Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Chatper 3-10: Speaking of the Punishment Game…

“Eh? What do you mean by something even better…?”

“You’re actually asking? So insensitive… Why do you think I brought you all the way over here?”

“Why…? Eh?”

Uta quickly stood up and surveyed the tranquil scenery of the river bank.

After Sukunabikona finished eating his ice cream, he briskly began to walk off.

“You probably aren’t familiar with this, mister, so I’ll take the lead, okay? But I’m warning you. When I get too into it, I end up making a mess of my partner. I’ll apologize beforehand if I go too far, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. In the end, we’ll be both covered in sweat and feeling refreshed.”

“Sorry, but I can’t follow the conversation…”

Sukunabikona flashed a suggestive smile.

Uta spotted a tennis court on the other side of the trees.

“When you said that we’ll be covered in sweat and feeling refreshed, you were referring to…?”

“Yeah, tennis. What, were you thinking of something dirty?”

With a wide grin, the small god nudged his elbow into Uta’s side.

“I did… After all, your words were oozing with innuendos.”

“That was obviously on purpose. You have to seduce the one you’re interested in.”

“Was I being seduced…?”

As the small god walked away in high spirits, Uta looked at his profile and was at a loss for words.

“But, Sukunabikona-san, you already have Ookuninushi.”

“Didn’t I tell you already that I haven’t had sex with him in a long time?”

This topic didn’t match the tranquil midday scenery.

“You did tell me. But, you also wanted to catch his attention…right?”

When Uta asked, Sukunabikona pouted and pulled Uta’s arm close.

“This and that are two different things. I like both cold ice cream and warm pie too, you know.”

(Like a second stomach for desserts?)

Uta tilted his head.

In the first place, did Ookuninushi even know of their date today?

If the other god was unaware, then as long as nothing suddenly happened after this, this date was meaningless.

In that case, was it just as Haraedo had said—Sukunabikona was using this date as an excuse to lure Uta out?

Or, was he convinced that he would meet with Ookuninushi afterwards?

While Uta entertained these thoughts, they arrived at the reception for the tennis courts.

“Now then, I’ll have you crying on the floor ~♪ I can’t wait to see you crawling around and begging me to stop~”

“You’re quite sadistic, aren’t you, Sukunabikona-san…?”

“Yeah, I’m often told that.”

Spinning the rental racket, he humorously responded.

“But, I’m not a beginner at tennis. I don’t know how long I can keep up, but I have no intentions of giving up!”

Uta was also fired up. He loosened his body and went to the court.

“Then, let’s start with a light rally!”

Sukunabikona lightly threw the ball up and hit it across the net.

Uta returned it.

This warm-up rally continued for several rounds.

“You’re good. Then, can you take this?”

Sukunabikona grinned broadly.

The ball shot through the air and landed in the corner of the court.

“Come on, come on!”

Uta managed to hit the next; it was a similar shot.

“Well done. I’m surprised. It looks like you can entertain me…”

The color of Sukunabikona’s eyes changed. The air surrounding him suddenly tensed.

“Run! More! The next one who drops the ball will play a punishment game!”

“What punishment game?!”

Uta returned the ball with both hands.

“When you say a punishment game, it has to be something painful or embarrassing! You can imagine what it’ll be, right?!”

Sukunabikona returned the ball.

This ruthlessness was very typical of boys. But, it was interesting.

“You’re on. You better be prepared yourself!”

The rally turned into a serious exchange.

Then, something happened.

Uta felt that the ground shook underneath him and looked around as he returned the ball.

“…! What was that?!”

“An earthquake?!”

The people on the other court screamed.

(No… That wasn’t a simple earthquake!)

Another tremble came. Uta could no longer stand upright and used his hand holding the racket to support himself up from the ground.

An ominous thundering sound echoed, followed by the screams of people.

The parking lot between the roads on the other side began to show cracks.


A black fog rose from the gaping tear in the exposed ground—

“Gods of disaster!”

Sukunabikona threw down his tennis racket and rushed over there.

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