Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Millinia

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Chapter 2-13: The Gods’ Halloween ③

After that, just as Uta had expected, the store was crowded on this Halloween Saturday.

“Min-kun, sorry, but can you handle the register?!”

“Got it. I’ll be right there!”

“Also, when you’re ringing up the customers, give them a Halloween treat.”

Since they were also giving out treats at the register to incoming customers, they quickly ran out of their stock.

“I’m glad that so many customers came, but… I wonder how Haraedo’s doing with his distributions?”

Uta muttered as he looked at the empty basket by his side.

Haraedo had only come back once to replenish his supply, but he has been radio silent since then.

The god didn’t carry a cellphone with him, and Uta and Sungmin were too busy at the store to go check on him.

“It might have been a mistake to send him out there to hand out treats… He’s a free spirit by nature, after all. It wouldn’t be strange if he threw away the treats and disappeared somewhere…”

As he let the cup of ordered coffee drip, the leader of the part-timers, Sungmin, said in a dejected voice.

“I’m sure it’ll be fine. Even if he were to disappear, we won’t incur such a large loss over those treats.”

Uta said to cheer Sungmin up.

But, it still weighed on Uta’s mind. In the evening when business settled down, Uta used his break to go out and search for Haraedo.

He headed straight to the station square and successfully found the god.

“You guys again?! Like I said, I’ve got no more treats to give you.”

Haraedo turned the basket upside down to show the children dressed as ghosts surrounding and teasing him.

They went underneath his cloak and tickled him from behind.


One of the children must have somehow climbed up his body since they were cheekily riding on his shoulders.

(I was wondering why he hadn’t returned yet, but I guess this is the reason.)

Uta’s face broke into a smile upon witnessing this.

As often as Haraedo would suddenly disappear, this was only due to him being different from humans. Still, Uta knew that he was an honest god who properly completed any job given to him.

One worry was lifted off his chest.

The other concern would be about Housou-no-kami…


Uta spotted the god that was watching Haraedo from the square’s benches some distance away.

He thought that this god’s face looked somewhat lonely.

“Trick or treat!”

When Uta approached him and shouted, Housou-no-kami stiffened for a moment.

“What? Oh, it’s Uta.”

“Sorry for surprising you. But, if you’re watching from here, you can just help him with distributing the treats.”

He looked over at Haraedo.

When he did, Housou-no-kami apathetically muttered.

“I’m fine. Humans hate me, after all.”


Uta was shocked and stared at Housou-no-kami’s face.

It was true that this god looked a little frightening and wasn’t the type to open the way for others walking on the streets. Above all, he was a god of disease. It was probably his destiny to take the lives of humans.

But, be that as it may, Uta never considered this…

It might have been wrong of him to carelessly force the god to work on behalf of the store on Halloween.

Uta sat next to the god, looked at his profile, and addressed him.

“But, I like you?”


Housou-no-kami made a face like he wanted to say something.

“I like you.”

When Uta repeated the line, the god now wryly smiled.

“You really are a strange fellow, but…”

He said as he averted his gaze, looking up to the evening sky.

“I don’t hate the strange ones.…I rather like them.”


The god’s face dyed by the setting sun looked surprisingly bright…

Uta was genuinely captivated by his profile.

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