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My Daughter’s name

「Master, congratulations」

Finishing searching for a piece of cloth to substitute for baby clothes, and thereupon wrapping the baby, Chloe declared so.
And subsequently continues so.

「Finally there is a daughter between Chloe and Master. It is the fruit of our love 」

「When, and where did I nurtue love with you?」

「For these several hundreds of years, haven’t we stayed together without being apart even for a moment. Bound to each other1

「Don’t say bound to each other」

「But isn’t it the truth?」

「That is as an assistant for my research」

「There is no law that states that I cannot nurture love with Master, while being an assistant」

「There is no love that can be born between a mechanical doll and a Wiseman」

Once I declared so, I looked at the baby. Right now, she is in Chloe’s arms, being cradled.

「……But well, is this child really a Homunculus?」

「Is there any possibility of it being anything other than a Homunculus?」

「For example, at the moment of the explosion, someone might have transferred into that room」

「Who? Why? How? To take such an action」

「To make me prematurely elated and gloat」

「Is there anyone who gains from playing such a prank on Master, who has been a shut-in for a thousand years?」

「There isn’t anyone. In the first place such a thing is impossible」

There is a lot of confidential information in that laboratory building. So that other Wisemen and Magicians don’t steal it, the defence was enclosed twice and thrice. It is impossible to trespass using Transfer Magic.

「If that’s the case, there is the possibility of the baby being in that place from the beginning」

「This child can’t even rest her neck yet? Are you saying that she crawled and entered inside the laboratory building?」

「There is the possibility of someone guiding her too」

When I say so, Chloe points towards herself.
What do you mean?
She replies.

「The ones who can enter the experiment facility, other than Master, there is only Chloe. Therefore the perpetrator is Chloe」

「No way, I’m not suspecting you」

「No, please doubt me. Chloe is a machine doll Auto・Maton. There is the possibility of my Memory Log being tampered with」

Because Chloe insisted enthusiastically, I touched her chest, and opened and looked at the circuit, but there was no suspicious data left behind.

She is completely innocent.

「In other words, this girl is a child born from that experiment?」

「That’s right, this child for sure, is the child inside the laboratory flask. She is a Homunculus. Master created a life from nothing for first time in the world 」

Chloe triumphantly said it as if it were her own achievement, but I wonder how that is so.

Certainly, this child seems like a Homunculus, but this child was not born as a result of the experiment, but as a byproduct of the accident.

It is not as if she was born due the intention of the researcher.

The flames that the Wyvern released, spread to the arranged chemicals and raw materials by chance, and due to the energy produced by the explosion, this child was born.

「The point is, in short, this child was born due to the explosion caused. It isn’t as if I created her intentionally」

I’m worried, if it is all right to insist that that is my accomplishment.

If I announce it in the Sorcerers Society, my name would spread in the blink of an eye, and I would certainly receive the title of the Great Wiseman, but this child was born by chance, so I won’t be able to repeat it. It is a little bit of a stretch to insist that that is my achievement.

Alchemy is a Science. Under the same conditions, if you use the same methods, anyone will be able to repeat it.
At least, if the practitioner is the same, if one is not able to repeat it any number of times, it doesn’t have a point.
That is the principle.
However, it still won’t change the fact that I was the one who created a Homunculus in this world.
While I was worrying about that, Chloe conveyed a more important thing than such a trivial problem.
Chloe, trying force me to embrace the baby in my arms, bluntly said so.

「Master, Master is now, worried whether to report this child to the Sorcerers Society, right?」


That was bang on, so I’ll answer by being silent.

「Chloe is in great opposition. This child is Chloe’s and Master’s precious daughter. I’m opposed to reporting her to the Society and the world’s inquisitive gaze falling upon her」

「This child is not mine and your child, but certainly I cannot bear to let her become the plaything of the Society. Besides, in this country, research on Homunculi is banned. If I announce it, I’ll have to flee the country」

When I say so, Chloe praised me, saying 「As expected of Master」, and further added

「Above all, your self-awareness as a father is coming out. Well then, first of all, shall we take the first step of your duty as a father?」

「First step of my duty?」

「First of all is marriage registration. If an unmarried man and woman have a child, it is considered licentious. The order is reversed, but let us submit the marriage registration to the Feudal Lord 」

When she says so, she presents the marriage registration she had in her pocket. In there the names Kite and Chloe were written.

I silently tear it and throw it away. Chloe frantically tries to mend it, saying「How cruel」

「When did you prepare such a worthless thing?」

「I wrote it up 3 months after Master created me. I aimed for an opportunity. It took a few hundred years, but even though it seemed as if it finally was of use……」


While I was astonished at Chloe’s ability to take action, she coughed lightly 「Kohon」.

「Well, just now was a joke. Master has to carry out more important duties」

No, that marriage registration. The thumbprint is also properly pressed, it was the real thing. Besides, that expression, I couldn’t think of it as a joke.

I thought so, but I intentionally, dare not touching anything beyond that, I listened to her insistence.
Because she spoke with a serious expression.

「This child received life in this world by chance, but nevertheless now that she is born in this world, a name is necessary. And I think that it is the duty of the creator, Master, to give this child a name. By all mean, please give her a beautiful name」

When Chloe finished saying so, she showed her cherry blossom coloured lips.

1. Literally says locked in a grapple (くんずほぐれつ) , so I changed it slightly.

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