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My Daughter’s Proper Education

The battle ended in a blink of an eye.
I bestowed magical power to the military escort’s swords.
I cast defensive magic on their bodies.
With this itself, they shouldn’t fall behind the likes of goblins.
They unanimously voiced out

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「What is this magic?」
「Our swords are as light as a feather!」
「My body became as hard as a rock!」

After casting Enchantment1, the men who had their strength increased, assaulted the goblins.

Clang, the peculiar sound of weapons bestowed with magic echoed across the plains.
Every time, the weapons the goblins had were either broken or smashed.

Regardless of whether the goblins were stabbed or cut down and killed by the military escort, anyhow, because of me joining in, the battle situation had become overwhelmingly advantageous.

The enemy lost the will to fight like that and fled.
On the other hand, the ogres who were watching it became angry.

The ogre who seemed to be commanding the goblins, letting his rage get the best of him, beat down the escaping goblins with his club.

「Seriously, they’re barbaric lot. Fiona isn’t watching, is she?」

I look at the carriage.
In there, was a maid covering Fiona’s eyes with both hands.

「As expected of Chloe. She understands」

I, who saw that figure, was relieved and proceeded to defeat the ogre.

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「النيران.2(This guy is saying that if you read at

then you are sugoi
When I chanted in the ancient magic language, the palm of hand burned bright red.
I roared, saying defeat the ogre.
I released the ball of fire the arose from my hand towards the ogre.
There were 2 ogres, but there was no need to choose either one of them.
Clearly, I had plans of aiming at the self-important looking ogre, but there was no need for that.

The ball of fire I created, doesn’t just go to the extent of determining targets, but rather is enough to engulf two ogres with its size itself.

Rather, I had to take care not to drag in the escort squad members because of it being too large.
It’s power too, was of the highest grade, and the ogres who recieved the 《Fireball》were annihilated in the blink of an eye.
The expression burnt to cinders might have been made for the sake of this magic3.
With a firepower to that extent, the ogres burst into flames, and turned to ashes.
In short, the enemy monsters were defeated in an instant.
Due to the commanding ogre dying, the remaining goblins lost their will to fight.
Throwing away their weapons, they disorderly ran away.

「Let’s pursue」

The escort, who were having a tough time, proposed so to the captain, but the captain shook his head.

「Our duty is to ensure the safety of Milady, and safely escort her to the dominion」

I think it’s the correct judgement.

No matter how many goblins you defeat, they’ll endlessly keep on appearing. Now that we had defeated the one that commanded them, there was no particular need to unnecessarily fight now.

After praising the decisive judgement of the captain of the escort, I turned away from him.
But, the captain of the escort did not let me return just like that.

「Wait! The Wiseman-sama there」

By Wiseman, is he talking to me? I point towards myself, but I was the only man wearing a robe in this place.

「That’s right. I’m talking to you. Where might you be going? 」

「No, I too have a destination. Actually I am heading towards the imperial capital. On the way, I met you guys and helped out just a little」

「You are overflowing with a sense of justice. Thanks to that, we had a narrow escape from death」

The captain of the escort says so while smiling, and adds another thing.

「Not only your sense of justice, but your strength too is sugoi. That ogre has a second name and controlled all the goblins in this place. By any chance, are you a well-known great Wiseman?」

「No way, I’m a Wiseman from the nameless wilderness. And if you want to thank someone, thank my daughter. I only helped you out for the sake of her proper education. 」

「Proper Education?」

「Well, it’s about my circumstances. That’s why, don’t worry about it too much」

Leaving it at that, I decided to depart, but the person riding the carriage did not allow me.
Of course, it was neither Fiona nor Chloe.
It was the person riding the carriage, whom I had saved.
When she got down from the splendid carriage that was something clearly riden by nobles, she lowered her head with elegance.
She is a blooming woman.
She hasn’t crossed 30 years of age. Is she in he’d mid-20s? She has an appearance such that one would figure out that she is a noble at a glance.
Because the people of the escort were calling her Milady, she might be the wife of a nobleman or something.
I was observing her thinking so, but it seems she really is a nobleman’s wife.
She was wearing the mark of a married woman, a wedding ring on her finger.
While I was fascinated by her, Chloe leaks out a few words beside me.

「Kite-sama likes married women…… 」

「There’s no man who hates married women」

「So you’re admitting it, aren’t you? 」

Chloe glared at me with disgusted eyes.

Fiona too, stared at me.

「Daddy likes married women?」

「Oi, Chloe. Isn’t it because of you saying strange things, that Fiona ends up remembering strange words?」

「It’s not good for Master to be fascinated by a married woman」

Chole, saying so, crossed her arms, and snorted 「Hmph」.
I wonder if our speech and conduct was difficult to put in words.
The married woman in question enquired with a troubled expression.

「――This time’s assistance really saved us. My name is Tatiana Von Otto. I am the wife of Earl Otto」

「Otto house, is it? 」

「Are you perhaps an acquaintance? 」

Chloe asked in a low voice.
I too, reply in a low voice

「I didn’t live a thousand years just for show. They are one of the notable nobles of the Empire」

「It’s seems they are distinguished nobles」

「You’re right. I might have saved a great person. 」

「What do you mean?」

I make a ring in the shape of an imaginary coin with my hands.

「……So Master helped the people out with the expectation of being rewarded for it? Just now, you were talking about proper education and the like though」

「My master’s sayings go so. If a time comes when you have to eat humans, you should eat them. And a person who can be extorted, should be thoroughly extorted. It’s the secret teachings of Seymour school of sorcery」

「It’s useless secret teachings. It doesn’t have anything to do with magic, In fact, it has no use」

「This time, tell all your complaints directly to master.」

I, declaring so, received the countesses gratitude.
Usually, at such times, it had been decided conventional wisdom that you’ll be invited to the mansion and be welcomed.
In fact, the countess said that she, by all means wanted to be hospitable to the benefactor who saved her life.

「By all means, I want to thank you. Kite-sama, I know you are heading towards the imperial capital, but won’t you stop by at our residence?」

I answer with a smile.

「Of course」

Furthermore, Fiona chimes in.

「Of course!!」

Three people while smiling amongst themselves, headed towards the residence of the countess.

1. Kanji says magic bestowal.

2. I don’t know Arabic, but google translate-sama says it means fire. Yeah, it was in the raw.

3. In the original it said “The adjective(?) not even bones being left behind. So took a few liberties.

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