Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 3-12: Say that You Love Him

“You only focus on the little things, don’t you…?”

Ookuninushi cast a sidelong glance at Sukunabikona and showed a faint smile.

“And you look at things too broadly.”

Sukunabikona crossed his arms and answered.

Although his attitude seemed cold, upon closer inspection, that wasn’t the case at all. His eyes constantly followed Ookuninushi as the large god moved around. It was like how you wouldn’t let a single movement of the person you loved escape your gaze.

The one being observed, Ookuninushi, was indifferently swinging his sword as if he was cutting tuna, causing the black fog to dissipate.

His large, powerful movements possessed a kind of awe that prevented others from approaching. Simple yet beautiful, giving the impression of perfection.

(This man is Ookuninushi…)

Uta couldn’t take his eyes off the large god.

He felt like he could understand why Sukunabikona fell in love with him.

“What? Ookuninushi came?”

Uta hadn’t realized that Haraedo was standing next to him.

“Yeah, he appeared from the crack in the earth for some reason.”

Uta informed him.

“In that case, I’ve lost my chance to take the stage.”

“How’s Min-kun?”

“He’s taking shelter in that building.”

“I see…”

The conversation ended there. After that, they watched Ookuninushi dissipate the fog, or as the large god put it, “clean.”

“Ooh, the fog has been cleared nicely.”

Haraedo clapped his hands.

“Close the hole that you made too.”

The one who said that was Sukunabikona.

Ookuninushi made an irritated face at his lover’s cold attitude, but he obediently did as he was told.

The gaping concrete blocks came together like puzzle pieces, returning the earth to its original shape.

After that, he lifted his sword with both hands.

With that action, the surrounding area glowed. While Uta blinked from the brightness, the tear in the ground disappeared.


“There shouldn’t be a problem causing this magnitude of a miracle, right?”

In response to Uta’s muttering, Ookuninushi awkwardly answered.

Was it not good when he caused an overly grandiose miracle?

“You must reap the seeds you’ve sown yourself, because when Ame-no-Minakanushi gets angry, only you will be scolded.”

In contrast to his passionate gaze, Sukunabikona didn’t drop his cold attitude.

Uta wondered if the small god was always like this with Ookuninushi.

Sukunabikona couldn’t be honest despite his affections, and Ookuninushi seriously believed Sukunabikona’s cold attitude and was controlled by him. And this caused Sukunabikona to feel irritated by the large god’s insensitivity. Uta had a feeling that this was how their relationship went.

“Even though he could be a bit more honest with his feelings…”

When Uta unintentionally let this slip, Sukunabikona glared at him.

“I’m always honest.”

“I wonder about that…”

“Let’s go. I dropped the ball, so I’ll have to play the punishment game. I’ll do anything.”

He looked downwards, modestly approached Uta, and took his hand.

“Um, was that so?”

That reminded him. Back when the ground was shaking, Uta had returned the ball, but Sukunabikona hadn’t returned it and had instead rushed out of the court.

Uta suddenly stopped and pulled back Sukunabikona who was attempting to leave.

“Then, your punishment will be this: you have to tell Ookuninushi-san that you love him.”


Sukunabikona responded with a question.

“Punishment games are painful and embarrassing. You were the one who said that, right?”

“I did say that, but…”

“In that case, say those words.”

Bathed in both Uta’s and Ookuninushi’s gazes, Sukunabikona’s face flushed bright red.

“Why do I have to say it to Ookuninushi—”

“It’s a simple punishment game.”

Uta said it as brightly as he could.

He wondered how Sukunabikona would react.

He held his breath and watched over Sukunabikona who looked straight up at Ookuninushi.

“That’s… Of course, I love you!”

Sukunabikona’s face was completely flushed, and he looked angry.

No, this face wasn’t one of anger but of embarrassment.

No one could open their mouth in this silence.

Ookuninushi silently stared at Sukunabikona before dropping this declaration.

“I’ll see you tonight.”

After that, he quietly looked away and went somewhere.

(Umm, should I interpret this in that way?)

Uta grew flustered just by watching this exchange, and beside him, Sukunabikona was still bright red and his mouth flapped open and close.

“What should I do…?”


“I-It’s been hundreds of years… Can I do a good job?”

Sukunabikona’s bashfulness and excitement were fully conveyed to Uta through their connected hands.

“You’ll be fine.”

Uta reflexively grinned.

“I don’t have any confidence! Let me practice on you!”


Uta’s voice, as he asked in response, cracked.

“Please! I’ll give you a ton of blessings for it, okay?”

“Even if you tell me that…”

“Listen here… What are you planning to do to my Uta?”

A vein popped on Haraedo’s forehead, and he forcibly took Uta’s hand.

“We’re going home, Uta! We’ll retrieve Minsuke, and then, you’ll brew me coffee in the shop. I’m exhausted.”

“Oh, okay…”

Even Uta wanted to calm down with a cup of coffee.

“Ah! I also want to drink your coffee!”

Sukunabikona reclaimed Uta’s hand.

“Damn brat! You are being too familiar while touching Uta!”

“Shut up. He isn’t yours. It’s painful to see you act like his boyfriend when you’ve only kissed him.”

“You basta—”

The gods were noisy as usual.

It seemed that today was another peaceful day.

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Lord of nothing
Lord of nothing
1 year ago

If the bed scene of small god and big god not explained clearly, ill get mad. The size comparision… Oooo, my curiosity is at its peak.