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This Child’s Name is Fiona

「This child’s name?」

I am surprised by the Maid’s unexpected proposal, the more I think about it, the more it seems natural.
A name is necessary for a human.

I too was not born from the fork of a tree, but had a mother and a father, and one of them gave me the name Kite.

There is no reason, for this child to not have a name.
After I think for a brief moment, a certain name comes to my lips.

――However, Chloe holds back that name.

「Associated names like Hom-chan, Homko,and Clus and no good. I’ll reject them from the beginning」

「As always , you’re a fussy girl when it comes to naming」

「That’s obviously, because this child’s whole life will be affected」

「Forget about Hom, isn’t Clus nice? It’s cool」to read at

「This child is a girl though?」

「What’s wrong with a girl having a cool name?」

Hearing those words, Chloe lets out a sigh in a「Good grief!」pose.

「As usual, Master has zero naming sense. Even when you created Chloe, because I’m a mechanical doll, you were about to name me Maton from Automaton, or Doll because I’m a doll.」

「Come to think of it, you feverently opposed it」

「Chloe is also a girl. If you give such a sheeplike name, for my whole life, I won’t go out in the world」

「But I think Maton is also a cute name」

「Master is the type to name a black dog Blackie and a Calico cat Cali-chan right?1

「Umu, I’m that type」

「It is nice and easy for the person who is naming, but please think from the point of view of the person who is getting named too. When this child grows up, and in the future, and when others hear her name, please imagine the figure of the parents explaining how they irresponsibly named her on the spot」Be responsible and read at


I gazed at the baby in my arms that had a smiling face.
Certainly, that figure would be pitiful.

For instance, the origin of my name is that when I was born, there were kites seen flying outside the window, thus I was named Kite.

I myself didn’t particularly experience any mental anguish from that, but when this child becomes an adult, she might regret that the irresponsible origin of her name.

「Certainly, Homko and Clus would be pitiful. Shall we think of it properly?」

「As expected of Master」

Chloe is delighted.

「By the way Chloe, how was you name decided on?」

On hearing those words, Chloe condemned me, saying 「Did you forget that moment of fate?」, but she told me its origin.

「Chloe is the name of the woman who was Master’s first love」

「Is that so?」

「Thats right. Because I heard it properly at that time」

(Even if you say that is my first love, I’m a 1000 and 26 years old. I don’t remember it well)

Because it was certain that Chloe’s mood would worsen if I said so, I remained quiet.
Well then, for the sake of Chloe’s mood not worsening any further.
And perhaps, for the sake of the peace of mind of the baby in my arms.
I entrust the baby to Chloe.
And from inside the room scattered due to the explosion, I search out for books.
The Ancient Magic Dictionary caught my attention.

At first I thought of giving her an appropriate name from the novel that I was reading, but I was hesitant of that too.
One’s name represents one’s identity.
The concept of the Power of Words2 too is there in this world
A good name is necessary for the baby.

For example, If you give a name like Chloe, she might grow up to be a sarcastic and cheeky girl like Chloe. I want to avoid that.

I flip through the pages of the dictionary.
Because it was a magic dictionary, there were many proper nouns, but I couldn’t find any appropriate names.

None of them are suitable for a person’s name, even if they are suitable for a person’s name, every single one is fierce, and not suitable for a girl’s name.

「Should we exclude G and Z? If it starts with a voiced consonant, it somehow doesn’t sound girlish」

With that reasoning, I begin from the middle of the entries of F.
After turning a few pages of the dictionary, my finger stops.

A certain word jumped to my eyes. There was a piece of wood caught in it, and it became perfectly easy to open.

I read that word.At

「――Fiona. Fiona, is it? 」

It was a word I read in a daze, but when I voiced that word, a somewhat strange feeling engulfed me.
As if the was from the beginning made for this child, it perfectly fit the image of the baby.
The maid who was cradling the baby, Chloe asked.

「Master, that word called Fiona, I wonder what kind of a meaning does it have?」

「It means a blessed girl」

When I answer so, Chloe unusually praises me without reserve.

「It’s a really lovely name. I can’t believe that Kite-sama thought of this name」

「I didn’t think of it. It was written in the dictionary」

「By chance, that lovely name was given, right?」

「Right. I think I wouldn’t have chosen it had the piece of wood not been caught in it」

「If that’s so, as expected, that name might have been thought of by an ancient magician, in preparation for this child」

「Why do you think so?」

When I asked that, Chloe said so while smiling.

「Because this girl is making a very happy expression when you whisper 『Fiona』close to her ear. The name too, suits this child so much that she is unthinkable with anything other than this name, right?」

I look at the baby.
Certainly, when I say the name Fiona, the baby innocently smiles like an angel.
I think looking at that smile.
How cute this child’s smile is.

Living for more than a thousand years, I immersed myself in research, but in this world, there exist things more important than research, more important than the dreams of the Wisemen, I came to know of it for the first time.


When I said that name again, I made up my mind.To read at
To raise this child.
To make this child my daughter.
To make this child a fine lady.
If there is anything that hurts this child, even if it is a dragon, I’ll bring it down.
Is what I thought.

1. Original was Black(Kuroi) Dog ≫ Kuro and Calico Cat[Migeneko (Cat with Three Colours of fur)] ≫ Mii-chan

2. Kotodama or kototama (言霊) refers to the Japanese belief that mystical powers dwell in words and names.

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i feel like everything have been prepared by the chloe. from the escaped wyvern, the explotion, the newborn baby, and even the naming which a piece wood in the book page. It might be someone baby being adopted by the automaton.

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