Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Chapter 3-2: 10,000 Yen Bill and a Minor

“Praying to Sukunabikona-no-kami means… well, I didn’t really know the details so, I simply prayed at the front shrine.”

Uta explained to Haraedo.

“How much did you offer?”

“I believe it was a single 100 yen coin.”

“100 yen… About the price of one coffee at the convenience store… Hmm, and the store’s proceeds sky-rocketed, right? As expected, that guy is too generous.”

Haraedo folded his arms and grumbled.

Uta agreed.

“Additionally, this wasn’t my first time going to pray at that shrine. Both this year and the last, I had visited during New Years. It feels strange that I had a massive blessing this time.”

“Then, it’s not related to that guy…”

Haraedo seemed convinced, but he reopened his mouth, a new idea popping up.

“…No, we’re talking about that brat here. It’s possible he’s scheming something. Be on your guard, Uta.”

“Even if you tell me to be on alert…”

How exactly should he be on alert against a god?

Then, a customer entered the shop, so Uta left his seat beside Haraedo and returned to his work station.

“Welcome. What will you be having today?”

When Uta looked back at that seat a short time later, Haraedo had already disappeared like a puff of smoke.

Several days after that, Uta stepped inside the Fuda shrine grounds once more.

(If that push in proceeds was due to Sukunabikona-no-kami, then I have to thank him, right?)

The shrine usually bustled with people when there was some function, festival, or when it was New Years, but the grounds were deserted on this uneventful weekday.

Uta slowly walked on the shrine path underneath the shade of the tall trees to the front shrine directly ahead.

After he opened his wallet, he resolutely dropped a 10,000 yen bill into the offering box.

It was hard to declare an extra digit as just an increase in proceeds, but this was the best form of repayment he could give when he thought about how habitually his store was in the red.

(Thank you very much for that bonus in my store’s proceeds…!)

He clapped his hands together, prayed, and looked inside the front shrine.

Although the entrance to the front shrine was left wide open, there were no signs of people in his peripheral vision. He didn’t know if he could sense such a thing, but he certainly didn’t sense the presence of a god.


He imagined the god in the form of a young boy1.

After taking a breath, he prepared to leave. When he did, the 10,000 yen bill in the offering box caught his eye.

He didn’t regret his decision, but he ended up looking at it to confirm its existence since it had that much worth to him.

(I need to stop myself. It’s just money…)

He bitterly laughed at his attachment to this piece of paper and turned on his heel.

And, just as he cast a sidelong glance at the tranquil scene lit by the sunlight filtering through the leaves and was about to leave for the street…


Uta was called from behind by a clear and refreshing voice.

When he turned around, a boy in a school uniform was chasing after him on the road from the shrine.

Was he a high school student? He was a beautiful boy who sparkled and shined like light. His skin was pale and his eyes were beautiful.

He had a small build, but the strong glint in his eyes made him look very majestic.

The boy looked straight at Uta as he quickly approached and stopped right in front of him.

“You dropped this.”

He was holding a 10,000 yen bill in his thin fingers.

It resembled the one Uta had dropped into the offering box based on its creases, but it couldn’t be determined if it really was the same one.

“It’s not mine.”

Uta answered.

Even if it was the same bill, he had already relinquished it.

“It’s not?”

The boy blinked rapidly and stared at Uta.

“Then, can I take it?”


Uta nodded. He was surprised at how quick his own words and actions were, but it was because he had a feeling that the boy before him was Sukunabikona-no-kami.

The boy broadly grinned.

“You’re interesting, mister.”


“But, if you’re trying to thank me, this isn’t enough.”

The boy stuffed the money into his uniform pocket.

“If it’s not enough, what should I do?”

When Uta asked, the boy promptly replied as if he already had something in mind.

“I want you to go out with me.”

“Um, where to?”

“Not that. I’m saying that I want to become close to you. Naturally, I’m not talking about being ‘friends.’ You’ll be mine, and I’ll be yours. That kind of relationship.”


Uta looked over the divine boy once again.

His appearance was cute. Rather than a god, he was more like an imp. There were probably people out there who would have their hearts completely smitten by a child like him flirting with them despite him being a minor.

However, as much charm as this boy had, the scent of danger also came along. This had to be a trap.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.”

Uta couldn’t afford to be wishy-washy with his rejection; rather, he chose to be frank and upfront.


The boy clung to Uta’s arm and pouted.

“Wait. You’re too close…!”

“I won’t let you go until you say that you’ll go out with me!”

“…! What’s your goal?”

The boy said into Uta’s ear.

“Mister, you’re Haraedo-no-kami’s little pet, right? You seem interesting, so I want to have a taste.”

“A taste? A taste of what…?”

Uta asked, but he sensed that nothing good could come out of this.

“It’s just as you’ve guessed. I want to do dirty things with you.”


As Uta recalled himself from ten years ago, he remembered the excessive horniness of a young man.

Although, this god was probably in his thousands, contrary to his appearance.

Uta’s head began to hurt…

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