Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Chapter 054 – First Grade Paladin, the Strongest Appeared [B]

“So this is what the 2nd grade Paladin Tlue-kun is capable of at the moment, huh…” 


Tlue’s quick kick was stopped by Tristan’s right hand. Tlue kicked quite hard but it was caught easily. 


The momentum was completely stopped… 


His foot was held still as if throwing pebbles against a dozen layered thick walls. 


“Wow, I guess it’s as expected, you’re quite strong. Though still not as good as I am. You’re doing great, so much so I am convinced that you would become a first grade paladin in the future.” 



Tlue felt Tristan’s praise sounded like sarcasm considering how easily Tristan stopped him. 


“Maybe you’re the strongest among the people of your generation?” 

“No, I think the girl named Arthur is the strongest one.”

“I have heard about her. Is there anyone else?”

“…There’s also a paladin named Fay.”

“Is he strong?”

“I think he’s weaker than me… he’s a 12th grade paladin…”

“12th grade, huh… so he is in the lowest grade.”

“But he is quite a ruffian.”

“Fu~hn, a ruffian, huh? Ah, I think that’s the name that was talked about some time ago as he protected Yururu Garethia.” 

“I think that’s the correct person.”


Tristan replied with interest and started walking in a different direction from Tlue. 


“I guess I’ll go meet him for a bit. I’m quite curious what kind of person he is after all.” 


Tristan quickly ran somewhere. Then a few minutes later, he reappeared in front of Tlue with Fay in tow. 


“And so, I brought him here. This is Fay-kun, right?” 




As Tlue felt a sense of terror from Fay’s usual expressionless face and sharp gaze, Tristan began to explain. 


“Okay, let’s fight as well. Fay-kun, is it?” 

“…I don’t mind.”


Fay seemed to intend to fight to begin with so he lowered his waist and took a stance. 


“That’s nice, I don’t hate a proactive person.”

Well, since he’s a 12th grade paladin, I don’t think he is strong… Considering two people of his generation have already reached 2nd grade, he is the only one who is still in 12th grade, perhaps that fact burdens him mentally? 


Such was Tristan’s evaluation of Fay. 


But he has a good body build, even though he is a 12th grader. 

“Come on, go ahead. I don’t mind even if you use art――”


――The next moment, Fay’s kick was in front of Tristan’s face.



“H-he, he actually landed a hit on the strongest Tristan.”

“Ah, that hurts!!!!”


Fay’s kick landed on Tristan’s face. Tristan staggered slightly and his expression slightly distorted. But he wasn’t blown away and kept his feet on the ground. 


He is actually still standing despite taking that kick?! And he didn’t seem to suffer that much damage?! To think he stood on his feet without being blown away… so this is the power of the highest peak… 


“I heard you were a 12th grade paladin, so I let my guard down… oi! I never got hit even once ever since I became a paladin, you know?!” 

“I don’t care.”

“It’s totally grade fraud! Screw you! You actually broke my no-damage record!!!”

“I don’t give a damn.”


What does he mean by grade fraud…? 


Tlue was confused by the incomprehensible term of grade fraud as he saw Tristan grabbing Fay. 


But even though Fay’s kick didn’t contain art, to think that he didn’t suffer much damage after taking in Fay’s kick… And Fay is also acting arrogant as usual. Even though the other party was a 1st grade paladin… but I guess Fay wasn’t a person who cared about that to begin with. 


Tlue began to understand why Tristan was known as the strongest, seeing Tristan taking Fay’s kick yet suffered practically no damage. 

But seeing Tristan’s childish attitude of grabbing Fay, Tlue began to feel skeptical once again. 


“Okay, time for round 2. You may use a sword this time! Huh, that sword of yours gives off an eerie feeling.” 


“Fu~hn, it seems to be a magic sword of some sort… lend it to me for a bit.”



Fay wordlessly held the katana Baragi was sealed inside out in front of him. It was an attitude that he would let him touch since he couldn’t help it. 


“Fu~hn, it sure feels ominous.” 


As he said that, Tristan touched the katana slightly. And in the next moment, his casual expression changed completely. 

For that moment, Tristan caught a glimpse of an oni. 


“Well, even I might not be able to handle this katana. But the thing inside is sealed and since it has no art, maybe I could still win against it. However, should the thing inside that actually roam outside in this era, there’s no doubt I would die fighting against it.”

“I see.”

“Are you really okay carrying that thing?”

“It’s easy. I don’t feel uncomfortable in particular.”

“Seriously? If it’s a normal person instead, they would be stressed out and become bald in no time.”

“There’s no problem with my hair.”

“Ah, I see. Maybe the roots of your hair happen to be strong?”


Tristan was trying to touch Fay’s hair but his hand was slapped away. 


“I don’t feel convinced by the result, so let’s fight again next time. I never got hit until now, so I’ll feel pissed if it ended just like that.” 



Fay left after saying that. 


“Well then, should we go to train as well? For the time being, I’ve been dispatched to be your instructor after all.” 


“Oh, you sound quite motivated.”

“I don’t want to lose after all… I also want to land a hit against you.”

“…That’s great. I don’t hate a youngster like you.”


Tristan also became Tlue’s instructor in the game scenario. How would things change in their relationship with Fay coming into the mix? 



Author Note:

Thank you for following the story.

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―― Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious.

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9 months ago

What happen in link novel updates?

Thx for this chapter

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Lol Tristan is the first person so far to be tricked by the “he’s 12th grade so he’s not strong” thing. How sloppy haha

9 months ago

What happen to novel updates? I can acceso to the chapters