Story of a Cannon Fodder who Firmly Believed He was the Protagonist, Misunderstood the Actual Protagonist as the Cannon Fodder, and Ended up Victorious

Translator: Tsukii

Editor: Sour

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Tenth Arc – The Beginning of the End

Chapter 60 – The Power of the Holy Sword Replica [A]

Aliceia, Fay, and also Morgol came to Swordsmanship City. The place was buzzing with excitement. 1 

It was the legendary holy sword. Even if it was a replica, it could still choose its wielder. It was natural for people to make noise because of that.


“Ara, ara, that’s an amazing crowd.” 

“It’s my first time coming to Swordsmanship City.”


Aliceia and Morgol were looking around at the mass of people. There were too many people there, but the crowd of people was cut through like a knife through butter. 




The man didn’t say anything, nor made any sounds. The people naturally made way as the man walked boldly. It was as if the road opened for a king to pass. 

As Fay walked, people avoided him as they felt mysterious pressure. An aura of strength overflowed from him. An aura like that was usually drowned out in crowded places, but once it reached his level, it became rather conspicuous instead. 

If each person recognized it, it could only be said that the ripple would be big. 


“Uwah, amazing, as expected of my onii-chan.” 



“Ah? There’s no way he is your onii-chan.”

“No, our eyes look similar… after all.”

“Mine look more similar to him.”

“No, I think that’s pushing it too much.”


“Ah, yes, they look similar.”


“Ah, yes.”


Morgol was silenced by Aliceia’s pressure. Fay ignored that and proceeded, so Aliceia also followed him. Then they reached the most crowded place. 


“Come on! This is the registration place for the tournament that determines the eligibility to draw the legendary holy sword!” 

“It’s over there.”


Fay went ahead. 


“Welcome to the entrance of hell. Boy, this place isn’t a children’s playground.” 

“If you mean hell, I already walked through it.”

“Hou, I see that you can talk big, saying that you’ve already been through hell.”

“Fay is strong, you know! Someone like you isn’t even worthy to be his opponent!”

“Now it’s a pretty young lady. Fuh, I’ll teach the boy if we meet in the finale. The fact you only slipped inside hell without getting permission from the gatekeeper of hell, that is.”



After a light snort, Fay entered the arena. He sat on the audience seat with the expression of an obstinate old man while waiting for his turn. 

Two pretty girls who could be called flowers were sitting on his both sides. 


“You won’t be participating, Aliceia?” 

“I won’t. I was going to participate, but since Fay is going to participate, I’ll cheer for him instead.”


Morgol and Aliceia had a conversation with Fay sitting between them. It wasn’t a particularly important conversation, but Aliceia’s appearance made the surroundings noisy. 


“Don’t you think that girl looks cute?” 

“Her skin is white… but it’s pissing me off.”

“Who the heck is that man? He really irritates me.”

“But don’t you think that man also looks cool?”


Men were fascinated, while women were envious at Aliceia’s beauty. Aliceia herself was also aware of that. 

However, Fay surprisingly was highly evaluated among girls. His face looked masculine and nothing could be complained about his strength. 


“I’m going.” 


Fay ignored the words and gazed at the surroundings and as he realized that the match was about to start, he got up from his seat and went down to the arena. 


Fay’s opponent was the man who argued with him during the registration. His name was Shigeno. 


“We meet again, boy.” 


“Don’t worry, I’m no brute. I’ll hold back to some extent. I won’t kill you, but be prepared for some injuries since you brought yourself here.”

“Let’s fight with the intention to kill each other instead.”


“That sword is something that measures the vessel of a hero, so the battle also serves as selection. Come at me with the intention to kill. I will defeat everything you do and come up top.”



The pores all over Shigeno’s body opened. His self-assurance was once again questioned by the word of killing. His opponent talked about killing as easily as visiting a convenience store. 

Besides, the man in front of him showed a calmer appearance than before the battle. 


I can’t grasp this guy. He stands in front of me in a very natural state. 


The bell that signaled the start of combat was rung. At the same time, Fay moved. The movement was so fast that only an afterimage could be seen. 

His body rotated on his right foot as an axis and a kick was released with his left foot. 




Shigeno instinctively guarded using his right hand. It could be said it was because of his pure ability that he managed to make a guard by judgment on the spot. 


I-I blocked it perfectly, you know?! Yet my arm went numb… 


The right hand kicked by Fay was trembling as if an electric current passed through. However, Shigeno laughed fearlessly so it didn’t show. 


“Now it’s my turn. Your kick earlier was a good one, though.” 


Shigeno kicked with his right leg. Most people present were unable to see his movement. However, it was easily stopped by Fay’s left arm. 


Is this man’s arm made of steel frame! It felt as if I kicked a huge piece of lead!! 


“Fuhn, I see that you have some abilities.” 


“But too bad, it’s still no match for me.”


Shigeno laughed fearlessly and removed the weight from his arms. 


“I have weights attached to my whole body. Normally, I wouldn’t remove them since it would suppress my overwhelming and dangerous strength, but I see that you are a qualified opponent to use that strength against.” 

“I see. So you did that too.”



Fay also took off the weights that were attached to his whole body. As the weights fell, large clouds of dust danced in the air, showing how heavy they were.  


“This time, come with the intention to kill.” 

“A-aah, o-o-of course I will.”


Shigeno thought he was the only one who wore weights, so he assumed his ability was greater than Fay’s. Shigeno looked slightly upset, but he quickly switched his thoughts. 


“Come on, this time you will hit m……’


The next moment, Shigeno was already in the air. He could taste iron from the blood in his mouth as he was sent flying. Realizing that fact, Shigeno widened his eyes, but wasn’t too surprised. 


It’s strong, so this is… the power of the warrior who participates to draw the holy sword. I thought he was a naïve kid, but I guess I’m the naïve one. 




“A~ah, Shigeno got defeated in his first battle. He’s actually quite strong, but he just matched with a bad opponent, I guess.” 

“You’re right, or rather, do you have business with me?”


After the match between Shigeno and Fay was concluded, a certain woman sat in a seat near Aliceia and Morgol. Her gaze was looking at Aliceia in particular. 


“I just want to know about that boy. That’s why I came over to talk.” 

“I see.”

“Shigeno is my husband.”

“Heeh, is that so?”

“So I came to cheer for him, but he got defeated in the first round. It makes me disappointed. But I want him to do his best next year as well, so I came here to collect information.”

“Oh my, is that so? But there won’t be another tournament next year. Fay will draw the holy sword, so this tournament will be gone.”

“I wonder about that. There’s no guarantee he will be chosen by the holy sword.”

“If he isn’t chosen, then he’ll make it choose him. That’s the kind of man my husband is.”


Eh? Aliceia, my onii-chan isn’t your husband, you know? 


Morgol felt like retorting at Aliceia who selfishly said Fay was her husband. However, Morgol knew no matter what she said, Aliceia would only glare at her so she chose to not say anything. 


“So, where is that contestant Fay from?” 

“I have no idea exactly where he was from, but he is a paladin of Britannia.”

“Heeh, a paladin, huh.”


Shigeno’s wife had an understanding expression of Fay’s strength when she knew he was a paladin. 


“But you see, Fay isn’t strong because he is a paladin.” 


Beyond Aliceia’s group’s line of sight, there was Fay’s figure that was fighting in the semi-final. He ran freely around the ring. His opponent’s attack fell from the sky. 


“He avoids enemy attacks like going through the opening of a needle…” 

“Fuhn, of course he would. He is Fay after all.”

“Rather than speed, it’s more of his overall physical ability, so I’m surprised. I don’t know if it’s possible to make such sudden acceleration and stop at the same time. That isn’t something that could be concluded as mere talent. His eyes are also very good, so much so you won’t believe that one of them is actually prosthetic. His field of vision is also amazing.”


Fay turned and utilized his tremendous speed to pierce his opponent. The battle was concluded without even the time to take a breath. 

A gust of wind tousled Fay’s hair. The winner stood still, as if it was the most obvious thing to do. 


“Next is the final. Well, Fay will win it anyway.” 

“Final, huh. Then I’ll be going to Shigeno. See you later, girlfriend-chan.”

“Okay okay.”


As the woman left, Aliceia and Morgol were left alone again. 


“So it’s the final battle for Fay. I have to cheer for him.” 

“You’re right. Who would be onii-chan, I mean, Fay’s opponent?” 

“I heard it’s a swordsman called Daedalus.”




A sudden scream echoed through the arena. Everyone looked at the place where the voice came from, wondering what was going on. Then a woman on the tournament management side appeared. 


“T-there’s trouble, contestant Daedalus was seriously injured… and at the scene, there were written words ‘I’ll be taking the holy sword’!” 


“It really is a problem.”

“Where is the holy sword now?”

“It should be managed by the tournament management side, right?’

“It’s already stolen!!”


The atmosphere changed as people panicked about how the finale would be canceled. There were also noises that the holy sword replica had already been stolen. 


“Fay is already moving to find the holy sword. We should go as well.” 



Fay moved to retrieve the holy sword faster than anyone. Then Aliceia and Morgol who saw him began to move as well. 

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8 months ago

Thanks for the chapter.
I love this novel. Its one of the bests i have read. I feel sad about the Light Novel problem. 

8 months ago

So the LN is discontinued, that so sad, i want more bonus story and illustraton from LN, well, hope for the best to the Author, thank for translation as always~