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The Journey to the Imperial Capital

I live in Rowen province.
Formerly, it existed as a country called the Rowen Kingdom, but now it has become a part of the Neue・Mirredin Empire.
The former royal family became a duke’s house , and they were left in charge of governance.
That too is a story from when I was once a Sorcerer, so it’s a story from many hundreds of years ago.
At the time of being demoted from a royal family to a duke’s house, though there was one dispute that arose, that is something from long ago.
Now, it’s nothing more than a peaceful province.

Incidentally, the reason I decided to build a house in this place, is nothing more than a simple whim, it’s far from the Imperial Capital, and because I thought it would be a land indifferent to the schemes and tumult of the Imperial Capital.

Therefore, in this way, the journey to the Imperial Capital, is my first in decades.
Chloe promptly made preparations for the journey, made arrangements for a horse, and procured a carriage.
Where did she get it from?
I tried asking her. Do you read at

「I procured it from the village. I paid money properly, you know?」

「It’s good you had so much money」

「It’s because Master only wastes away money」

Chloe chuckles, but she explains the trick behind it.

「Master, while you while away your time doing useless research day after day, Chloe does management.」

「Don’t call it useless. You were born thanks to that research」

「That’s true. I’m grateful for that」

If I hadn’t created the pseudo-Philosopher’s Stone, she, who was a mechanical doll, would have simply been an ordinary doll, she wouldn’t have had an ego and I for sure, wouldn’t have had to beat that imprudent mouth like this.

「But even still, the amount of research funds Master spends is too excessive. If Chloe hadn’t been there, you’d have surely gone bankrupt long ago」

Anyway, on one hand I spend money like water on research, on the other hand, it seems Chloe sells of the results of those research that she feels will earn money, turns the money earned into savings, invests it, and earns profit from it.

It seems our family’s finances are barely making it through due to Chloe’s investment and saving, it didn’t seem that we had that much of a surplus.

「If so, would you even sell the mechanical doll girl? Many of the nobility would love to buy her.」and read at

I said so jokingly, but Chloe’s eyes didn’t have a cheerful look.
I look at her with a pale face.

When dodging the topic while lightly coughing,

「Because the number of dependent family members has increased by one. I shall refrain from research a little more from here on」

Saying so, I picked up her mood.

Chloe returned the joke, saying 「I won’t expect anything. If you take away research from Kite-sama, there’ll be nothing left」

On the other hand, Fiona was exultant, as she was riding a carriage for the first time.
She points at the scenery seen outside the carriage.
「Daddy, what’s that?」
「Daddy, who’s that?」
「Daddy, where is this thing we’re riding on going?」
Each time, I reply. Read at

「That’s a windmill. Using the power of wind, it grinds wheat and other things. Because of that, Fiona can eat white bread daily」

「That person is a farmer. Because of him, wheat can be harvested. I told you just now how wheat becomes bread, right?」

Fiona nods, swaying her golden hair each time, saying yes, yes.
This world seems to be filled of things she does not know.

Of course, I have taught her various things as knowledge, rather than learning from books or what others say, actually seeing it with one’s eyes or touching with one’s hands, transmits information far, far more accurately.

It isn’t a journey we have to hurry through.
Everybtime Fiona had a question, I stopped the carriage, explained it, and occasionally gave her practical experience.
Proceeding to the windmill, how wheat is ground using the power of wind.
How wheat grows from the earth.
What the job of a farmer is.
I taught her.
And I answered the last question she asked too.

「This carriage is heading towards the Imperial Capital」

「Impee-real Kapi-tul?」

「It means the Capital of the Empire. It is the city where the Emperor lives.」


「Well, he’s the greatest person in this country」

「He’s greater than even daddy?」


「He’s stronger than daddy?」


「Good. Then, let’s overthrow him」

「Let’s not overthrow him. It’s not like we came here to fight. Rather, to overthrow, or not overthrow, where did you learn such words?」

Fiona points at Chloe.
Chloe confronts the reproachful gaze.
Chloe gives an excuse.

「Because Fiona-sama pestered me to read a picture book of an action and adventure play, she might have spontaneously remembered such words」

「Is that so? Fiona」

「That’s ri-ght. I love books in which Magicians appear!」

You can overthrow your enemy with a bam using magic.
She chants spells as if doing Magician make-believe
Naturally, she can’t Invoke magic as a baby.

「Well, I must also pay greater attention to things like the proper education of a baby」

「But Master, it is said that a child grows up looking at it parents’ back. Isn’t it natural that a child, whose parent is something like a Wiseman, would want to be read a book whose protagonist is a Magician? 」

「I have told this before too, but I don’t want to make this child into a sorcerer or a Wisewoman」

「But, you don’t want to give her away as a bride too, right?」

「It’s not as if there are only two professions in this world」

There are countless choices other than magic and marriage.
Better than them.
No, if my daughter chooses a profession in which she can be happy, as a parent, I’d be furthermore happy. Rather, I don’t wish for anything more than that.

While I was thinking like that, Chloe,

「Then, let’s read out various stories from now on」

So, she voiced out. Dammit! The p key in my keyboard is broken, so how many times are you gonna make me type it out!?

「I’d be grateful if you did so」

When I reply so, Chloe pointed towards a far off, distant place.
And she said so.

「I can answer the request of reading a paragraph from a picture book any number of times, but there are things that Chloe too, cannot do. It seems a battle is taking place in a far off distant place, a few kilometers ahead. Kite-sama, what should we do?」

Chloe’s eyes shine while she stares.

The eyes I created by smashing a crystal and imbuing it with magic, can see the image a few kilometers ahead, even without making use of magic.
She promptly sensed the battle that was taking place far away.

「She asked me what to do too」

After talking about things like proper education, I wondered how it was, that I was going to let people, who were in trouble, die.

「If it had been before Fiona came into our family, there would have been a 99% chance that I would have ignored the gun」

I grumble in a way that Fiona won’t hear.
The maid Chloe should have interpreted that grumbling in the affirmative. I cracked my whip at the horse.

「In other words, you want to go and save them」

「That’s right」

「As expected of Master. I fell in love with you again」

Fiona too agreed, saying 「Daddy is cool」

「But, I don’t want Fiona to experience anything dangerous. Only I will fight. So that you and Fiona don’t have to leave the carriage, no matter what」

「I am aware of that. In the first place, Chloe is merely a maid. I haven’t held anything heavier than an iron cage」

「I wonder how many kilos the cage that held the Wyverns was」

I stopped myself from saying that.
I don’t have the leisure to speak sarcastically, because we have reached the battlefield.
There were two ogres and tens of goblins there.
Because many of the members had already died, the battle might have already taken place.
Luckily, the humans did not have any injuries, but it didn’t seem that it would continue for eternity.
The humans were clearly wavering, and were being forced into a hard fight.

Coming in between a human and a demon,

「I’ll help you out」

I said so. Oh please , just go to already!!

On the human side, the person who seemed to be the captain of the escort was grateful, and conveyed that gratitude.
I obediently accepted the gratitude, and imbued magic into my staff.
It’s a battle after a long time.
Of course, I don’t have the least bit of intention to lose to the likes of ogres and goblins.
However, I had some anxiety. Usually, I rarely fight while cooperating with my comrades.
Won’t the magic I use end up killing my comrades? That was the only worry I had.

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