Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

Translator: AdCaelum

Editor: Cale

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Chapter 2-6: Guerilla Fireworks

“Haraedo?! What are you doing?!”

At night, Uta heard a commotion outside. When he peeked from the second-floor window, he saw Haraedo running around a rooftop.

“What? It’s exactly what you see!”

He quickly caught something and showed it to Uta.

Uta leaned his body out of the window to look at it.

“Eh, a rat?”

“…Is what it may look like, but it’s a god of colds. And this one is a god of sore throats!”

The rats tried to dash towards Uta, but in return, Haraedo grabbed them, one in each hand and crushed them.

They disappeared into a puff of smoke. It looked like Haraedo had just squeezed two balloons.

“They really weren’t rats…”

“More importantly, how do you feel, Uta?”

“Hm~ Fine, I guess. The night air feels good.”

Haraedo directly drew his face close to Uta’s, their noses almost touching.

“Your face is still red. And the god of disease’s presence is still there.”

“God of disease…?”

Haraedo placed his hand on Uta’s forehead, but he soon pulled away.

“I sense something dangerous over there!”

He glared at the top of a nearby building.

“Wait, Haraedo! Where are you going?!”

The god was about to fly off somewhere, so Uta reflexively grabbed his wrist.



Uta’s body floated high in the sky together with the god’s.

“Uta?! You idiot! What are you doing?!”

“I mean, you didn’t say anything about jumping!”

Uta clung to Haraedo’s arm to avoid falling, and when he did, that arm instead moved to support his back.

Uta let out a relieved sigh and looked around.

The station building and square, the roundabout, and even the commercial establishments around them could be seen below.

“So pretty…”

Uta was currently between the stars in the sky and the lights of the city.

“It’s nice that you think it’s pretty, but…”

Haraedo was looking straight ahead.

“It doesn’t seem like now’s the time for that.”

Up ahead on top of a familiar commercial building was a floating object surrounded by intense light.

Upon closer observation, it took on the form of a young boy wearing a crown.

The boy turned his head and looked at the two.

“Haven’t seen you around… Are you that rumored ‘Korona’ guy?”

The boy bared his sharp canine teeth in response to Haraedo’s question and threatened him.

“What if I am?! Or rather, who are you, old man?!”

“Haraedo-no-kami, a god of exorcisms. I tasked myself with cleaning this city from every single god of disease!”

Haraedo’s proclamation and the boy throwing a spiky ball of light at them happened at the same time.

“Uta! Make sure you hang on really tight!”

Haraedo parried the ball of light with his sword’s scabbard.

Next, he drew his sword and threw away the scabbard. The afterimage of his slash flew towards the enemy.


Uta involuntarily screamed.

Light clashed with light, creating fireworks in the sky above Chofu station.

“Sorry to interrupt, but… Well, guerrilla fireworks are becoming prevalent because of the pandemic, but don’t you think it’s kind of inappropriate to do this in front of the station…?”

“Don’t worry. I just need to finish this before the cops come, right?”

Haraedo showed a lax smile.

“Who’s finishing who, huh?!”

The boy bared his fangs.

“A small brat looking down on an adult like me?! I’ve been receiving people’s prayers and cleansing calamity for almost two thousand years!”

Flashes of light clashed with each other again.

Eventually, the crown of light on the boy’s head was about to fall off.

The end of this battle was in sight.

“Ha…! That flashy appearance can’t cover up how weak you are.”

Haraedo sneered.


The boy threw away his crown of light.

It bumped against the stars in the sky and shattered into pieces.

When Haraedo watched the light fade, the boy quickly disappeared.

“Sigh… I’m not good with annoying old people like you.”

The voice could be heard coming from all directions in the starry night sky.

“For the record, we multiply by dividing ourselves. Even if you drive me away, it won’t be the end. You’re stupid for thinking that you could do something by getting rid of one. You should reconsider.”

The voice quickly faded into the distance.


Freed from the tension before, Uta slumped against Haraedo’s body.

“Uta, sorry for the ruckus.”

“It’s fine. I’m okay.”

Although he said that, Uta’s consciousness quickly started to fade after being exposed to such intense light in his sick state.

Haraedo readjusted his arms around Uta.

“Let’s get you back to bed. I’ll bring you home.”

Uta felt the man’s soft lips on his forehead.

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