Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

Translator: AdCaelum

Editor: Cale

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Chapter 1-3: We Who Cannot See the Future

“Of all things, to dine and dash after drinking the store’s most expensive coffee…”

It was 7:00 PM. Sungmin was still saying that as he helped with the preparations to close the shop.

He searched the area around the store after that, but he couldn’t find the Japanese man in the end.

“Even though you say it’s the most expensive, it’s only a few hundred yen.”

Uta answered as he checked the proceeds in the register.

Even though he finally thought they could reach their target today after so long, those few hundred yen pushed them a step behind. He decided not to inform Sungmin about this.

“Even if it was 1 yen, a thief is a thief!”

It appeared that Sungmin’s anger wasn’t easily appeased.

“Maybe he just forgot to pay? I’m sure he’ll come back once he remembers.”

“Are you really saying such a thing?! Mana~ger, you’re too trusting of people~…”

Since Uta was often told this, he couldn’t deny it.

“Maybe so. But, you know…”

Uta put the proceeds in the strongbox and exhaled deeply.

“If I live an honest life, the gods will surely watch over me. Something good will come sooner or later.”

Just as he was about to put his hand inside the strongbox, something happened.

A customer drifting out from the neighborhood bar called out to Sungmin as he was about to lower the shutters.

“I suddenly wanna drink some coffee. Mister, a cup of coffee!”

“I’m sorry. We’re only open until 7.”

Sungmin was still in his angry mode, so his tone was prickly.

“It’s only 7:03.”

“Which means that it’s past 7 o’clock.”

Uta heard the two outside and had a bad feeling.

Some trouble might start at this rate. He sensed that, left the strongbox alone, and jumped out.

The seemingly drunk man had a rough appearance with his open-collared shirt and work pants, and his looks also leaned towards being rough.

Uta stood in front of Sungmin to protect him.

“Is something the matter, dear customer? I’m the manager, Tachibana.”

“You’re the manager? Heh, does a youngster like you even know how to run a business? And your part-timer Park, Bark, or whatever the hell he’s called, is a foreigner. Must be a sloppy place for youngsters, by youngsters.”

As the man exhaled the stench of alcohol, he flicked Sungmin’s name tag.

“You! I can listen to you insult me, but I won’t stand for any insults to the manager and the store!”

Sungmin attempted to charge at the man, but Uta held him back in a panic.

“Min-kun, can you take care of the strongbox?”

“Eh, manager?”

“If you enjoy coffee, please come visit us next time. Our business hours are weekdays from 7 in the morning to 7 at night. Depending on the season, we will have 10 kinds of coffee prepared.”

He took out a flyer with discount coupons from his apron pocket and presented it to the man.

“10 kinds?”

“Yes, 10 kinds.”

The man seemed to have calmed down from Uta’s smile.

“That so…?”

When Uta showed a broad grin, the man looked over the flyer as he left for the station.

Sungmin watched the man leave and said with an astonished face.

“Why did you give out discount coupons to such a guy…? There’ll surely be trouble the next time he comes.”

Uta said in a low voice.

“I don’t think he’ll come, since that guy kind of looked uncomfortable. I think he got embarrassed that he angered us.”

“Eh?! He doesn’t look like the type to care about such praiseworthy things.”

“You can’t judge people based on their appearances, you know.”

Even though Uta said it like that, he added an ambiguous nuance to the end of his statement.

Whether the Japanese man would come back to pay for the coffee or the drunkard from before would come to use the discount coupons, people who cannot see the future cannot know for certain.

It was just at that moment.

“A dine and dash! Catch them!”

Some men ran out from a neighborhood bar.

The one yelling was the owner of the store and Uta’s acquaintance.

“A dine and dash?!”

“Uta-kun, please!”

“I-I understand!”

The moment he responded, one of the men who ran past in front of Uta seemed to be that Japanese man.

“Ah! The guy who didn’t pay!”

Sungmin pointed and shouted.

“Look! He really was a thief!”

As Sungmin began to chase after the men, he voiced his complaint with a sidelong glance.

Uta grabbed Sungmin’s shoulders.

“We’ll talk about it later. Min-kun, I leave the strongbox to you!”

“Oh, right!”

Even though Uta had to chase after the criminals after being asked by the owner of the bar, he couldn’t leave the opened strongbox unattended inside the store.

Uta removed his apron in the way and ran through Chofu Ginza at full speed.

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