The Show Must Go On Extra: Character Profiles

The Show Must Go On Extra: Character Profiles

The Show Must Go On

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Evelet

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Brief Character Introduction

Clockwise from Top Right: Jolga, Anderheim, Nasha, Julieta, Malacia, Sigurd

(Some mild spoilers may be included, so it is recommended to read after reading the main story)


・The ages are from the start of the story.

・This is only a brief introduction, but I plan to gradually add more information, including for the supporting characters.

・I will also prepare a glossary of terms if you wish.

[This isn’t part of the main story, but some trivia the author tweeted about]

The name of Nasha’s daughter was “Lakshmi”.

The names of Lakshmi’s two brothers were “Arjuna and Karna,” but they were good friends without killing each other.

Sigurd and Julieta had four children. In order of age, they were the eldest son, Arberge, the eldest daughter, Rosalia, and the second son, Ernest. The second daughter, Claudia, was born after Anderheim’s death.

Rosalia married Crown Prince Valheid and became Queen. She originally admired her mother’s close friend, the wise Queen Vanellope, so daughter-in-law and mother-in-law were always on good terms.

The Oswein family would later disappear from the kingdom of Palcemith. It did not fall apart or go into ruin, but emigrated because of the wishes handed down by their distant ancestors. After several generations of elaborate preparations, the entire family settled in Hinoe in the east.

In the process of growing out his hair as promised to Jolga after the story, Anderheim again remembered his old tricks and showed off various hair arrangements, which was why hair arrangements became so popular in the capital.


Anderheim Yucht Asbal (42) ※Physical Age 22※

Silver hair, jade-coloured eyes

Height: 172 cm


A mix of the evil Prime Minister Anderheim and the [me] who remembered a previous life.

…Although that was the case, he still showed his cool head and calculation while toying around with the capture targets.

However, if he found enough merit in someone to make them his own, he would spare no effort to draw them into his own camp, even if it meant tricking them.

The descendant of Sage Asbal, he was cursed to die a premature death at the age of fifty-five, but he had an ageless and attractive appearance.

He was a complete scholar type and not at all athletic. His skill with the sword was at a level where even his own daughter laughed at him.

[Beloved Daughter]

Julieta O’shayne Asbal (17)

Silver hair, jade-coloured eyes

Height: 158 cm


A villainess who was selfish, tended to look down on others, and grew up spoiled.

When she first appeared in the series, she was a Dragon Priestess with heavy makeup caked on her face, but with Anderheim’s guidance, she learned to wear natural makeup.

While she was doing the “acting” that Anderheim taught her, she realized that it was much easier and more natural to act kind to those around her, and this behaviour became her own before she knew it.

[The Head Priest]

Malacia (28)

White hair, madder-red eyes

Height: 162 cm


An orphan from the slums with albinism, Malacia spent his childhood exposed to the desires of adults due to the misfortune of his beautiful appearance.

He always smiled by further narrowing his thin eyes because he was not really good at smiling.

He cared about the Shrine as a whole like his family, but he also used it for himself.

He held a deep admiration for Anderheim who lead the capture targets by the nose.

[The Ancient Dragon]

Ancient Dragon Kharis (? ? ?)

Silver scales, garnet eyes

Height: ? ? ?


Kharis was the ancient dragon that ruled the frozen lands in the northern part of the Yugena continent a thousand years ago.

After having part of his soul stolen by the Hero Palcemith and the Sage Asbal, he was sealed up in an underground lake and continued to provide blessings to the lands of Palcemith along with the spirits who were attracted to his enormous mana supply.

His nature was not evil, but it wasn’t good either.

For the ancient dragons, who boasted of near-eternal life, the most important thing was fun, and the inherent good and evil of things were not what affected their principles of conduct.

[The Knight Commander]

Jolga Von Oswein (38)

Black hair tinged with red, hazel eyes

Height: 185 cm


The Knight Commander of the Royal Knights of Palcemith was one of those who succeeded the Hero Palcemith in wielding the sword [Quistacis: He who Controls Dragons].

A little too much of the blunt type, he was nevertheless a powerful and handsome man with a strong sense of justice who was popular among the nobles.

He had a deep history with the evil Prime Minister Anderheim over his relationship with his former fiancée Yurikano and Sigurd, Anderheim’s heir.

He was invincible with the sword to the point that he was said to be a man loved by the war god.

[The Prime Minister’s Only Son]

Sigurd Isys Asbal (20)

Jet black hair, hazel eyes

Height: 183 cm


Anderheim’s only son, he inherited all-around martial arts skills from his father.

Since he was a child, he had not received love from his father and has been hurt whenever he heard of his father’s misdeeds.

He fell in love at first sight when he met the Sacrificial Priestess Nasha, but quietly withdrew to avoid coming in the way of her feelings for the Crown Prince Vikram, and later had a relationship with Nasha’s sister, Melia.

[The Knight Commander’s Son]

Lutora Milca Oswein (18)

Grey hair, hazel eyes

Height: 187 cm


Jolga’s only son and a knighted member of the Royal Knights, he was a bright young man who specialized in spying.

He was skilled with a shortsword rather than a longsword, which was unusual for a knight.

He lost the first woman he ever fell in love with when he was studying abroad, and underneath his smile of a forgotten love, he was bent on revenge against the Head Priest who was involved in the distribution of Suimo.

After meeting the Sacrificial Priestess Nasha, he once again remembered the joy of loving someone, but like Sigurd, he stepped aside, prioritising her feelings.

[The Prodigy]

Morino Swettso (16)

Blond hair, chestnut eyes

Height: 165 cm


A child prodigy born into a wealthy merchant family who ran a store in the Capital and a commoner from the city, he was smart enough to top the bachelor’s exam of the royal court at the age of six.

He first fell in love with the sacrificial priestess Nasha, but his feelings for her faded when she and the Crown Prince, whom he respected, fell in love with each other.

A natural-born scholar just like Anderheim, he was inept at fighting.

[The Crown Prince]

Vikram Atrai Palcemith (20)

Blonde hair, blue eyes

Height: 180 cm


The descendant of the Hero Palcemith, he lost his father, the previous king, in an unexpected accident, and he was set to ascend to the throne as king after the Dragon God Festival.

He loved Nasha, who had been chosen as the Sacrificial Priestess, and one-sidedly annulled his engagement with Julieta and declared her to be Nasha’s replacement, which completely enraged Anderheim.

[Sacrificial Priestess]

Nasha Laturi (17)

Black hair, ebony eyes

Height: 165 cm


A holy maiden from the remote village of Cofone in the Kingdom of Palcemith, she was sold by her parents and brought to the capital to become the Sacrificial Priestess offered to the Ancient Dragon Kharis. Combined with the compelling force of the game, she captivated the hearts of the capture targets.

After becoming the Crown Prince’s fiancée, her crude upbringing and low level of education, combined with her natural strongheadedness, often worked against her.

[Nasha’s Younger Sister]

Melia Laturi (17)

Chestnut hair, ebony eyes

Height: 165 cm


Nasha’s twin sister, she came to the capital to save her sister Nasha, who was kidnapped from Cofone Village.

She fell in love with Sigurd, who saved her from danger when she was tricked by kidnappers.

Like her sister, she was optimistic and strong-willed, but she continued to worry about the difference in status between her and Sigurd, with whom she began a relationship.

[Donna’s Child]

Vanellope Maria Palcemith (19)

Blonde hair, amethyst eyes

Height: 163 cm


She was the sole daughter born to the Royal Prince Borzeff and the high-class prostitute Peragene.

Although her parents had been exiled from Palcemith, they raised their daughter with love and affection, so their parent-child relationship was good.

She was smart and, unlike the prodigy Morino, good with practical knowledge.

A/N + T/N:

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this two-month (or in the TL’s case, seven-month) long series!

This is the end of the series, but I’m planning to work on some extra stories.

Link to Sequel: The Forbidden Fruit

A/N + T/N:

Thank you so much for sticking with me through this two-month(or in the TL’s case, seven-month) long series!

This is the end of the series, but I’m planning to work on some extra stories.

The Show Must Go On Extra: Character Profiles

The Show Must Go On 65 (end)

The Show Must Go On

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Azeria

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 Palcemith, an ancient and abundant kingdom in the continent of Yugena with a two thousand year old history. Famous for its coexistence with dragons, the Kingdom of Palcemith faced a major turning point one thousand years ago. With the blessing of the ancient dragon Kharis, the country continued to experience the ebbs and flows of prosperity and decline.

 One day.
 A boy was born to a young couple residing in a village along the banks of the river Luft.
 Born with silver hair and jade eyes, with a small scarlet birthmark on the back of his neck, and a surprising intellect. His gentle parents, wishing to send the intelligent boy to an academy in the capital, toiled every day to save for his tuition.
 Near the settlement where they lived, was a forest made up of tall, gigantic trees. .
 Deep inside it stood two solitary memorials next to one another. With no engraving on the smooth surface nobody knew who they belonged to. But the boy returned to the forest time after time, with flowers in hand, and after placing the bouquet against one of the gravestones he would lean on it and offer his prayers.
 Puzzled by his actions, when his parents asked him why he would do so the boy answered, “Because it’s a dog’s grave.”
 His parents were perplexed by the reason, they had never owned a dog after all, and in response to their confusion the boy just gave an ambiguous smile.

 When the boy turned ten.

 Tragedy struck his family.
 His parents, who had gone to work in the capital, lost their lives when they got caught up in a duel between nobles. .
 Angered, shocked, and saddened by the misfortune that struck the family, the people of the village each offered to take in the orphaned boy. But he refused, expressing a hope to enter the Shrine orphanage.
 The Shrine’s orphanage was dedicated to the education of brilliant children, and so the boy’s wish to study would most certainly be granted.
 After receiving recommendations from numerous people, it was decided that he would be sent to the orphanage.

 The day before he left the village.
 As always, the boy, with flowers in hand, went to pay his respects to the gravestones within the forest. There, to his surprise, he came across a small creature cowering before the gravestones. .
 Pressing its tiny body against the gravestones, warmed by the sunlight filtering in through the trees, a little puppy slumbered, breathing softly. Did it wander off from its parents, or had it been abandoned by someone? His legs were plump for those belonging to a puppy, his black coat tinged with red and his tiny forehead had a small bump on it, a sign that hinted at the appearance of a third eye.
 As the boy inched closer, one step at a time, the puppy’s ears perked up and he quickly rose to his feet, letting out a low growl.


 Tears fell from the boy’s eyes.

“Come here.”

 Kneeling on the ground, the boy smiled with child-like wonder. Wiping the tears from his eyes, he held both his hands out towards the puppy.

“…Woof? “

 The puppy blinked its eyes and timidly approached the boy, placing a paw on his lap.
 Lifted up lovingly by the boy, the puppy licked his cheek. As the boy hugged the puppy he sobbed for a long time, comforted by its warmth.
 The puppy rested its head against the boy’s shoulder, bewildered, and was silent. However, the moment it sniffed at the circular birthmark on his nape, it whimpered softly.
 The boy gently stroked its fur and murmured softly.

“…I remember our promise. I’ll take you along, Jolga.”

 The next day.
 The villagers who came to see him off on his way to the capital were surprised to see him with a puppy, carried in a sling wrapped around his body like a babe. Though they knew it was common for those who have lost family to seek solace in an animal, and so they sent him off without a word.
 As the carriage ambled on towards the capital, the boy was absorbed in reading a book given to him by the village chief as a parting gift.
 The love story of the Goddess Loved by the Moon, Julieta and the Holy Knight Sigurd. The defense front the Head Priest Malacia and the Leader of the Temple Knights, Lutora had set up against the demons. The tales of the various adventures of the great war god Jolga and the last Sage Anderheim, as they traveled around the world. The seven ordeals that were challenged by Prime Minister Morino and the Twin Knights. The wise queen Vanellope who joined hands with King Vikram.
All the reformations in national politics that had occurred simultaneously.

 The book that was given to the smart boy was a rather difficult read, in it was a collection of stories about great men and women, but the boy was hooked on it.

 When he arrived at the capital, instead of allowing the carriage to take him to the temple, the boy got out in front of the gate to the western hill.
 Stroking the head of the puppy peeking out of the sling, and after a brief walk down the lone path leading from the west gate, he saw a huge stone statue enshrined on the hill, surrounded by greenery.

“Lad, are you here to pray to His Grace Kharis?” “

 On his way to the top of the hill, he was called out to by a few of the Temple Knights patrolling the area. .
 There were no demons in this place, and because it was a particularly peaceful area, even within Palcemith, the Knight on patrol seemed to be taking it easy.

“Yes. I turned ten this year, so I came to pay my respects to his Grace.”
“Ah, that’s good dedication. In the old days, no matter where a child was born, when he or she reached the age of ten, they would go to pay their respects to His Grace Kharis. Nowadays, children and their parents don’t come to greet them because they feel it’s too much trouble. It’s sad to see our old customs grow obsolete.”
“But even if you say that, it’s been more than 700 years since His Grace Kharis was last alive and ‘moving’, isn’t it? It can’t be helped if a custom of talking to a mere silhouette of a dragon, a stone statue that cannot speak, becomes obsolete.”

 A thousand years ago. After the Goddess of the Silver Moon Julieta had offered to him the half of the body he had been robbed of, the ancient dragon Kharis, who had regained all his power, came back to the surface of Palcemith. And despite this being the very nation that had sealed him underground for so long, the ancient dragon Kharis, out of gratitude towards Julieta, who had freed him, decided to not let the blessing die out and instead made Palcemith his home.
 And ever since Julieta’s death the ancient dragon had slowly grown lethargic. And 700 years ago, he had curled up to sleep, unable to be awoken ever since. His silver scales had turned grey and solidified, and although the mana that flowed out from his body did not diminish, the ancient dragon’s massive body, which had overwhelmed everything, eventually transformed into a giant stone statue.

 After saying his goodbyes to the knights, the boy followed the path into the forest and reached the foot of the dragon so tall he had to crane his neck to look at it.
 The origin of the faith that encompassed all of Palcemith, to whom people used to flock to offer their prayers, the ancient dragon Kharis. Now, all who waited upon him were the tiny birds that rested their wings on his petrified nose, twittering sweetly.
 The boy hugged the puppy close to his chest and somehow managed to climb atop the stone statue of the dragon that slumbered with its head resting on its front paws.
 And then the boy.
 Brought his face close to the slumbering dragon’s ear.
 He softly whispered.

“Did you have fun, Your Grace Kharis?”

 The boy’s words traveled deep within the stone statue.

 At first there was only a small rumbling inside the stone statue.
 It slowly grew louder, and the trees of the forest and the earth shook violently, swept up in the powerful tremors that accompanied the undulation.

 The gray stone that masked the dragon’s silhouette cracked like an eggshell, peeling away to reveal the glittering silver scales beneath.
 His silver-scaled eyelids slowly opened, his beautiful crimson eyes the shade of pomegranate seeds twinkling.

 The ancient dragon Kharis roused his huge body and gently caught the boy and the puppy, who were about to slide off his head, with his large palm. Meeting his gaze with the boy holding the pup like that, he lifted his long neck and his giant tongue softly licked the nape of the boy, who locked eyes with him, chin up.

“…Yes, I’ll accompany you. To the end of the world.”

 There was no mistaking the ancient dragon’s words.
 Seeing the boy speak with a smile, and lightly nodding, the ancient dragon Kharis narrowed his eyes.

“Grooooooowl! ! ! ‘

 Looking up at the sky.
 The ancient dragon Kharis gave a roar that resounded in all of Palcemith.

 Taking along the boy and his puppy with him.
 Unfurling the wings on his back wide, he flew into the azure sky.


 After the ancient dragon Kharis left.
 A fierce blizzard blanketed all of Palcemith, which had lost all of its blessings.
 The spirits disappeared, and the sun was shrouded in thick clouds. A vicious plague began to run rampant.

 And a little over five years later.
 The Kingdom of Palcemith, having enjoyed two thousand years of glory, was wiped from the map of Yugena.

 The ancient dragon Kharis, taking the boy and the pup along, flew to the other side of the horizon.

 It had been two thousand days since that day.

 [The End]

Hasr: It might be the end of one story, but it’s also the beginning of many others! Pick your choice!

The Forbidden Fruit (The Show Must Go On Sequel)

The Verdant Lands(BL)

I Reincarnated as the Villain in an Eroge, But Before I Realized, I Became a Capture Target(BL)

The Show Must Go On Extra: Character Profiles

The Show Must Go On 64

The Show Must Go On

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Azeria

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Chapter 64: From then On

Grabbing a small box from the shelf, the inside lined with wool and packed with care, I retrieved the two glasses that were laid within. The matching glasses had been presented to us before we departed the eastern Kingdom of Hinoe, a gift from the King himself, to return home to Palcemith. The beautiful faceted glass, one a  deep, dark red and the other a beautiful shade of indigo, was a favorite of ours, and we always brought them out when it came time to celebrate.

 Smothering the last of the embers in the fireplace; I opened the compartment nestled beneath the floor. Reaching into the cellar, I produced a decade-old vintage wine and held it aloft. Not forgetting to grab the corkscrew, I hooked my finger around it and carried it, along with the wine glasses, in my free hand. 

Stepping outside, the wooden door creaking softly, I could hear the distant hoot of an owl dwelling in the gigantic trees that made up the forest.

“…It’s the same as ever.”

 The frigid air of the forest and the tranquility of the approaching dawn.

 This forest, nestled along the banks of the river Luft, hadn’t changed one bit even after ten years.  

 Once this night ends.

 I will turn fifty five.

 Anderheim Yucht Asbal.

 The last descendant of the cursed Sage Asbal.

My life will end in that moment.

 Having already said my goodbyes to those dearest to me, I wished to spend my final moments beside Jolga.

 With my wine bottle in one hand and the glasses in the other, I began walking, unfazed.

 This was a matter from ten years ago.

 Following an investigation in the eastern country of Hinoe, we found a way to undo the curse of the Asbal bloodline, but it would only work for one person.

 Without hesitation, I chose to use it on my beloved daughter Julieta.

 From here on, Julieta and Sigurd would live and nurture a new future together. .

 Leaving me as the last to bear the Asbal name, and the cruel fate that comes with it.

 Jolga desperately tried to persuade me for days to find another way to break the curse, but I refused, expressing my desire to spend the rest of my days at his side rather than go searching for a needle in a haystack. 

Acquiescing to my wishes, Jolga negotiated with the lord who owned the land along the Luft river and bought out the entire forest. After rebuilding the cramped hunting lodge into a livable log cabin and handing the Oswein estate over to Sigurd, who had taken over as head of the family, we began our idyllic life. 

 Unfortunately, with the outbreak of the Cemtoah war and the civil war in the Republic of Sahana, the situation surrounding Palcemith was anything but calm. In the end, Jolga and I, who jumped at every opportunity to go on a journey, spent most of our time wandering around the continent of Yugena.

 Julieta, freed from Asbal’s curse, was now a mother of three. Sigurd, now the Knight Commander, and Julieta made for a harmonious couple, and despite her outward appearance surpassing d my age, she still retained the title of the Goddess loved by the Silver Moon.

In public she presented herself as a dignified lady, but in private she continued to love being spoiled by her father. For the rest of  my life, I continued to love this adorable daughter of mine.

When Lutora gave up his rights to succession, claiming that he “couldn’t produce an heir”, Sigurd begrudgingly took up his duties as the next head of the Oswein family.

Even after his successor became the Knight Commander, Jolga continued to protect Palcemith with a firm hand. His subordinates idolizing him as both a devoted husband and Knight Commander.

 As for Malacia, with the ancient dragon Kharis appearing on the surface, the number of believers in the Dragon God exploded both at home and abroad. With the increase of devotees, the Shrine was no longer struggling in acquiring funds for its budget. Alas, there was also no shortage of people who were tempted by the beautiful Head Priest and Lutora, who had been assigned as Malacia’s bodyguard, was always on edge. 

Malacia himself had opened his heart to Lutora, and when the Shrine’s servants witnessed the Head Priest fast asleep against Lutora’s shoulder with a relaxed expression, they burst with joy and prayed for his happiness. 

 Afterward, Lutora spoke with his father, Jolga, and his elder brother, Sigurd, and resigned from the Royal Knights. Leaving the family register, he took up a new post as the Commander of the Temple Knights.  Under the leadership of Lutora, who had already earned the trust of the Temple Knights and the servants at the Shrine, the Temple Knights steadily improved and continued to maintain a good relationship with the Royal Knights. 

Lutora vowed to love Malacia for the rest of his life, and because he could not produce an heir, he pushed the duties of the family head onto the reluctant Sigurd.

 Malacia moved by Lutora’s passion, and his willingness to abandon his succession to serve him, and invited Lutora to live with him.

 Morino, as the shrewd Prime Minister in charge of the state, slowly mastered the art of tipping the scales. His grasp of the situation and his predictions for the future, backed up by his gifted intellect and the experience he had cultivated, reached the pinnacle of excellence, and the turmoil surrounding the Kingdom of Palcemith was more often than not, resolved by his abilities. 

Cain and Abel, who had come to be known as the Twin Knights, never left Prime Minister Morino’s side and guarded him from harm. It was impressive to see how well the twins had grown, but hidden in the gazes they sent the Prime Minister was a passion well beyond their trust in him. However, the details of that particular subject is none of my concern. 

 After seeing her best friend Julieta freed from Asbal’s curse and with the birth of Sigurd’s first child, Vanellope accepted the proposal to become Vikram’s consort. She was an exceptionally talented woman, always attentive to the inner workings of the world. And even while supporting King Vikram’s rule, she would mercilessly pull her husband by his ear whenever she had any misgivings and was quick to correct his course of action. 

Two years after Vanellope took her place as consort, she gave birth to a golden-haired Crown Prince, and the Kingdom of Palcemith cheerfully celebrated. 

A small stone memorial, the face smooth and with nary an inscription carved upon it, had been erected behind their cabin. .

 Setting the indigo glass before it, uncorking the bottle of decade old wine and I poured  it into the glass. 

Repeating the same with my own glass, and using the stone memorial as a backrest, I sat on the ground.

 Watching the moon set below the horizon as I brought the glass to my lips, the fragrance of grapes tickling my nose…

“…You promised, right? Let us have one last drink together, Jolga.”

Jolga, that idiot, even passed away before me.

While helping to inspect the old city, he used his own body as a shield to save a group of children who had been inside one of the dilapidated buildings when it began to collapse. 

When Jolga’s body was hauled out of the rubble, his internal injuries had proven to be too great. The children he had protected, however, had only suffered minor scrapes and bruises.

 Latching onto Jolga’s hand, which was quickly growing cold, I let his large, bloody fingers touch the proof that had been etched on my nape.



“…Jolga. …You know it, right?”

 We don’t need parting words, words of gratitude, or of love.

 At my question, Jolga smiled and nodded weakly.

 The hazel eyes that slowly closed in my arms, never opened again.

 In accordance with his will, Jolga was buried behind the log cabin where we had lived together.  No name was engraved upon the plain stone memorial.

 For a year after Jolga’s death, I guarded this quiet grave, where only the family and friends who knew of it would visit and leave flowers.

“You had quite the gall to leave before me, you mutt.”

 Ten years ago.

 This was the wine we had bought for us to drink together on this very day.

Pouring the remainder of the bottle into the indigo glass that couldn’t be drunk, I  polished off the last of the wine.

 “…Take me with you, Jolga.”

 I will never forget the promise I made that day.

“…Ahh…it’s beautiful.”

 From the corner of my eyes, I caught the sky changing colors, gradually growing bright.

 Quietly, I closed my eyes.

All we got left now is the epilogue. Hope you have some more tissues handy after this tearjerker.

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The Show Must Go On Extra: Character Profiles

The Show Must Go On 63

The Show Must Go On

Translator: Hasr11

Editor: Evelet

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Chapter 63: The Second Departure

When we rushed to the Queen’s room, we saw unconscious maids lying strewn face-down across the floor and a petrified, paling doctor. And there was one brave midwife attending to the wailing infant.

“No way…!”

Morino was a loss for words while Vanellope covered her mouth with both hands.
Leaving the stupefied pair, I peered at the baby sleeping in the canopied crib.

“…It is a princess.”

Two large dog ears peeked out of her beautiful black hair as she thrashed about with her soft limbs, and a fluffy tail grew out of her backside.
When Nasha first laid eyes on her child after giving birth, she shrieked and fainted on the spot. The maids who were helping her deliver the baby also fainted one by one in shock. While the attending doctors were all speechless, an experienced midwife who had attended countless childbirths was somehow undaunted, and she silently continued to serve the wailing infant.

“…She’s a healthy child. It reminds me of when Julieta was born.”

The elderly midwife nodded tearfully at my words.

“Lord Anderheim…Please, bless this child. No matter what sins her parents have committed, this child is innocent.”

I feared this child would henceforth never experience its mother’s embrace.
At best she would be imprisoned, and at worst she would be killed and covered up. What the Queen had given birth to, was clearly not the King’s child…Far from it, she was not even a ‘human’ child. While it was the manifestation of the sins Nasha bore, the child was certainly innocent. I only wanted to avoid a tragedy with a bad aftertaste, if possible.

“…Be at ease.”

I dropped a gentle kiss on the sobbing baby’s forehead.

“Your birth parents may not love you, but someone else surely will. The masses may not treat you kindly, but there exists a place that will provide you peace. I, Anderheim Yucht Asbal, bless thou…Beautiful Princess. I welcome you to Palcemith, home of the ancient dragon Kharis.”

She must have felt the warmth of a person nearby.
Her tiny hands reached out and patted around my chin as I kissed her forehead.
Morino timidly approached and peeked at the baby. Touching her ruddy cheeks, red as an apple, the corners of Morino’s eyes drooped as he smiled at the soft sensation.

“She’s adorable…”
“…I’ll impose a gag order at once.”
“That’s good. At the same time, spread the word that the Queen’s first child was, unfortunately, ‘stillborn.’”
“I understand.”

Switching his expression, Morino gently stroked the infant’s head once more before gallantly leaving the Queen’s room.

“His Majesty is sitting here alone. Go console him.”

King Vikram was beside the bed where Nasha lay collapsed and unconscious. His legs had given way when he saw his wife’s beastman child, and he had sat sunken on the spot ever since.
What would happen if a statesman was rendered immobile at this level? If he had to run the country in the future, there would be many more incidents where he would have to take into sight which would be far more tragic and gut-wrenching than this.
Urged by me, Vanellope walked up in front of the seated King and stared fixedly at his unfocused visage, shaking his shoulders strongly.

“—Your Majesty!”
“Your Majesty, get a grip!”

As she bit her lips in anger, Vanellope’s palm mercilessly slapped King Vikram on the cheek. He did not even return a word.

“Get a grip!”
“I know you must be in shock! But you’re—you’re the King! You cannot come to a standstill!”
“Look at the future! Laugh it over! It is the King’s duty to smile and hold his head high, even when he is hurting and weeping in sorrow inside!”
“…The King’s…duty.”
“I’ll help too, for I am your cousin. We are the last two descendants of the Hero Palcemith in this world. I will give it my all, in my own way, so that you can remain King.”

King Vikram scrunched up his face and buried his face in his cousin’s arms sobbing quietly, though she had slapped him on the cheek just moments before.
…Vanellope’s petite figure as she rubbed his back seemed to overflow with affection and magnanimity.
If His Royal Highness Borzeff’s plan to marry his daughter Vanellope off to Crown Prince Vikram back then had succeeded, then perhaps Palcemith would be at peace now.
First thing after that, I issued a strict gag order on all those who had been present at the birth. In the unlikely event that the news reached outside ears, the whole clan of the leak would be beheaded. The sentence was so harsh, not even the children would be spared.
While Vanellope took care of the King, I got the midwife to help me bring the newborn princess to the Osweins’ house in secret.
A message from the Troupe Leader of the Abyss Ring Circus, who had already left Palcemith and was continuing his show in other nations, was waiting for me when I returned to the Oswein family’s mansion
Attached to the carrier pigeon’s leg band was a letter reporting the safe birth of the [Puppies] Jolga and I had been given, and requesting that we set a date and time for their delivery.

“…I see.”

This was a godsend.
I used Jolga’s name and sent a reply addressed to Troupe Leader Ducali with the carrier pigeon, stating that a mixed nobleman had given birth to a beastman female and had temporarily hidden the child in the Oswein family mansion.
Commander Ducali immediately replied that he wanted to visit the Osweins.
As soon as the Troupe Leader saw my reply, he forced his deputy to take care of the entire show schedule and, after sending a carrier pigeon to the Oswein family’s residence, he jumped into a carriage and headed for the kingdom of Palcemith.
A formal announcement was made by Palcemith Castle that the Queen had given birth, but the child was unfortunately stillborn. On hearing that King Vikram was in mourning for his child, who was taken up to heaven even before its first breath, the festive mood which had settled in the celebrating city since the Dragon festival, turned somber.
Without regard for the gloomy atmosphere, a carriage drove into the capital, rode through the central street, and passed through the gates of the Oswein family’s residence without hesitation.
The small, plump, middle-aged man who stopped the carriage in front of the gates as Jolga and I waited to greet him jumped down with great vigor, still wearing the gaudily patterned frock coat.

“Knight Commander Jolga! Thank you for contacting me! Ooh? Is that Lord Anderheim?”
“Long time no see, Troupe Leader Ducali. Must be, since I was still the Prime Minister then.”
“How nostalgic…Certainly, I heard that the two of you have been pretty close lately…It truly is good fortune!”
“Sorry you had to come all the way out here, Duc. I couldn’t think of anyone but you to rely on.”
“Don’t mention it; I’m honored! And where is the little lady?”
“No need to rush. Right this way.”

Troupe Leader Ducali was restless, showing no signs of fatigue from his relentless journey in the carriage, without care for day or night. Jolga and I led him to a small room on the second floor of the mansion.
Five days had passed since Nasha gave birth, but her consciousness was yet to return. Since nobody could get the story out of Nasha, the fate of the newborn beastman was in limbo.

“Oooh, Oooh!!”

Ducali rushed to the side of the baby lying in the crib. On seeing the large ears and tail peeking out of the clothes of the now soundly sleeping baby, he let out a voice of admiration and was moved to tears.

“Her ears are adorable, her tail is covered in fine fur…her coat is all black and lustrous…ah, how beautiful!”
“…This is the first time I have seen a beastman cub, but is it really that rare?”

At my question, Ducali nodded vigorously.

“The gestation period for a Magical Beast Gigandi is about half a year. Most of the children born are males, and females are extremely rare and precious. In fact, this is the first time even I’ve seen one. Females are born in the form of beastmen, but all males are in the form of a beast from the beginning. The lifespan of a Gigandi is about fifty years, and it takes about ten years for a beast to become an adult. Males branch out into two groups when they are about five years old: those that grow up to become adults in the form of a beast and those that change into beastmen as they grow up. It is said that the rate of changing into a beastman is quite low, maybe one in a hundred. Gigandi Beastmen tend to have excellent fighting power and high intelligence, so many people buy puppies in anticipation of the future. Of course, even if they are not beastmen, their fighting power as Magical Beasts is very high, so the owners won’t suffer a loss.”

Explaining about the Gigandi from the beginning, it seems that Troupe Leader Ducali knew who had given birth to this beastman.
After the coup d’état, there were two days unaccounted for after Nasha had escaped from the basement of the former Asbal mansion. I didn’t know the details of what had happened during that time, but I was sure something bad had happened to her. It was probably under the direction of the Troupe Leader that she was abandoned in the back alleys of the Capital, so I think it was useless to hide it.

“Do you want to take this child, Duc?”
“What are you saying!? Is that fine!?”

At Jolga’s proposal, even Troupe Leader Ducali raised his voice with surprise.
As he had just explained, the value of female Gigandi was extremely high.
If one called dilettantes and such to bid on her, I was certain that the cited price would skyrocket.
However, neither Jolga nor I wished to sell this child.

“I can leave her in your care, but in one condition. First, you must not let her come close to this kingdom…And you must keep her happy.”
“She is a product of her parent’s sins. I won’t ask you not to use her as an entertainer, but you cannot treat her as a slave.”
“…She has your support I see. However it is best for the little princess to leave the country for her safety.”
“That’s right. If we raise her inside the kingdom, we don’t know when she will be taken advantage of. It would be convenient if she is in a circus that moves from place to place.”

Troupe Leader Ducali nodded firmly at our conditions.

“I understand…I cannot sit back and watch this beautiful and miraculous female Gigandi be abused in the future. I will take her as my own child. And raise her preciously so that she may someday become the star of the circus.”
“…I’ll be in your debt.”

Facing Jolga’s bowed head, Troupe leader Ducali stroked his beard and smiled then gently lifted the baby from the crib. The Gigandi female, with her ears and tail quivering, must have felt relief at the warmth of Troupe leader Ducali’s cherishing embrace, and drifted back to sleep with a little whimper.

“It might be meager, but this is a parting gift from us. Use it as child-rearing expenses.”

I held out a gold bar I had taken with Morino’s permission from the underground treasury in the Asbal mansion, and the key to open the [Puppy] cage that Jolga had given me.
Seeing the two items in my hands, Troupe leader Ducali once again made a troubled expression.

“Do you not need the pups I prepared for you?”
“…They are her cousins, aren’t they? I’ll renounce my rights, can you raise them together to protect this child?” Jolga spoke.
I added, “Once the situation calms down, we’ll come to see them. I apologize for using you as a guise for something, but please accept this.”
“I’ll tell His Majesty that I entrusted her to his acquaintance,” Jolga added to my words.
“Haha, that certainly isn’t a lie though. I promise to never let this child be unhappy.”

That night, Jolga and I, with the help of Prime Minister Morino and his aide Vanellope, snuck into the Queen’s room with Troupe leader Ducali and the baby born to Nasha.
We left the baby with Vanellope while we watched; let her hold the breast of Queen Nasha, who was sleeping soundly on the bed; and let the baby suckle the first and last of her mother’s milk slowly.


Once the baby had had its full and let go of the breast, nodding off to sleep, Vanellope handed her back over to Troupe Leader Ducali.
With the baby in his arms, Troupe Leader Ducali rode the carriage that had been waiting in the alleyway just outside the castle down the highway straight to the circus tent awaiting them in a foreign land.
And Queen Nasha’s only daughter never returned to the kingdom of Palcemith again.
A few days after Troupe Leader Ducali and her beastman daughter left the kingdom.
Queen Nasha regained consciousness, but her mind seemed disturbed because of the great shock.
She hugged the blonde-haired, blue-eyed doll displayed in the Queen’s room and assumed it to be the child she birthed.

“…Hey, the child is not moving one bit and not wailing at all. What happened?”

We consoled King Vikram, who blamed himself, and after some time had passed, suggested that she shift residences to the imperial villa where Peragene was staying. The public had been informed beforehand that Queen Nasha’s first child was stillborn, so it would not be suspicious if we explained that the shock had caused her to become physically and mentally unwell.
It had been exactly one year since my memories had returned to me right in this place.
During that audience, the Sacrificial Priestess Nasha had taken everything from my beloved Julieta.
The holy maiden had grown arrogant with the power she had been given and the prince’s infatuation, and had forgotten her long-cherished dreams.
Brokenhearted, Nasha rubbed her cheeks against the mute doll, as the swaying carriage with a single passenger rode off to the royal villa in the outskirts of the city.
And after today, she disappeared from history’s stage.

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The Show Must Go On 62

The Show Must Go On

Translator: Aby

Editor: Evelet

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Chapter 62: Blessing

 Two months after the Dragon God Festival.

 The wedding between the Knight Sigurd and the Dragon’s Maiden took place with only their family as guests.

  As discussed between me as his adoptive father and Jolga as his biological father, Sigurd’s family registration was transferred to the Oswein family and approved by Prime Minister Morino. With Julieta marrying into Sigurd’s family, the lineage of the Sage Asbal would cease with my generation. The country’s leaders lamented that result and suggested that I adopt Sigurd as a son-in-law into the Asbal family, but I shook my head.

 The Asbal family would end with my generation.

 This world had already been freed from the compulsion of the setting in the otome game [The Dragon and the Sacrificial Priestess], and it was moving towards a future of its own creation. Even so, the existence of Julieta and me, who should have been ruined by the end of the Dragon God Festival, was clearly heretical. Perhaps the influence of [the game] was fading from the world, but it was best not to let my guard down. Removing the Asbal family name from Julieta and Sigurd and giving them the Oswein family name was also one of my preventive measures.

  Julieta appeared with her bridesmaid Venellope where I had been waiting, and gently linked her arms with mine at the entrance of the wedding aisle. Julieta, given the new nickname the goddess loved by the silver moon, wore a gorgeous, pure white wedding dress with a long train.

 She looked up at me with jade green eyes covered by a veil and smiled softly at my similar-colored eyes.

 My precious, only daughter whom I have loved more than anything, who has been by my side for these six months, I wish for you to build a blissful family, like the family [I] had in the fading memories of my previous life.

 …To that end, there is something for which I must leave this country.

  I entrusted Julieta to the arms of Sigurd, who was waiting in front of the altar, and stood with Jolga, quietly watching the couple receive their blessings from Head Priest Malacia.

 The attendants comprised Jolga and I; Lutora and Malacia; Peragene who came to the shrine from the villa and her daughter Venellope; Prime Minister Morino and the twin ring boys, Cain and Abel; the Knight representative Amy and the elder butler Thomas who had served the Asbal family for years. The moment the newlywed couple exchanged their kiss of oath after receiving all the participants’ blessings, a particularly loud dragon’s roar could be heard from the direction of a hill west of the capital.


 In response, small colorful lights burst into existence, dancing across the azure sky.

 These were the lights of the spirits maintaining the Palcemith Kingdom’s abundance.

“Oh my…!”


“It’s so pretty…”

 All of us, as well as the residents of the capital, smiled while looking up at the sky, pointing at the lights.

 It was likely a small blessing from the Ancient Dragon Kharis to the young couple who had made a vow of happiness.

  The couple left the shrine to warm applause to begin their life as newlyweds in the mansion on a hill near the Ancient Dragon Kharis’s dwelling. Thomas, who had brought up the two youngsters, continued working as their butler in the mansion on the hill, so the couple’s life shouldn’t have any troubles. The mansion was renovated with a fence around the perimeter at the same time as the preparation of Ancient Dragon Kharis’s dwelling, making it easily defensible.

 I had planned to either rent a house somewhere or temporarily stay in one of the Shrine’s guest rooms for nobility, but, at Jolga’s insistence, I ended up freeloading at the Oswein family’s mansion. The Oswein family’s mansion was close to the capital and it was certainly convenient for me, as someone Prime Minister Morino and his aide Venellope had begged to help with the country’s administration. However, living under the same roof as Jolga, well, that had its own set of issues. Generally, issues with my physical endurance.

 Both Lutora and Sigurd had some inkling of the relationship between Jolga and I, and when they spotted us together they would immediately interrupt us, which was quite a blow. Especially…when it came to Jolga, it was rather amusing.

 As always, Lutora, who should have been living in the Oswein family mansion, was a frequent visitor to the Shrine.

 The belief that the citizens of Palcemith Kingdom had in the Dragon God had increased in intensity after they saw with their own eyes the existence of the Ancient Dragon Kharis, of whose presence in the underground lake they had only been vaguely aware. The number of people approaching Head Priest Malacia increased as well and it became a situation wherein Lutora would say, “As if I could just stay leisurely in the mansion!” It was definitely not for me to butt in, so I hoped he worked hard in his own way.

 After the wedding an unofficial celebratory gift from King Vikram arrived at the couple’s new home.

 I didn’t know what King Vikram felt about the marriage between his close friend and the woman who was once his fiancée, but something far more dreadful than such a trivial embarrassment was lying in wait for the Palcemith royalty.  

 Four months after the coronation of King Vikram.

 Close to two months after the enthronement, news spread throughout the castle that Queen Nasha, who had been rumored to have “gotten fatter” and barely showed up for official duties, had gone into labor.

 Morino, Venellope, and I were in the office in the midst of settling paperwork, and we looked at each other’s faces upon hearing the sudden reports.

“…So it was true.”

“My, you noticed it as well.”

“Yes. That stomach bulge could not be classified as [getting fat].”

“That’s true. Even though no one mentioned it, everyone should have noticed.”

“But if she went into labor at this time, wouldn’t it mean that right after pushing the responsibility of the Sacrificial Priestess onto Lady Julieta, Lady Nasha was already with His Highness?…His Majesty sure moves fast.”

 In contrast to Venellope, who squinted her amethyst eyes in displeasure under her round glasses, Morino shook his head of messy blond hair and kept making small groans.

“Hmmm…I wonder…Is it really so…”

 This time, it was Vanellope’s turn to tilt her head at the mumbling Morino.

“What’s the matter, Prime Minister? You’re slurring your words.”

“…If there’s something bothering you, say it quickly. It’ll be too late once nothing can be done.”

 Emboldened by my comment, Morino raised his head and pointed at a large piece of paper with this year’s calendar written on it.

“I don’t mean to actively defend His Majesty, but the timing is strange. After Lady Nasha was established as His Majesty’s fiancée, in order to protect her chastity, he deliberately opened the Queen’s Chambers ahead of time. I heard that the two of them pledged their love on the balcony of the room prepared for the Sacrificial Priestess but, uh…they did not engage in any actions that would cause her to lose her virginity.”


“However, right after Melia was sentenced to Dona’s Penalty, while comforting the grieving Nasha, he…um.”

“In the end, they did it.”



 Venellope heaved a sigh and I shrugged my shoulders.

“Even if she had conceived at that time, wouldn’t it only be about the seventh month now? It’s far too early to be going into labor.”

“…Is there a possibility that His Majesty is lying?”

“We can’t be sure of the truth of the matter, however, he had reported that he was unable to protect her chastity until their wedding ceremony, so there’s no need to lie and fudge the dates.”

“That’s true.”

 I didn’t have any evidence of what was growing in her womb either.

 For example, if she was pregnant with twins or more, it was possible that the growing children put pressure on her womb, causing her to go into labor in the seventh month.

  In either case, the truth will soon be [born].

  We continued processing the paperwork while waiting for new updates, and it was three hours later when a maid came running in alarm.

“Her Majesty gave birth to a [baby with animal ears and tail]!”

  Well now, this was a newborn spark of mayhem.

 May your life be blessed.

 Welcome to this ludicrous world.

The Show Must Go On Extra: Character Profiles

The Show Must Go On 61 (NSFW)

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I was reincarnated as Zagan, the villain of my favourite Eroge from my past life. In the game, Zagan lived a pitiful life from childhood and was slaughtered in the end. But when I lived a different life from the game Zagan, I often encountered the protagonist, Luca, in the city. It feels like I am being seen as a capture target… but I’m not a woman!?

Author: Yuzuki Haruka

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