Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Cale

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Side Story: The Gods’ Halloween ①

“That reminds me. Is the store not celebrating Halloween this year?”

When a customer asked this, Sungmin unintentionally screamed.

“Mana~ger! This is serious! Halloween is tomorrow!!!”

“That’s right…”

Uta answered in a low voice as he wiped the top of the counter.

“It was decided by the shopping district association that we would hold back this year.”

“But… That only refers to the whole shopping district, right? Our store should be free to do whatever we like, right?”

Sungmin persisted.

“We have to jump on the chance if it’s there! Especially since we’re in danger this month.”

“Please don’t say that in front of the customers, okay?”

With a smile on his face, Uta placed his index finger over Sungmin’s lips.

However, it was exactly as Sungmin had said. Because of the temporary closure before, this month’s earnings didn’t look very good. Uta felt that Sungmin’s judgment to not let this opportunity of advertising the business escape was correct.

That was when Uta proposed an idea.

“Should we distribute candy together with an ad for our store?”

They had prepared a limited-time menu for last year’s Halloween, but it would be difficult to do that again this year. However, something trivial like distributing candy should be fine.

“Let’s do that! How about dressing up and handing them out?”

Sungmin said that as he pointed his fingers downwards, posing as a ghost.

After the customers stopped coming, an emergency meeting was held in the Coffee Galette Chofu Store.

“Costumes… Come to think of it, I have the vampire one I used before.”

“A vampire! That’s good!”

“But, it’ll be Saturday…”

“Is Saturday no good?”

“Well, we’re open that day. I don’t think I’ll have the freedom to be in a costume. What should we do…?”

Uta said as he looked around the store. When he did, he was suddenly hit with an idea.

“That’s right.”

“What is?”

“No, it really wouldn’t work…”

“Eh?! Please don’t keep it to yourself and tell me!”

Sungmin insisted, therefore, Uta indicated with his eyes towards the interior of the store.

There, Haraedo-no-kami and Housou-no-kami were sitting with a chair between them and sipping their drinks.

By the way, Haraedo was drinking coffee while Housou-no-kami was drinking non-alcoholic beer. Since he had insistently requested alcohol, Uta had bought this type.

“I see. There are two adults here who are free even during the day!”

Sungmin plopped his fist into his open hand. When he did that, the two suddenly looked in his direction.

“I don’t know what’s happening, but don’t get me involved!”

“Minsuke, don’t pair me up with this guy!”

Yet, their reactions could only be described as being on the same wavelength.

Uta whispered into Sungmin’s ear.

“I can’t imagine those two obediently doing their job though…”

“No, let’s make them work! Leave it to me!”

Sungmin slapped his chest.

“Haraedo-san, I’ll make you work to compensate for the cost of all the coffee you have drank up till now…”

He brought out a calculator and began hitting the buttons in front of Haraedo.

“750 yen for Blue Mountain coffee, and you usually come five times a week, right? That roughly equals 15000 yen for one month.”

“I don’t carry any money with me!”

Haraedo felt that this was unjustified and snapped back. But, Sungmin ignored him and continued.

“Minimum wage in the Tokyo area is 1030 yen, so let’s make it 1100 yen for argument’s sake. If you two work for a whole day, that’s 15400 yen. You can settle your debt to the store all at once. That’s not a bad deal, right? You’ll be useful to the manager, and more importantly, you can finally become a true customer of this store.”

“Uh, uh, uh…”

Unable to keep up with Sungmin’s rapid talking, Haraedo frowned and kept quiet.

Instead, Housou-no-kami spoke up.

“Hey, you said ‘you two.’ Are you counting me in? I don’t have any obligation to help out with repaying Haraedo’s debt. In the first place, wouldn’t having a drunk like me parading around give your place a bad reputation…?”

“Housou-san, there’s no alcohol in that.”

Uta looked at the slouching Housou who was giving his opinion and interjected.

“What… gh?! I was in such a good mood drinking it though…”

He peered into the beer glass and immediately hung his head.

On the other side, Haraedo claimed.

“It’ll be weird to have a god dress up as a demon. I’ll feel humiliated!”

“You sure are stubborn…”

Sungmin furrowed his brows.

Just as this conversation was about to fall into a stalemate…

“I think you’ll look cool as a vampire.”

Uta muttered to himself, but Haraedo reacted.

“You serious…?”

“Yeah, I want to see that.”

“Hm~m… Then, I…guess I’ll have to! If Uta says so.”

This moment solidified the events of the near future known as tomorrow.

“Wait~! What about my skillful use of conversation and persuasion?!”

Sungmin pouted.

“No, this was all thanks to your suggestion. Let’s do our best tomorrow!”

Uta slapped Sungmin’s shoulder.

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