Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

Translator: AdCaelum

Editor: Cale

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Chapter 1-4: Escape

Uta wouldn’t normally dine and dash because having handcuffs placed on him wasn’t worth a cup of coffee or a round of drinks.

If he ever did, it was only because he forgot his wallet or refused to pay because of the circumstances surrounding the store. However, to think that fully grown men were running away because of that.

(Something’s strange…)

Uta thought as he ran and pushed his way past some people.

As he made his way out of the shopping district, he appeared at the north exit of the main street.

The pedestrian traffic light at the intersection in front of him was blinking.

(Those guys… Ah!)

He saw their Japanese clothes fluttering as the men ran across the intersection.

(What should I do?!)

Although he hesitated for a bit, Uta also jumped straight into the intersection as the traffic light blinked.

He safely crossed the intersection, and…

Which way did the men escape to?

He spotted the fluttering Japanese clothes again when he entered a side street and followed after them, using that as a marker.

The street he rushed into was Tenjin-dori. Small eateries lined the pedestrian-filled street.

“Whoa, I’m sorry!”

He was about to bump into someone and quickly stopped himself.

This was roughly around the time the streets became crowded.

He was out of breath, but he didn’t want to let the men escape after coming this far.

Uta still continued to push forward.

Sweat gradually started pouring out of him.

He headed north through the bustling Tenjin-dori and crossed another pedestrian crossing on the main street.

When he did, he saw one of the men go through the gates of the Fuda shrine.

The fact that he came all the way here without losing them was close to a miracle.

However, the shrine grounds were dark from the overgrowth of tall trees.

He spotted the men, but only now did Uta stop and think about what he should do.

Since there were people on the streets, he could ask someone nearby to call the police.

But it would be dangerous to deal with two men in such a place.

He reflexively gulped.

His surroundings were so quiet that the sound clearly echoed in his ears. The silence was terrifying.

The moment he held his breath, a man jumped out from the darkness in front of Uta and slammed right into him.

(— Eh?!)

Because Uta had been looking around, his reaction was delayed.

It was the man who had run away from the bar. He bumped into Uta’s shoulders and tried to escape through the gates.

“Wait! Your bill!”

Uta swiftly grabbed the man’s elbow.

The man turned around and shot a glare.

Uta sensed something unnatural about his eyes and gasped in surprise.

The man shook off Uta’s hand and used a bag to hit him.


The hard metal pieces hit his face.

“Wait, this bag!”

He promptly grabbed the bag and took it back.

It belonged to a woman.

“Dining and dashing wasn’t enough, so now you are a purse-snatcher too?!”

The man must have grabbed a drunk woman’s bag from the bar and tried to run away with it. He fled when the bar owner called him out.

This must be why he ran at full speed.

The man was also desperate. The man roared as he pushed away Uta.

The bag left Uta’s hand.

It rolled onto the stone paving. An incident occurred just as the man was about to pick it up.

“That’s as far as you go!”

Someone had stepped on the man’s hand.


The man yelped.

The foot stepping on the man’s hand was only wearing straw sandals…

It was that Japanese man.

Uta, having fallen on his butt after being pushed, looked up at the man, dumbfounded.

The man’s standing figure was picturesque.

The evening wind rustling through the grounds’ trees caused the man’s long hair to sway.

“I don’t know what happened, but you can’t go around stealing.”

The voice echoed deep inside Uta.

Perhaps the thief’s mood was also trampled since he left the fallen bag alone and staggered away.

“…Ah, um, your bill.”

Uta was a bit slow in saying that, but he no longer had the energy to chase after him.

The Japanese man helped Uta to his feet.

“I’m sorry… Were you perhaps chasing after that man?”

The corner of the man’s mouth lifted and he shrugged his shoulders. His stance implied that his answer was probably “YES.”

“I see. I’m glad that I was able to retrieve the bag. Thank you very much.”

As Uta picked up the woman’s bag and thanked the man, the man tilted his head.

“If you want to thank me, then the cost of the coffee this afternoon.”


“We’re even now.”


Uta didn’t know how to respond.

The man had said that it was wrong to steal, but now he was unwilling to pay for his coffee.

“Right, Uta?”

Uta was unable to answer, so the man intimately called his name for some reason.

He extended his right hand and lifted Uta’s chin.

Uta’s eyes met with the man’s red ones.

“Who are you? You’re…?”

He really did feel a sense of déjà vu with this man.


He felt as if the man’s gaze went past his retina and peered deep inside him.

“I’m Haraedo-no-kami. The one you pray to every morning and night, Uta.”

(Ah, that’s why I felt like I’d met him before…)

Even though people normally wouldn’t believe such a story, Uta easily accepted it.

“Uta, this is hard to say, but I have to tell you something.”

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