Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Millinia

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Chapter 1-8: Offering a Coffee

After the busy lunchtime rush had passed and the evening twilight washed over the sky, Haraedo rang the store’s door chime.

“Uta, give me the usual.”

He leisurely walked in and sat right in front of Uta, only separated by the counter.

This guardian deity, who provided no particular benefits to the store, looked healthy today as well.

“The usual, okay.”

When Uta reached for the Blue Mountain container, Sungmin, who had been washing the dishes, interjected.

“How do you guys understand what ‘the usual’ means? I’ll treat our uninvited guest to some tap water, so please sit down, manager.”

“Tap water…”

Haraedo looked at Uta with dead eyes.

Sungmin filled a cup with water and placed it in front of him.

“Tokyo’s tap water is delicious, you know?”

“I know… I get it every morning from Uta.”

He was most likely referring to the water Uta placed in the household shrine.

“I would rather you offer me coffee every morning using the Blue Mountain coffee beans instead.”

Haraedo said as he peered into the water in the cup.

Before Uta could respond to that request, Sungmin interjected.

“Please don’t get carried away. Water is enough!”


“Hey now, you two. There’s a customer…”

Was this a first-time customer? The store was filled with close friends and family, but a young woman wearing a suit entered.


Uta greeted her with a business smile.

Under her breath the woman mumbled. 

“You’re the store manager from that time…”

The woman stopped right after passing through the door and abruptly and deeply lowered her head.

“Eh, who’s she?”

“Who’s that?”

Sungmin and Haraedo were restless.

Uta also couldn’t recognize who this woman was, but…

“You returned my bag to me the other day…”

“Aah…! From that time…”

Uta finally remembered. He couldn’t recognize her because her clothes were different from when he returned the bag to the bar.

“I missed the chance to ask for your name at that time, and it’s been on my mind. Then, I came across this featuring your store.”

The woman took out a local circular from that familiar bag.

A picture of Uta smiling with a drip pot in his hand covered a large portion of the cover.

“Ah, the one from the interview before…”

“What’s that?! Please show me too!”

Sungmin drew closer and hungrily peered at the paper in the woman’s hand.

“I’m sure it was delivered here too.”

Uta went to grab the same circular in an envelope from deeper inside the store.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier~?!”

As Sungmin’s eyes sparkled, he stared at it, devouring it.

“I think it was yesterday. It was delivered around lunchtime, so I also didn’t have time to look at it.”

Although Uta agreed to the interview, he didn’t think that it would be such a sizable feature.

Sungmin lifted his face from the circular and looked at Uta.

“Manager, I’m sure this will make our business thrive! If there was a manager as good-looking as this, I’d come every day.”

“Min-kun, you come here every day because you work part-time.”

“That’s also because of you, manager!”

“Ahaha, thanks. That reminds me. It’s been almost a year since you came here. Shall I give you a raise?”


“He~y, Uta. Don’t immediately spoil your part-timer like that.”

Haraedo remarked in a bored tone as he propped his elbow on the counter and rested his chin in the palm of his hand.

At any rate, surely more customers would come if the store was this generously featured on the circular. Uta felt pleased with himself.

(Because something good happened, I have to share this fortune with everyone!)

“Um, thank you for taking your time to come here. I was about to take a break, so please join us for a cup of coffee.”

Uta invited the woman and dropped four servings of Blue Mountain coffee into the grinder.

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His business is screwed… lol