Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

Translator: AdCaelum

Editor: Cale

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Chapter 2-7: Large God and Small God

“That Haraedo appears to be catching and exterminating every single god of disease.”

A large god towered above the shrine’s eaves. He rested one leg on the stone steps as he said that with an exasperated look.

He looked over at the small god, who tilted his head, inside the inner sanctuary.

“About that, I heard that one under Haraedo’s protection has apparently fallen ill due to a sickness.”

“Is the human going to die?”

“No. It looks like he’s had a fever for two to three days only. He’s still young, so I doubt that he’ll die.”

“Then is there something else about that devotee?”

“He has no special power; he’s a mere human. However, the coffee he brews is good.”

“Coffee… Just that?”

“Yeah, just that.”

The small god came out from the inner sanctuary and extended his hand out to the large god.

When he did, the large god, instinctively, held the small god and placed him on his shoulder.

The small god, now atop the large god’s shoulders, wrapped his small arms around the large neck.

“Haraedo’s fickleness is indeed bothersome. If he goes overboard, the power balance among the gods in the realm of the living will collapse… though, he doesn’t really have that much power.”

The large god pondered in silence for some time before opening his mouth.

“However, I feel like I slightly understand Haraedo’s feelings.”


The small god was curious.

“Constantly worrying since the small ones can die too easily. That’s why…”

The large god gently pressed against the small god’s forehead.

“Even I worry that you may one day disappear. I would fret even more if you were a human.”

“So, you’re saying that Haraedo also doesn’t want to lose the one he loves?”

“That’s the only reason I could come up with for why he would be this desperate over a single person.”

“I see.”

The small god looked into the distance with his twinkling eyes.

“I wonder exactly what kind of person captivated Haraedo to this extent.”

“Wasn’t it the coffee?”

The large god frowned and blinked.

“Who knows?”


“The devotee looks very bland, but maybe he possesses something else.”

The small god walked on top of the large god’s arm and jumped down, landing smoothly. Then, he returned to the inner sanctuary.

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