Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Cale

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Chapter 3-8: Tailing

Sungmin beckoned to someone from among the crowd of people lining up at the ticket gate.

“You’re late, Haraedo-san! The manager and the small god have already left.”

“Minsuke, you’re awfully loud for someone who’s trying to tail a person…”

Haraedo was exasperated as he walked next to Sungmin.

“So, where are they?”

“Over there!”

Looking towards the direction he pointed at, Uta and Sukunabikona could be seen buying train tickets.

The image of the two peering into the ticket machine indeed made them look close.

“What is Sukunabikona planning? A god doesn’t need a ticket.”

Haraedo grumbled.

“Let’s pass through the ticket gate and get ahead of them.”

Sungmin pressed his commuter pass on the ticket gate and went through.

Haraedo quietly vanished and reappeared on the other side of the gate with a matter-of-fact look pasted on his face. There wasn’t any human who noticed this.

“Where are they going? Did you hear anything about it?”

Haraedo asked, and Sungmin nonchalantly answered.

“No, I don’t know. But when I looked through the manager’s smartphone yesterday at noon, it seems their plan would be made by the god on the day off itself.”

“Hey. Why were you looking through Uta’s smartphone like that? Does he have no security?! And why is Sukunabikona using a smartphone? Does he think he’s a human…?!”

As Haraedo complained, Sungmin puffed out his chest next to him.

“I’ve been watching the manager for a year, so I naturally know his phone password. Also, IT technology has advanced so far, therefore I think gods should also be proactive and use them. Ah, they’re here!”

Uta and Sukunabikona passed through the ticket gate, and Sungmin and Haraedo hid behind a pillar.

“AAAH! Why are they holding hands?!?! He’s my manager!!!”

From behind a pillar, Sungmin glared at the back of the two holding hands and grit his teeth.

“Calm down, Minsuke. You’re missing the whole point of tailing…”

In any case, by holding hands with Sukunabikona, who was wearing a school uniform, Uta also ended up looking like a male high school student.

The women passing nearby were excited to see such a cute couple.

“Uuuugggghh! I’m so jealous… I’m the one who’s supposed to be there…”

“You knew you would be seeing this when you decided to come along. Bear with it.”

Haraedo rubbed at his forehead as he replied back.

In the first place, Sungmin was the one who had proposed the idea of tailing the two.

He was worried about Uta, whom he believed was being forced into this date, and had called out to Haraedo-no-kami.

‘Haraedo-san, our enemy is a god, so please fight him and take back the manager if something happens! I’ll give you ten coffee tickets.’

And thus, Haraedo was onboard.

Haraedo was also worried about Uta and Sukunabikona being together, and since he had been planning on watching from afar anyways, this was like killing two birds with one stone.

However, it was draining for him to work together with the loud Sungmin.

It was only at that moment that he realized this and regretted his decision.

“Let’s go, Minsuke. They went down the stairs.”

They let Uta and Sukunabikona go ahead, slightly increasing the distance between them before following.

Afterwards, they boarded the train and got off at a station.

“Hey, is the one who’s been following you for some time your fanclub member or something?”

Sukunabikona glanced behind him as he inserted the ticket into the automatic turnstile.

“He’s the boy who works part-time for me, but I’m sorry. It looks like he followed me.”

Uta softly answered, still looking ahead.

“I’ll feel bad driving him away, and since he’s not exactly a child who will obediently listen to what I tell him, can you just pretend he’s not there?”

“Got it. Oh, and I don’t think you’ve noticed, but Haraedo is with him.”

“Eh? Really…?”

Uta reflexively turned around at Sukunabikona’s statement.

But, he couldn’t spot Haraedo.

“As expected of a god. He’s good at erasing his presence…”

“Although, that human child is terribly bad at it.”

Sukunabikona said with an astonished face.

“I have a good idea. Come this way, Mister.”

As they passed through the ticket gate, Sukunabikona pulled Uta’s arm.

“Eh? What?”

“Here, look…!”

Uta was brought behind one of the pillars of the ticket gate and given a small hand mirror.

Despite being a god, Sukunabikona was stylish like a highschool boy. Him being in possession of this hand mirror was probably a testament to that.

Just as Uta was feeling impressed by this…

“Look at the mirror.”

Sukunabikona whispered and planted a kiss on Uta’s cheek.

(Eeeh?! Wh-what’s happening?!)

Uta was about to raise his voice when he noticed a reflection in the mirror.

“Found Haraedo~”

Sukunabikona laughed near Uta’s ear.

Even though Haraedo was hiding himself as he followed them, his visage was momentarily reflected in the mirror.

Also, because Sungmin was so shocked after seeing that, he smacked right into the turnstile just as he was on his way to pass through the ticket gate.

“I see. By doing this to you, even Haraedo gets flustered. This is so much fun~♪”

“Umm, it also surprised me, so can you not do that?”

The small god drew closer, as if to plant another kiss on his cheek, so Uta kindly moved away.

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