the game, she was cute… leaving that aside, the bust… uwah, they’re definitely bigger than my previous life’s… 

They were soft and bouncy… they really became bigger, but should I really be happy about this, I wondered?  

I started to get excited, but this wasn’t the time for that. I should be happy to come to this world as an otaku, but this was a utsu novel game. Making the wrong choice easily makes you die. 

Even if you didn’t make the wrong choice, you would still die sometimes. Ugh, the time I wrote fanfic for Arthur-chan to achieve her happiness felt nostalgic. What should I do…? Damn it, if I was to be reincarnated, why wasn’t I turned into Mordred-chan instead? 

Nanana wasn’t that strong, after all… she might have a good appearance, though. Even if I did have knowledge about the future, I didn’t think I could get stronger with just that. 

Come to think of it… Wasn’t the first event Yururu-chan’s banishment?! No good, although I didn’t like her as much as Arthur, I was still her fan… 


I had to save her, and Nanana has a telepathic ability. That said, I needed to be within a certain distance and mark the target with my left hand .  

This was a stylish ability, but it didn’t seem very useful, right? If magic eyes were used on me, I couldn’t resist and would die. Definitely die out of enemies’ Suggestions and my knowledge of the future would be extracted, making it worse for the world as a whole… 

No good, I was out of luck! Eh?! Wasn’t this hard mode a bit too much?! 

What should I do? What should I do? This world was where most of the conflict was decided by magic eyes after all… for the time being, I wanted to go near Arthur-chan, but she was a wary person. Even if I told her I knew about the future and she was actually a character of a game, wouldn’t she hate me instead?! 

Even if I have knowledge about the future, things might go in a bad direction if I blurted it out carelessly… My average score in a famous private school in my previous life was 75, so I began to think with my somewhat decent brain. 

I couldn’t come up with anything, but for now, I should go to Britannia Kingdom and do something about Yururu-chan… I could just think about it as I go. 

For the time being, I headed for the Britannia Kingdom… 




I managed to arrive. It was my first time in the game universe. Although I did know about it, it wasn’t like I was completely aware of everything. There were many parts like geography deemed as unnecessary details in the game, so there were many places I didn’t know about.

In other words, I didn’t know where anything was, so I got lost. Well, my average score was 75, so I was still able to arrive in the shortest time possible… 

When I tried to enter the kingdom, the gatekeeper stopped me. 


“Who are you?” 

“E-err, my name is Nanana. I’m not someone suspicious… Yes, it’s sightseeing! I came for sightseeing!”

“Fumu… There are things like tolls, though. But I don’t really recommend touring in this place. Recently, the daughter of the cursed Garethia family attacked potential knights, causing a huge mess.”


Wasn’t that exactly the banishment event?! No good, I didn’t make it in time! It took me some time to reach here too…! If I leave things as it was, she might die in the Free City too… 


“U-uhm, well, did that Yururu Garethia go to the Free City?!” 

“No, she is still inside the nation, though.”


“It seems someone protected her… Who was it again…?”

“Was it Tlue or Arthur?”

“No, that’s not their name. Who was it again…? It’s that fellow, the dude with terrible eyes who always goes around the capital upside down.”



Who was that? Was there someone other than Arthur and Tlue? Bouran didn’t seem to be someone who would do such a thing either… 


“Um, in any case, she is in this nation, right? Yururu-chan, I mean.” 


“I see.”


I passed through the gate of the royal capital and entered inside. It was just like what I had seen in the background of the game. Instead of being immersed in sentimentality, I looked for Yururu. 

I wonder where she might be? As I looked for her while running around… I saw her. 

She had beautiful silver hair, oh, she’s cute. Her appearance was truly cute. She was somewhat loli with a baby face and big bust, oh my, she was cute. 




Fay-kun? Hah…? Wasn’t that the shitty cannon fodder character? Why was Fay training with Yururu-chan? 

What was going on here…? 


“Fay-kun, this is the end of today’s training. Please don’t push yourself too hard.” 


Yururu-chan left, however the man still continued to train. Wasn’t Fay supposed to be a character that hated working hard and threw sarcasm around…? Then by the end of it, he got swallowed by dark art, went berserk, and got killed by Tlue. Such a pitiful character.

How did it end up like this? 


“…The person who saved Yururu-chan was a person with terrible eyes, does that refer to Fay? Why?” 


Should I try to talk to him? I slowly and timidly approached him to look at him. 


“What is it…?” 

“Ah, um… I just see that you’re working hard.”

“You’re disturbing me. Begone.”


Uwah, how rude. That was why I hated this character. I even disliked a Fay cosplayer’s post. That was how much I hated him. 




Huh, but his hands were drenched with blood. Did that mean he still did his best despite the skin of his hands peeling off? A hard-worker who wasn’t so bad? 

But, that wasn’t supposed to be his ability… what did this mean? I got even more confused. Should I try using it? The telepathic ability, I mean. 


Err, I should mark the target by touching them with my left hand… 


“Oi, what are you doing?” 

“Ah, err, well, there’s some lint stuck there!”


I did it, I touched near his shoulder. Then I should be within a certain distance to hear his thoughts… 


[“I’m the protagonist. Regardless of what others say, I am the protagonist. Having the protagonist to work hard is a basic procedure. I wonder when the awakening event will come.”] 


Eh… What’s with this guy…? 


[“Err, who is this woman? Is she a mob character? Perhaps, she has some role since she got involved with me, the protagonist? How annoying, she’s disturbing my training.”] 


He really was so bad-mannered. Rather, what did he mean by protagonist? What the hell was he talking about… it made me a little disgusted… 

But he definitely wasn’t what Fay was supposed to be. Perhaps that was something to be happy about, but… 

This person might be more dangerous than the original. 

He totally didn’t match with the knowledge of my story, and he really looked dangerous… I guess I should keep an eye on him. It was definitely better to do so. This man seemed crazy after all. 

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Oh, so he’s constantly thinking that, got it.

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Wow it’s suddenly again,but for first time someone can see thought real fay,someone need congratulations this moment.