Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

Translator: AdCaelum

Editor: Cale

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Chapter 2-1: Probably a God

(Let’s buy some eggs, parsley. I guess some cheese and spiced salt too while I’m at it…)

As Uta looked over the shopping list on his phone, he walked through the streets at noon.

It was still during Coffee Galette Chofu’s business hours, but Uta had left the store to Sungmin and went to buy some ingredients that they were lacking.

There were many stores that sold ingredients, from discount supermarkets to quality markets, so he had no trouble shopping.

(Which place sold the cheapest spiced salt again?)

He thought deeply about this. As he walked, he noticed an empty spot among the numerous circular benches in the station square.

People usually filled the streets during the day, so normally there would be a scramble to grab those benches…


His interest piqued, he stared as he walked over.

As he did, a young man with a pockmarked face was on the ground with a can of low-malt beer. Everyone avoided him and probably refused to sit on that bench for the same reason. He was a Japanese man who gave off a similar aura as Haraedo.

“Um, are you okay?”

Uta spoke to him out of concern.

His eyes peeked out between the gaps of his hair that tapered off like knives as he looked at Uta.

“I feel sick…”

Following that, the man lay down. He continued to look at Uta and the corner of his mouth lifted up a few millimeters.

“You’re not scared of me?”


“What a strange fellow.”

Uta thought, “Objectively speaking, you’re more of a ‘strange fellow’ than me,” in the back of his mind.

“If you’re not sick, then it’s fine. I apologize for interrupting your nap.”

Uta was about to leave when the man called him back.



Uta turned around.

“Who are you?”

The man rested his chin on his hand and asked.

“You’re asking who I am…?”

Uta was about to answer, “I’m just a simple passerby on his way to go shopping,” but reconsidered.

“I run a coffee shop nearby. If you have the chance, please visit us.”

He took out a shop card from his apron pocket and placed it on the bench.

“What a strange fellow.”

The man repeated.

“But, I don’t hate the strange ones.”

His tone was surprisingly clear. Uta had initially thought the man was just a drunkard, but that didn’t appear to be the case. The man…was probably a god.

Despite his slovenly posture as he lay down, the man gave off a dignified air. Sensing this, Uta looked at his pockmarked face once more.

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