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Part 1

In Health and In Sickness

It has been a year since I created the Homunculus
No one came to know of this great feat.
It is because I neither informed the Sorcerers Society, nor my brethren.
「In other words, Kite-sama, are you saying that you’re going to raise this girl as your own daughter」
「Yes」You should read at
「Are you saying that you want to raise her as an ordinary girl, without the inquisitive gaze of the world falling upon her?」
「Do you swear to marry Chloe, and love her in sickness and in health.」
「No」Dont read anywhere else
「……Even though I thought that you’d say Yes in the spur of the moment」
After she regrets from the bottom of her heart, she regains her countenance.
「Coming back to the serious topic, Chloe will support Master’s decision. This child is a Homunculus, but she is cute, as though she were a human baby. Raising such a child is nothing more than pure happiness」
「I agree. But, there is just one problem……」
「There is a problem?」
Chloe twists her neck.
Did this mechanical doll really not realise it?
Kite pointed out the greatest problem. ( T/N – I don’t know why, but this line was given in third person in the raws)
「This child’s growth speed, isn’t it strange? 」
I look a thing the young girl who was an infant till a year ago.
She has grown to the size of a 5 year old child in this past one year.
No, it is not just her size. Her intelligence too, is to the extent of a 5 year old child.
She can already speak words, and run around in the hereabouts. Chloe is called Mother (forcibly) , and she calls me 「Father」.

She entered my study, and instead of reading picture books, she was reading Magic Books.
Chloe caught sight of that scene and revealed it.

「I feel that she weaned off somewhat early, but is that abnormal?」

「That’s not normal. Normally, in a year, they don’t even speak words」

「Is that so? Chloe is a mechanical doll, so she doesn’t know. However, I know that much that the breastfeeding function that master though of making was unnecessary」

「You were the one who asked me to make that function」

「Its because I’m a mother, wouldn’t I want to raise her on my own milk? 」

「But Fiona doesn’t recognise you as her mother」

I look towards Fiona. She hides behind the desk in the study and stares at us.

「Chloe is not my mommy……」

She says so while hugging the stuffed doll bear.
Incidentally, she properly calls me 「Daddy」. Is this the difference in personal virtue?
probably, Fiona is a clever girl, and might have realised that Chloe isn’t a human.
Chloe seems somewhat depressed, but still Fiona seems to be dear to her.

No, she seems to be confused.

「As expected, Is me not raising you on my own milk the reason? I’m might still be able to make it now……」

She bared the upper half of her Maid dress
I lightly strike her head.

「It hurts, Master, what are you doing?」

「Even if you reveal such a flat chest, milk won’t come out. Besides, this child has already crossed the lactation period. She doesn’t even have baby food.」

By the way, Fiona was raised on goat’s milk, and the milk of the neighbourhood farmer lady. I paid money and it was sold to me

She was a Homunculus, and her growth rate was abnormal, but her food habits, likes and dislikes, behaviour and abilities are very much like that of ordinary girls.

No, her ability and intelligence might be above ordinary humans.

When I think of myself as a 5 year old child, her wisdom deserves a special mention.

「But, if she grows like this, won’t she become 10 years after 2 years, 15 years after 3 years, and 20 years after 4 years? 」

「Maybe. Growing up quickly is a good thing」

「It’s too quick. If it goes on, she’ll grow old and die in the blink of an eye……」

「I see, there is the possibility of that too」

I have resolved to raise Fiona as my own daughter.
Although it is inevitable that she’ll age faster than humans, I’ll be worried if she dies in a mere 10 or so years.

「Master, can’t you apply the technique of eternal youth and longevity to this child too? 」

「I can’t」not read at

「Why is that so? Is it because this child is a Homunculus?」

「That is also there. Even if one can apply the technique of eternal youth and longevity on oneself, it is not possible to apply it on other people」

「I see. If it could be used so easily, this world would have been overflowing with people」

「Exactly. Besides, even if it can be done temporarily, I don’t want to use the technique of eternal youth and longevity so easily」

Eternal youth and longevity. It is said to be the dream of all humans, but in reality it isn’t such a great thing. (We have still not achieved the technique of complete immortality)

Moreover, if a human lives even for a thousand years, he’ll grow tired, seeing humans younger than him dying one after another, overcoming the feeling of loneliness, there is only a feeling of emptiness left that one can remember.

I don’t want my daughter to live such a life.

Actually, the Wiseman who was my master1 said.

「Kite, humans are not beings that can live long. To live for thousands of years is to suffer for thousands of years. It is to watch over the foolish history of humans for thousands of years. Moreover, you’ll have to visit the deathbed of many younger than you dying hundreds of times, and must bring a funeral offering on that occasion. And at the time of your own death, the amount of funeral offerings that you get in return would be surprisingly scarce. Because all your friends would be long dead. This is what it means to live for thousands of years」

Seymour, who was my master, said so.
I too, am more or less of the same opinion. I don’t have the intention to make Fiona eternally youthful and longevous.
I wish for her to live normally, get married normally, give birth to children normally, and die normally.
I don’t want to involve her in useless professions like Sorcery or Wisemen.

「Get married normally, is it…….. This child’s bridal figure. Surely it would be beautiful, won’t it?」

Chloe says while lost in thought.

「That’s true」

I reply in the affirmative, and I too imagine that figure.
A chalk white church in the forest. People gathered there.
The father of the bride, wearing the clothes of a Wiseman, and beside him a maid who speaks without thinking is there.
On the other hand, the bride is beautiful like the spirits of the forest, her figure in that white wedding dress, would be as beautiful as if she were half god.

The bridegroom standing across is also quite handsome. As expected of my daughter’s choice. A good personality, earning a reasonable income, a simple young man ――on

「But, why does my heart feel uncomfortable when I think of such a thing!」

Rather, why do I have to marry off such a cute daughter?
Moreover, to an ordinary young man you can find anywhere.
I resent it.
My daughter comes near me, as if in agreement.

Fiona rushes over to my side, she tightly grabs onto my foot,

「Fiona will become daddy’s wife!」

Saying so, she innocently clung to me.

When you look at such a thing, you experience a euphoria that makes it seem as if all the strength has escaped from your body.
Looking at my slack face, Chloe lets out a chuckle.

「Because she’s still so small, she gives off such an appearance. If, after a few years, Fiona-sama brings along a fiancé, what do you think will happen?」

I tried imagining it, but I couldn’t get a very good vision of the future.
A blood-stained fiancé, a figure of Fiona raising a scream comes to mind.
If such a situation arises, stop me with all your strength.
I request Chloe of that, but she nonchalantly refuses.

「Stopping a Wiseman like Kite-sama is impossible for the likes of a mechanical doll like Chloe. If you want to request of someone, please request your master Seymour-sama」

She declares so, but thinking about it calmly, there might be no other means than that. So read at

「……Well, apart from that joke, should we go and show this child to master once?」

「You want to show your fruit of love with Chloe to master, right?」

Chloe’s eyes were sparking, but I asserted that it was different.

「It’s about this child’s growth speed. If it is master, that person might give some kind of an opinion about this child’s growth」

「But nobody knows about the birth of this child, right?」

「If it’s master, that person be able to keep it a secret」

Seymour, my master, was the one who taught me magic, and holds a title few Wisemen have in this world.

Till now, the truth of life--, in other words, the creation of a Homunculus is something master hasn’t succeeded in, but that person has live many hundred years longer than me, and still, is someone who has succeeded in creating a near-perfect Philosopher’s Stone. Surely, that person will impart me some wisdom.

I, who thought so, ordered Chloe to make preparations for the journey.
Chloe respectfully lowered her head, and asked me so.

「Fiona-sama is to accompany us? You could simply send a messenger and call Seymour-sama though」

「I am not that distinguished to call for my master. Besides, it’s a good opportunity to show Fiona the outside world. Let us travel to Seymour’s residence」

When I say so, Chloe’s expression relaxes.
It seems that she’s happy that she’ll be able to travel with everyone.
Similarly, Fiona too shows a smile.

「Ya-y! Going out with daddy!」

Chloe says, read at

「Mommy is also together」

She adds that, but she wouldn’t call her mother at any cost.

「Together with Chloe ~」how many times do I have to say it now?

Saying so, Fiona started running around the residence that is not quite wide.

Chloe, saying my, my, chased behind her, the preparations for the journey begin.

1. As in shisho/teacher

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