Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 3-3: Cat and Mouse

(What should I do…?)

As Uta walked through Tenjin-dori, Sukunabikona-no-kami continued to firmly cling to his arm.

Despite his efforts to shake off the god the whole way, the god persisted.

The store was closed for the day and Sungmin wasn’t present today, but he could sense that if he returned to the store and bumped into Haraedo like this, something bothersome would take place.

Haraedo had gone out of his way to warn Uta about Sukunabikona-no-kami, and yet…

“Hey, mister. Want to eat a candied apple together?”

The god pointed at a shop on the street.

“You want to eat it?”

“I’m a little hesitant to eat one since its size makes it look difficult to eat, but I do want to have a taste. Moreover, I definitely want to see you struggle while eating it.”

“I see…”

This was probably what Haraedo had meant when he had said that Sukunabikona was unruly.

“Look. That child over there surely bought it just to show off on Insta, but it’s too much for her.”

He pointed at the girl standing in front of the shop.

But, it was against Uta’s principles to laugh at other people’s misery.

“But, it’s fine as long as she’s enjoying herself.”

Uta said as he began to walk away.

“In that case, you should enjoy it with me.”

“I don’t want to get my face dirty from a candy apple.”

“Not that! I’m talking about dating…!”

Sukunabikona-no-kami pulled Uta’s arm.


The force was too much and caused Uta to trip.

But, Uta was more worried about pinning the small boy than his own safety.

He quickly embraced Sukunabikona, who was about to fall backwards, and firmly planted his feet to stop himself.

“Watch out—”

He managed to safely catch himself.

Uta let out a sigh, the god still in his arms.

“I’m sorry. I must have surprised you…”

Uta’s heart was still racing at this unexpected scene as he unwrapped his arms.

When he did, Sukunabikona-no-kami pointed at Uta’s face and laughed.

“That flustered face of yours. Oh, mister. You’re cu~te♪”

“Please don’t tease me…”


After laughing for some time, the god suddenly had a serious look on his face.

“I think that you’re an extremely normal human being, but…”


“Even though you’ve got your head in the clouds, you’re kind and dependable, and it felt nice to be in your arms.”

“What do you mean…?”

Uta thought that the god was sarcastically praising him.

“In short, you’re a rare saint in these present times.”

Sukunabikona-no-kami continued as he began walking again.

Uta was at a slight loss on how to react.

“I’m no saint… I have desires like everyone else, and I’m a poor citizen doing my best to operate my tiny store. I don’t think I’m the kind of human who’ll interest gods. That’s why…”

They had already left Tenjin-dori and were approaching the northern intersection.

They were halfway back to the street in Chofu Ginza where Coffee Galette stood. He had to quickly persuade this god…

“‘That’s why you should give up’ is what you want to say, right?”

Sukunabikona-no-kami grabbed Uta’s sleeve.

“Well, frankly speaking…”

“Then, obediently do as I have already said.”

The god said as he cast a suggestive sidelong glance.

“…! That’s unreasonable.”

Uta turned away.

This was not good. He was being overwhelmed. The god had complete control over the conversation.

Eventually, the two reached the scramble intersection in front of the station. The pedestrian traffic light was red.

The god, who was dressed as a male high school student, was still glued to his side as Uta stopped at the end of the crosswalk.

It would be bad if he returned to the store like this. Where should he go once the traffic light changes?

Sukunabikona-no-kami continued to talk.

“If you’re that adamant about not sleeping with me, then why don’t the two of us go on a date first?”

“Your wording makes it sound like you’ll assault me right after the date…”

“Isn’t it fine if it’s after the date?”

“It’s not fine.”

It wasn’t clear if Sukunabikona-no-kami was teasing Uta or not, and he snickered to himself.

During this time, Uta spotted a familiar figure on the other side of the intersection.


The god noticed Uta and was about to wave his hand when his expression suddenly stiffened, and he turned to his right and ran off.

“Huh? Housou-san…”

Uta was taken by surprise, but Sukunabikona-no-kami said in a low voice.

“That guy is scared of me. He was once on the verge of disappearing after coming in contact with my exalted wrath, so he always runs away like that.”

“Oh, I see…”

Uta pitied the god when he recalled that terrified face.

Haraedo had said that he couldn’t deny Sukunabikona-no-kami’s abilities as a god, but this god must be considerably strong.

Uta doubted that he could escape from such a god…

When he thought of that, the light turned green and the waves of people began to move.

(There’s nothing I can do. Guess I’ll go towards the station square.)

When Uta stepped into the intersection, something happened.


Haraedo-no-kami came walking towards them from the other side of the road where Housou-no-kami had been standing.

(What should I do?!)

Haraedo had clearly noticed the two of them together. He was surrounded by an explosive air, as if a thunder cloud loomed only over his head.

“Yo, Sukunabikona.”

As the stream of people crossed the intersection, Haraedo-no-kami stopped right in the middle in front of them.

“If you’re laying a hand on Uta, that means you want to start a war with me, right?”

“It’s not going to be a war if it’s between you and me. It’ll be more of one-sided harassment like a cat tormenting a mouse.”

Sukunabikona-no-kami goaded the god with a smile.

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