Seduction Strategy 7 NSFW

Seduction Strategy 7 NSFW


Translator: Kagura

Editor: Millinia

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Chapter 7 (NSFW)

It was an unfamiliar sensation. 

Unless you’re used to dealing with cats and dogs, it’s unlikely that you would’ve ever experienced having your body licked. 

At least, I’ve never been licked anywhere on my body.

His tongue licked up my nipple as if he were sucking on a small candy. 

His tongue sucked up my small nipple, wrapping around it, and then squeezed it until the point it sank and slid down his tongue.

“… ya …!”

Bachelard was persistently sucking my nipple. 

My back involuntarily bent backwards at the sensation of being sucked hard. 

His teeth grazed and prodded my nipple with little strength.

“Why … between men… on the chest so much…..?”

Trying to get away from the unfamiliar sensation running down my spine, I placed my hand on Bachelard’s head. 

My fingers were now entwined in his hair, but I was still hesitant to pull him away forcefully, so my hand remained on his head with nowhere to go. 

Sucking on one breast and fondling the other with his hand, Bachelard looked up.

“… Do you feel good?”

My body trembled as I felt his hot breath drift across my saliva-soaked nipple.

“… I… don’t know…. Why, only my chest… all this time…? ” 

“It’s because you seem to be feeling good.”

Bachelard slightly shifted on top of me and began to nibble on my other nipple, which had been teased with his fingers for so long. 

His nail was over the bud of the wet nipple that was left behind. 

I covered my mouth with my hand as the sensation slowly crushed me. 

If I didn’t, I was going to make a weird noise.

Bachelard backed away, leaving my nipples sticky with saliva, unattended and begging for more stimulation.

“Have you noticed, Keigo?”

His voice chimed in delight.

“This part of you is responding.”

The cloth of my pajamas was lifted and he put his palm on top of my swelling member, causing my body to tremble. 

The gentle hand touching me caressed up and down my length.

“Please be careful. If you engage in a sexual relationship with a woman, the holy power stored in your body will be lost along with your semen. You can release it outside, but not inside a person. Even if it’s in a man’s mouth. It’s a shame. I wanted to love this place of yours to the fullest with my mouth…”

Bachelard gently pulled off my hand that was covering my mouth. 

He licked the tears that were spilling on my face with his tongue. Breathing heavily, he caressed my cheek and gently laid his lips on top of mine, as if trying to restrain himself.

“Can I have your first time…?”

I nodded. 

I had been feeling his hot, hard member pressed against my leg for quite some time. 

Knowing the nature of men, if there’s a hole, they would want to put it in right away to feel satisfied from release. Men are like that. 

And yet, so far he has done nothing but take care of me and shower me with affection.

He wouldn’t do anything terrible. 

He would show me that sex is supposed to be pleasant.

“… Bachelard… will you make me feel good…?” 


The deep kiss felt as good as his reply, and that was just the beginning.

In the center of the bed I lay naked, slumped over, and raised my hips high. 

Apparently, it’s easier on the body to do the deed from behind. 

This position was also more convenient for me. 

This way my embarrassing expressions could not be seen. I clawed at the large pillow that was brought up to my face and hugged it. 

Bachelard had begun plunging his finger in my raised ass. 

It seems that the first thing to do is to prepare my hole so that his cock can enter. 

He applied some fragrant oil to be used as a lubricant. 

Bachelard inserted one finger to loosen the tight anus. Then when it became soft, he increased the number of fingers. 

When he explained to me that three fingers had to be able to move or it might tear, I opened my legs even more to make it easier for him to work.

The squelching sounds matched the movement of his fingers.

The sweet scent of fragrant oil heating up on the human skin filled the bedroom, making it sultry and suffocating. 

I no longer felt the pain that I had when he first put his finger inside me. 

Bachelard’s fingers, which had been moving to explore inside, had already found my prostate. Pressing on all of the right spots, my cock had responded energetically to his ministrations.

Apparently, one day, I’ll be able to come with just this stimulation. 

I’m scared. 

I’m afraid of my current situation… I’m afraid of being swallowed up by this pleasure…

“Please, Bachelard, already…” 

While massaging, Bachelard pressed his fingers inside me and lowered his lips to my ass, pleading in a sorry voice.

“If I don’t loosen it properly, you will get hurt, okay?”

I reflexively tightened my fingers into the pillow. 

I questioned whether I wanted any more stimulation from behind, but I was already desperately eager to release the front. 

Bachelard didn’t seem to be interested in satisfying me first. 

The class policy seemed to be “back first”. 

The pleasure of not being able to cum had me crying and begging for more.

“Please, put it in now. It’s okay! Put Bachelard’s cock in me, cum in me, and then…” 

I couldn’t finish the line “Let me cum too…” until the end. 

A hot and thick rod was thrust into my hole. 

With a single thrust, Bachelard ravished me by slamming his entire cock into my ass.

The shock of his thick rod entering all the way to the base at once made me let out a shrill scream from my throat. 

Rather than a scream, it sounded more like a coquettish voice.

The intense thrusting of his engorged cock began. 

My hole, thoroughly trained, accepted the thrusting without tearing. 

With each thrust, a high-pitched voice escaped from my mouth. 

My hard and hot dick swayed with every movement. 

I was crying and begging for more.

Anyway, quickly release and touch me too! 

I do not have the advanced technique of cumming from the stimulation of the back yet!

…… A man who is overwhelmed by pleasure will turn into an animal without reason, right? 

Bachelard then released inside me twice. 

Until his gained some post-coital clarity1, my dick was put on hold…….

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Seduction Strategy 7 NSFW

Seduction Strategy 6


Translator: Kagura

Editor: Millinia

Chapter 6

“You know… I don’t want to go home tonight…”

――I’d never heard that sort of line before (Blood curdling). 

It was an urban legend, an urban legend! 

It was the kind of auditory hallucination that unpopular men heard while drinking cheap alcohol. 

There was a time when I thought like that.

This was the first time I’d ever heard such a pick-up line. 

This was the first time I was invited to bed. 

The only problem was that I was probably going to play the woman’s role……. Ah, I felt like I was going to burst into tears…

“Ple… please hold on a second.”

This was not the time to be drinking.

After placing the silver cup on the table, I raised my hand to stop the gentleman.

“Um, I really appreciate your sentiment. Thank you very much. But please, don’t force yourself. Think carefully about what the goddess said. There has to be love. We can’t simply do it forcibly.”

He was a good person, a gentleman. Truly, he was too good of a person. 

When I thought about it, he was the only person who stood by me from the beginning when I arrived in this world. 

He was an elegant and gentle priest who was older than me. 

I couldn’t let him be corrupted…!

“Is… isn’t it taboo for priests to have sexual relations?” 

“It is not forbidden in this world. The goddess we worship is also in charge of life and love.” 

“No, but…” 

“… Keigo-sama, do you not like someone like me?”

The gentleman furrowed his brows sadly and smiled.

“… When I first met you… you were confused and trembling in this strange world. I loved the way you relied on me and took my hand. I thought of nothing but the beautiful black eyes that were fixed on me. Even without the oracle of the goddess Rudia, I wanted to help you. I wanted to help you, who knew nothing, and teach you about this world, and tell you all about……. No, I didn’t just want to teach you. I merely wanted to follow my desires and hold you tightly in my arms…”

The reason for that was because of the cursed blessing.

… It worked, that blessing… 

As expected of the goddess. 

Come to think of it, I was so anxious then that I had stared at him as hard as I could. I had hung on to him. 

Did that activate it?… I wept at the miracle of the goddess. 

Apparently, the gentleman didn’t know about the goddess’ curse. Yeah, there are some things in this world that are better left unknown, aren’t there?

The gentleman asked in a gentle, somewhat resigned tone,”… Do you not like old people like me?”

What did he think of my silence? 

He didn’t seem that old to me… and I turned to get a better look at him. 

His hair was peppered with gray, but his skin was still lustrous and what few wrinkles he had were quite charming. 

In addition, I didn’t think he was at the age where he couldn’t get an erection. 

Well, I’ve been told that I look a little younger when compared with others. 

It’s a western like world, and by the standards of this world I wondered – how old do I look? 

Huh? Didn’t I clearly state that I was 35…?

A disappointed smile spread across the gentleman’s face as he studied my expressions. 

Before my lips could move, I was on my feet. 

I hurriedly walked around the table and approached him. 

Just as he had done for me when I first came to this world and was frightened, I gently wrapped my hands around his hands that were clasped on the table.

“… I really have no experience.”

My voice was shaking.

“With women, too, but in my world there also seemed to be men with men, but I have no experience. So please be gentle with me as this is my…… first time…” 

“… Are you really okay with me?” 

“You are… perfect.”

You’re the one who understood so much about my situation!!

The gentleman eagerly stood up then. 

He immediately grabbed my shoulder firmly. 

When I shuddered at the strength of his grip, he quickly relaxed his hands.

“… I’m sorry.” 

It was then I realized that I didn’t even know his name yet.

“Please tell me your name.”

I flashed a smile at him, and the gentleman also smiled back at me.

“… My name is Bachelard. Could you please say it… say my name?”

I opened my mouth to repeat it, but his lips covered my own.

Having moved from the guest room, I laid down on the bed that was placed in the center of the bedroom. 

The bed was surrounded by a thin, translucent cloth hanging from the canopy. It was very similar to a bed used by western royalty. 

I wondered if this large bed was originally designed to be shared with someone. 

It didn’t make sense for just one person since it was so big.

After the long, breathtaking kiss all I could think about was something stupid like that. 

Although, I probably would have been embarrassed in this situation if I hadn’t been thinking about something so stupid. 

The long fingers of Bachelard, who was now on top of me, slowly and meticulously unfastened the buttons of my pajamas. 

As he gradually undressed me, his lips gently fell on my exposed chest. 

I felt ticklish from the pecking sensation and stirred up by the fact that he was staring at me. It made me feel both ashamed and uncomfortable.

When I squeezed my eyes shut, I felt something soft brush against my eyelids.

“Please keep your eyes open. Look and understand what I’m doing. Because you will have to sleep with people from now on, and as often as possible.”

That reminded me, this was all a part of the class. 

Remembering that I was being taught what to do, I opened my eyes, which had been tightly closed. 

Bachelard, smiling somewhat painfully, pressed his lips to the corner of my tear-stained eye.

“… But right now, you are mine. The first pleasure you will ever know is mine to give. Where no one has ever touched you before, it will be my hands that touch you for the first time. 

“Hyau … ?!”

Bachelard dug his nails into my nipples.

“Does that feel good?” 

“… I don’t know…” 

“You’ll start to get pleasure from being caressed here again and again. Eventually, your nipples will stand up from just a simple look…..”

I didn’t want that. 

His fingers played with the buds of my chest in a circular motion. 

With repeated touches, the nipple in the middle became plump and erect. 

The fingers that had been stroking me on both sides suddenly pinched my nipples. 

I gasped at the tingling pain. 

I wondered if the little nipples that kept getting teased as he pulled on them would grow bigger with time. 

That was the end of my carefree thoughts.

Bachelard’s tongue licked my nipple.


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Seduction Strategy 7 NSFW

Seduction Strategy 5


Translator: Kagura

Editor: Sinraeyan/Millinia

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 5

Father, mother, please forgive me. 

Your son has changed jobs. 

I had worked hard to enter a prestigious listed company and had planned to work there until I reached retirement age — even if it meant working a little overtime — but I’ve been led astray. 

I’ve been told that if I successfully complete my duties here, I would be able to return to my world. 

While I may not have a lover waiting for me when I go back, I do want to return for the sake of the 20 million in my savings account, so I’ll do my best. 

I gazed up at the ceiling while thinking, A pillow sale1, huh? That made me want to cry a little… .

…. My name is Keigo Sakura, and I was thinking about such things while I was taking a bath in the temple of a fantasy world. 

Just a moment ago, I was filled with the desire to curse my parents, saying, “Why did you give me this last name of all things?” but I’ve since reached a state of tranquility. 

It’s true that if you soak in a hot bath, all of your worries will disappear.

By the way, I was in a Japanese cypress-ish barrel bath set up in the bathroom. 

The duckboard and tub were also made of wood. 

It seemed that the past Sakura-chans summoned so far did their best. 

From what the priest had explained to me on the way here, It sounded like some of the past Sakura-chans had gone back to their original world, but most of them stayed in this world and spread the Japanese culture. 

Thank you, Sakura-chan. I think the Japanese were very passionate about bathing in bathtubs. 

They had individual baths prepared for the guests, but it seems that they also had a large public bath located in the temple. 

I’d like to take a bath in it next time. I think it’s better to have a bath where I can stretch my arms and legs…

I heard a gentle voice from the other side of the door, “Sakura-sama. Are you experiencing any dizziness from hot water?”

Surprised by the interruption, I hurriedly got up from my relaxed state in the hot bath. 

That reminded me, I was told that the Head Priest would stop by my room later at dinnertime to give me my first lecture about this world. 

“Yes, I’m sorry. I’ll be out soon.”

A voice with a hint of laughter said, “Please take your time,” but I couldn’t keep someone as important as the Head Priest waiting. 

It seemed that they didn’t have towels, so I left the bath and wiped myself down with the cloth provided.

As I put on a pair of underwear I mused to myself, At least it’s not a loincloth… Thank you, Sakura-chan. I then continued to put on a long-hemmed pajamas coat. 

From what I could tell, in this world trousers are only worn by soldiers who need to ride horses. 

And while they didn’t have any slippers to wear indoors, they did have these odd sandals made of cloth… Why Sakura-chan? 

After I put on a jacket over my pajamas and finished getting ready, I walked out of the bathroom that was attached to the guest room.

As I entered the guest room, I saw the gentleman I recognized as the Head Priest, wearing an amiable smile, and standing beside a table. 

On the table was an unfamiliar silver sake set that wasn’t there before. He must have brought it with him.

“How was your bath?” 

“It was a good hot bath. Thank you very much.”

I bowed my head honestly. 

The gentleman urged me to sit down in a chair, so I sat down.

“I’m glad to hear that. The water in this temple is drawn from a nearby hot spring; as is the water in the Royal Castle. So, I’m sure you can enjoy the baths there as well.”

Sakura-sama in the past must have been fond of hot springs. 

I nodded and said, “Of course, of course,” to the gentleman explaining. 

There was no Japanese person who could resist the allure of hot springs.

A small silver sake cup was offered to me, so I thanked him and received it. 

I pressed the cup to my lips and sipped the cool liquid. It was indeed sake. 

Curious about the temperature, I asked how it could be so cold. The gentleman then explained to me that it had been cooled in a well. 

Unfortunately (?), there was no magic in this world. 

… Even though it’s a fantasy world. 

Maybe I should change my perception to a time-slip story?

“I wasn’t sure what to do, as I heard that the previous generations of Sakura-sama didn’t drink alcohol. I’m glad to hear that it suits your taste.”

The gentleman smiled with slightly flushed cheeks.

“Sakura was a young girl, right? In Japan, children are not allowed to drink alcohol. I bet some of the Sakuras drank after they came of age, didn’t they?” 

“That’s right. The previous generation’s Sakura-sama drank it.This sake was also invented by the predecessor; It is made from rice.” 

“Is my predecessor still alive?” 

“Unfortunately, she has already passed. She was the queen of the previous king.”

Sakura-chan tamanogoshi2!!

So, the handsome blond man I met at the summoning place was half-Japanese. 

I thought to myself, I see… and decided to make a suggestion that I had been thinking about since I was summoned.

“Um… if you don’t mind, could you please call me by my first name, Keigo, instead of my last name, Sakura? Sakura seems to be a female name here, and I thought it might be confusing for a man to use it.”

It was a half truth. 

It’s my last name, so I’m used to being called that. 

However, it’s unbearable and difficult to be called that while people are thinking of a beautiful maiden warrior… 

The gentleman was staring at me intently, and then he placed the cup he was holding back on the table and straightened his back.

“… I received an oracle from goddess Rudia.”

Suddenly, the words of the goddess came back to my mind, “He will take care of you.” 

Upon remembering those words, it dawned on me that the gentleman in front of me was an involved person  — this person was the Head Priest —  the goddess’s number-one subordinate…

“So, I am aware of your situation for why you were summoned, even though you are a man. You are undoubtedly a being with the ability to obtain power to defeat a dragon. If that’s the case, shouldn’t you be called “Sakura”? 

“Well, I want to keep that as a secret…” I explained to the doubtful Head Priest. 

I was sure this person knew what the internal situation is, so I felt that I could be frank. 

The goddess had explained to me with utmost care that sex without love does not count. 

As a result, I was sure that once they understood how I get my power, there would be men who would try to have a relationship with me out of obligation. 

But well…That really wasn’t the point. 

The goal was to have sex with love. … Ah, I feel like crying a little.

“… I understand. Then I will call you Keigo-sama from now on. I’ll tell the others to call you that way as well.” The gentleman nodded and promised me. 

Now I wouldn’t have to worry about feeling guilty. 

As I breathed a sigh of relief, I noticed the gaze that remained fixed on me. 

The gentleman seemed to want to say something, and I tilted my head in response.

“…I … in the dream, I received the oracle from the goddess Rudia.”

When he said it a second time, I shifted into a position to listen attentively.

“The goddess had explained how Keigo-sama can gain the holy power needed to defeat the dragon. She then ordered me to help Keigo-sama with all of my ability. However, I am worried because Keigo-sama is a pure person that knows no woman or man.”

As his words washed over me, the blood had drained from my face. 

Just as the color from my face had faded, the gentleman’s cheeks had seemingly bloomed into a light red hue.

“If it’s okay with you… would you be willing to choose me as your first…… partner?”


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Seduction Strategy 7 NSFW

Seduction Strategy 4


Translator: Kagura

Editor: Sinraeyan/Geli

Read at Watashi wa Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 4


The desire for sexual relations. Sexual love. Also known as sexual intercourse. (Quoted from “Daijisen”1 by Shogakukan)

I checked with the dictionary function of the tablet that I had taken out of my bag. 

I see…I was overcome by a curiously deep emotion. 

It wasn’t necessarily an act that had to be done between a man and a woman, I guess…

“No no no, what is this? You mean that?!” 

“Didn’t I say so? I have an ambition–!”

The goddess stood with her arms folded and made an awe-inspiring statement.

“My ambition. That is, a “Harem”. I do like cute girls, but actually, I like it even better when it’s between men. I like it so much that I have kept the ratio of men to women in my world at 4:1.” 

“That’s terrible.” 

“You can relax because men are allowed to be with other men. Or rather, it’s almost inevitably male-male. This is because the supply and demand are screwed up.” 

“That’s too terrible.” 

“If you gain enough sexual energy from men, you will acquire the power to defeat the dragon. Do your best to get embraced by as many men as you can and acquire the power from sex. By the way, if you don’t defeat the dragon, you will die.” 

“How is that even possible?!” 

“The answer is obvious. Because I am the goddess of life and love.” The goddess stated. 

The kanji is wrong, I thought to myself.2

“… Please let me organize my thoughts for now.”

I raised my hand while still in dogeza.3

By the way, I believe that getting down into a dogeza was an evasive action against the unreasonable pressures imposed on working people. 

It was rarely a successful evasion, but it could relieve some of the pressure.

“In the Goddess’s world, you summon an otherworlder to defeat the dragon that was born, right?” 

“That’s right.” 

“The summoned girls have holy power and can slay the dragon, but the men don’t have the holy power. If the dragon is not defeated, the men will die.”

“Umm. Well, you’re correct.” 

“Can’t you switch me with a girl then?” 

“You have already been summoned. It’s impossible.”

The smile of the goddess was extremely shady. 

But if she said it was impossible, then it just means she wouldn’t be willing to do it even if it was possible. 

There was no way for me to change her mind. 

Even if she’s rotten, she was a goddess after all. I didn’t think I could do it.

“So why do men have to have sex with other men to gain holy power?” 

“I am the goddess of life and love. In other words, the source of my power is in the act of creating the next generation with love. Gather the seed of offspring in your body. Then I’ll lend you my power—” 

“…You want me to do …… bareback sex ? 

“It has to be done with love though, or it’s a no-go.”

The goddess of sexual love was merciless.

“No, no, no, no, it’s impossible. I don’t want to say anything about your ambition, but why did you choose an old man like me? Let’s choose a cute boy instead. It’ll make the man who has to do the act a lot happier.” 

“But I don’t have a problem with it though, because I like older men?” 

“No, no one would be okay with that at all, except for the goddess.” 

“You’re a man with a small asshole. It’s my favourite.”

My asshole was in trouble! 

Also, it seems that it will continue to be in trouble from now on (Tears). 

As I despaired and covered my face with both my hands, she placed a hand on my shoulder.

“Don’t worry. People summoned from the other world have a number of privileges prepared for them. There should be no disadvantages. First of all, you can speak the language. You can also read it. This should minimize the amount of culture gap. And because you’re an otherworlder, they will tolerate your eccentricities.”

The goddess, who had knelt and gazed at me, smiled fondly.

“And also, everyone will treat you with kindness in general. I promise you that your life will not be in any danger. Furthermore, I have strengthened your spirit. Don’t worry, it won’t collapse.You are easy-going and do not care about details. You do not mind pleasure, are open to sexual taboo, but are inexperienced. That’s exactly what I was hoping for. You’re the very embodiment of these characteristics, and I couldn’t be happier.”

“I didn’t need that last sentence.” 

“And, the key word is “Sakura.”

Only those with the name “Sakura” can travel to this world. 

The goddess smiled and then hit me with the biggest bomb of all.

“If you are going to place blame on something, then blame your own name? If you weren’t “Sakura”, I wouldn’t have been able to reach you in the other world. Sakura, please save my world. Literally, with your body.” 

“I’m going to be an adopted son-in-law4! I’ll change my last name! I don’t have a partner, but I can do it with the power of money!!” 

“You are a bit late.”

A sweet bell-like laughter echoed in the white space.

I gave up. 

It was impossible. This beautiful woman can’t be persuaded. 

She’s the type who goes her own way. And no one can stop her. No wonder she’s a goddess, right? 

“Well,” said the beautiful woman as she stood up. 

A fine golden light slowly flowed out from her body, which was composed of gold and white.

“Sakura. I understand your distress at suddenly being summoned to another world. Therefore, I will bestow a few special blessings, just for you—-. The first blessing is ‘Keep staring at the other person and, eventually, they will develop sexual feelings for you’. This will save you a lot of time and effort when seducing them. Be careful not to use it too much, though. If you stare at them too long, they will turn into wild beasts, okay?” 

“It’s more of a curse than a blessing, isn’t it?!” 

“I repeat, doing the deed without love is a no-go, so be careful, okay?

Do your best to make them fall in love with you. Basically, no one should hate you. And one more thing, the blessing of ‘Your partner will think that it’s your first time.'”

“What is the point of that?!” 

“Despite what they say, men like it, don’t they? Doing it for the ‘First time’.”

…………… ha.

They don’t hate it, though, do they? You’re right, though! 

There’s no man who didn’t like virgins. 

But why did I have to experience it with my own butt?

More and more particles of golden light emitted from the goddess’s body. The white space around me was filled with golden light. 

I felt my body being pulled in a different direction from ‘the world I had been in’.

With tears of blood running down my cheeks, I made up my mind to let the situation take its course. 

Because I couldn’t go back. 

I couldn’t go back to my original world until I defeat the dragon. 

I didn’t want to lose the 20 million I’d saved through my own sweat and frugal lifestyle. 

I also didn’t want to be killed by the dragon. 

I could suffer more about this, but I realized there’s a way out for me here. 

Why don’t I just open my legs?! 

I could just think of it as a career change to the sex industry and be done with it! 

I believe there’s no such thing as a low or high profession…..!!!

“Oh, I repeat, doing the deed without love is a no-go, okay?” 

“Don’t ask for too much!!” 

“I am the goddess of sex and love5. There is no bending this rule. I’ll tell my priest about this. He will take care of you.”

Then, enjoy life in this other world.

As the goddess spoke those words, my entire field of vision turned gold.


T/N: Chapter 3 and 4 happens before Chapter 1. Keigo met the goddess first.

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Seduction Strategy 7 NSFW

Seduction Strategy 3


Translator: Kagura

Editor: Sinraeyan/Millinia

Read at Watashi was Sugoi Desu!

Chapter 3

The evening trains on weekends were often a bit more crowded than the usual weekday hours due to the influx of drunks. 

In other words, you couldn’t find a single open seat. 

I had resigned myself to the fact that seats on the commuter train were something I couldn’t take pleasure in, whether it be morning or night. 

So I, Sakura Keigo, had mastered the art of sleeping while holding onto a train strap.

It’s not that unusual of a technique for a salaryman. 

Especially since I didn’t ever expect the seats to be available. 

It’s the kind of sleep that was not affected by the vibrations of a train swaying from side to side. 

If my knees lost strength and buckled, I would be forcibly awakened, but I could quickly get back into position and back to sleep. 

So the sudden sensation of being pulled backwards made me think that the train had come to an emergency stop.

… Has there been a train crash? 

I hope there hasn’t been a fatal accident. 

Although, now that I think about it I didn’t hear the high-pitched screeching of the brakes…


“De… I’m dead—?!!!”

I found myself in a pure white space. 

Inspecting my surroundings, it seemed that there was no up or down and no depth… it’s just a single white coated space. 

I unconsciously dropped the bag I was holding. 

The bag should have been fairly heavy, but there was no sound of it falling near my feet.

What happened to the crowded train just now?! 

This was impossible. It’s impossible to be in this empty space. 

Which meant… I’m dead… here… in the afterlife…  

Wait a minute! 

Did Armageddon just happen? 

Wouldn’t I at least wake up if I got stabbed?! 

For a moment, I tried making sense of why I might have been stabbed. Was it a stalker? No — I couldn’t think of anyone who would take such a strong interest in me to go as far as stalking. Since that was the case, I could only surmise that it was the act of some random deviant.

How scary, a deviant! Stabbed me in the heart?!

“You are not dead though?” 


I jumped sideways at the sound of a woman’s voice whispering from behind. 

I covered my ears and turned toward the voice. Standing there was an unrivaled beautiful woman.

“… It’s hopeless. I really am dead.” 

“Didn’t I just say that you are not dead?”

A beautiful woman of European Caucasian descent was right in front of me.

Her golden curly hair flowed gracefully down to her feet. 

She wore a long white dress, which draped beautifully over her clear white skin. 

The only color that could be seen on her was in her golden pupils, which matched both her hair and lightly colored lips. 

So, not only was I transported from a commuter train to this empty white space — I now found myself speaking with a beautiful foreign woman I could miraculously understand.

“Then this must be a dream, right?!” 

“It is also not a dream….It’s a reality for you.”

The beautiful woman cheerfully smirked. 

…Oh no. She’s an S1.

It was the smile of a predator — a smile of an absolute winner, with a sexy, lustrous scent. 

…My heart fluttered for a moment and I thought, This is also good… but I’m not much of an M2…..

“My name is Rudia. I am the goddess of life and love in a different world from where you came,” the self-proclaimed goddess declared while folding her arms, lifting her plump breasts.

By the way, I was listening to the goddess while in seiza3.

There was no salaryman who does not submit to the feeling of intimidation.

I’ve got a knack for getting caught up in lengthy situations. 

In the white space, there were steps, though they were hardly visible to the eye.

“My world is under a trivial threat right now. I need you, the otherworlder, to please cooperate with my ambitions.”

As I listened to the self-proclaimed goddess I wondered, why did she speak in such a lordly manner? 

And what ambitions? That’s not a typical word a goddess would say, right? 

As I wondered, the goddess met my gaze and smiled cheerfully.

“I know what you’re thinking… I’m a goddess, afterall.”

… She was reading my thoughts…!

“What? You don’t have to worry. Don’t let it bother you that much. You’ve always been the kind of person who doesn’t care about the minor details, but I have strengthened that trait in you even more using my power. Now then, I’ll explain it to you. Since you can’t reject the situation anymore, I will give you what you call, an ‘after follow up’4 explanation.”

Then, the goddess began her explanation.

“First, as for my tone. I intend to speak in a normal, friendly way, but it is designed to sound different so that you can easily understand. Hmm, is it similar to the way your country’s royalty and nobility used to speak?” — I nodded in affirmation — “I’m glad to hear that. It’s proof of the respect you have for me.”

The beautiful woman chuckled, but I was not happy at all. 

I guess it was because I knew deep inside that I was being forced to draw the short straw.

“Fufufu. You also look cute when you’re scared. I like men like you, you know. You are my ideal type — perfect for my ambitions. 

“… Please continue your explanation.” 

“Erm. It’s a rather long story… Actually, in my world, dragons are occasionally born. A dragon is a fragment of my power. Therefore, no one from my world can defeat it. Only those who have been summoned from another world, such as Japan, can defeat the dragon with their holy power. That’s how I’ve set it up.” 

“… Isn’t that setting wrong?” 

“Sometimes you need excitement. This world of mine is dull.”

The source of all this evil, I can assure you, was not sorry at all. Even though she was a goddess…!

“Even gods are subjected to passion. The result is the existence of dragons. It is inevitable that they are born. So, I decided to let a pure maiden from another world slay the dragon. Isn’t it fun to watch? The heroic tales of a saint.” 

“… I won’t deny it.”

In fact, I liked it very much. 

I agreed, and the goddess agreed too.

“When I summoned an otherworlder into my world, the women would gain great power. However, the power is lost when she gives birth to a child. So I let the pure maidens from another world slay the dragon, but sometimes I grow bored of the same old story.” 

“Are you bored now?” 

“Yes, I have grown quite bored.”

The goddess wore a radiant smile.

“So, sometimes I summon men instead. Only, the holy power that women have is not available to them. However! The power can be obtained through a secret technique.” 

“…And what specifically, is that technique…?” 

“It’s ‘sex’ between men.”

“…………Excuse me?” 

“The secret technique is ‘sex’ between men.”

The smile of goddess Rudia-sama was shining divinely.


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Seduction Strategy 7 NSFW

Seduction Strategy 2


Translator: Kagura

Editor: Geli/Sinraeyan

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The gentleman was finally getting to the point of his explanation.

“This place is the Temple of Rudia near the royal city of Shuraorumu, the place for the summoning of Sakura-sama.  We have received an oracle that the dragon, which the previous Sakura-sama had destroyed, has been reborn. We were in the middle of praying to the Goddess to summon a new Sakura-sama.”

“And that’s when I appeared?” 

“Yes. In the summoning circle that had been activated.”

I unconsciously looked down at my feet. 

If you looked closely at the marble steps, you could see something is carved in thin lines all over them. 

I didn’t know anything about the structure of the summoning circle, but for some reason I could understand it. 

Just a moment ago, the summoning circle was brightly glowing gold.

I now understood that the golden light that flooded my vision was from the summons. 

The gentleman explained that as a result of summoning me, the summoning circle had run out of magic power.

They were trying to summon a beautiful maiden warrior to save the world, but instead they got an old man. 

Who would benefit from this? 

Of course, no one would. 

No wonder the Prime Minister was so angry…

The visibly angry, but handsome, Prime Minister spat out in a displeased tone,

“The summoning ritual was a failure. A man appeared not an innocent, untainted girl! What does this mean? All the previous ‘Sakura’ who came so far had been virgins.” 

“Your excellency, A girl’s chastity is not a condition for exercising the power of the Goddess. As long as she does not bear a child, the divine power will continue to reside in her body. If a man and a woman have a relationship, they will inevitably have a child, so they were asked to refrain from doing so until the dragon had been defeated.” 

“If you give birth, you will lose the power of the goddess and you will not be able to defeat the dragon. So is this ‘Sakura’ the same? Since he’s a man, does that mean he has the power of a goddess as long as he hasn’t impregnated anyone? If he hasn’t impregnated anyone, can a man from another world defeat a dragon? 

… How did the flow of the conversation suddenly become about whether or not I have a child? 

Ahh, did it have something to do with the power of the goddess? 

For some reason, I could now understand how Dazai felt when he apologized, “I’m sorry I was born!” Or in this case, summoned. 1 

When a beautiful maiden warrior was supposed to appear, but then suddenly it turns out to be just an old man, you would want to complain about it, wouldn’t you? 

You certainly would want to complain about it…

Holding his forehead, the Prime Minister glared at me. His contempt of the situation was obvious. 

“Otherworlder, do you have children?” 

“I… I’m not married.” 

“Any children?” 

“No, I don’t have any.” 

“Is there any chance that you just didn’t know?” The Prime Minister asked in annoyance.

“Your excellency…”

The head priest politely tried to stop the barrage of questions.

“If you have children, you would not get summoned by the goddess. In other words…” 

“Yes, that’s right… I’m a virgin! There is no way I can have children!!” I cut him off before he finished his sentence. 

Admitting the truth was both embarrassing and painful. I felt the stinging pain creep deep in my chest, down into my heart.

I’m embarrassed to even admit to myself that I’m not even an amateur virgin, I’m a genuine virgin… damn it!2 

It’s because of my hatred of wasteful spending that my savings account has already hit the twenty million mark in my thirties! 

The handsome men’s faces quickly changed from expressing contempt, annoyance, and anger to an expression of pity.

In an effort to comfort me, the head priest tightly squeezed my hands. (This was the most painful response out of them all.)

“… I’ve seen some of the old documents …”

It was not the head priest who opened his mouth, but the handsome blond-haired king.

“There was a time in the past when summoning a ‘Sakura’, a man appeared instead of an untainted maiden, wasn’t there?” 

“… Yes.”

Another gentleman wearing glasses and dressed in slightly simpler clothing compared to the head priest, stepped forward from the corner of the room.

“It’s been recorded in the temple records that similar events have happened twice before. The male ‘Sakura’ appeared to have supported the female Sakura-sama, as her vassals, after she was brought here by a second summoning.”

“There seems to be a precedent, Prime Minister”

The handsome blond-haired king nodded in agreement. 

“By the power of the goddess, he has crossed the plane between worlds safely. We can’t afford to treat him carelessly. As a guest of my castle, it is only proper to treat him with respect. Can you arrange that for me, Prime Minister?” 

“… certainly.” 

“And now, Keigo Sakura,” the blond king then announced in a deep, penetrating voice, “Our country is now under threat from a dragon.” 

“Your return to your original world will have to wait for a while. It will take some time to prepare and carry out a second summoning ceremony. But the dragon’s power grows stronger with time. We will summon ‘Sakura’ again, and after the dragon is destroyed, we promise to send you back to Japan. Until then, I would be grateful if you could familiarize yourself with this world and lend your strength to the new Sakura we are summoning.”

“Can I go home?” 

“Everything is as the goddess wills it.”

The whole situation sounded shady, however, I bowed my head sincerely as a sign of affirmation.

The king nodded as if satisfied with my response.

“First of all, I want you to learn about this world in the temple, just like the previous generations of Sakura. When you’re ready, I’ll arrange for someone to pick you up from the castle.

I’ll leave it to you, head priest.”

With a flick of his cloak, the king turned away. 

The others in the room followed him as he walked out of the room. 

I stayed where I was and stared at their backs. 

The king took the lead. 

Following closely behind were a young man and a boy, both with the same hair color as his. 

I was thinking they could be his sons, since they wore shorter elegant cloaks and similar luxurious clothing as the king.

As I was looking at the both of them, curious to know if they were princes, I felt the glare of the young man as he turned around the corner. 

The next to leave was the handsome silver-haired Prime Minister.

The red-haired warrior walked behind the Prime Minister with his own two subordinates in tow. 

I couldn’t help but think that all of them were beautiful. 

I wonder if only handsome men are allowed to exist in this world…?

As the group left the room, only the temple officials dressed in identical outfits remained in the summoning area. 

The head priest, who had taken my hands again and spoke with haste, “Now then…”

“You must be exhausted after crossing between the worlds. I’ve prepared a meal and a bath for you. For the time being, please take time to relax today.”

I turned to follow him as he led the way when the feeling of being watched crept over me.. 

There was a beautiful statue of a woman, large enough to reach the high ceiling. 

Her hair was rich and flowing. Her smile was full of compassion. 

Her appearance was divinely beautiful.

“……That is……” 

“Ahh, that’s the Goddess Rudia. She’s the one who protects our country, and controls life and love.”

I stared at the statue of the goddess with a vacant expression. 

Ahh, yes… I know her well.

TL Note: You will find out why the title is “Seduction Strategy” in next chapter. Thank you for reading. If you find something wrong with my translations, please leave a comment for me to improve. Have a good day.

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