Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Chapter 4-11: In Short, You’re Cute

The realm of the dead referred to the place where those who had died resided in.

People debated whether it was located in the depths of the earth or on top of a mountain, so simply put, no one knew its exact location.

There currently wasn’t a place like that in the world Uta lived in, so this felt like entering another world…

Housou-no-kami continued to walk several steps ahead of Uta as they continued to descend along the path.

The rocks and dirt of the cave walls were the only things they could see on either side.

They occasionally stepped inside a wide space, but the scenery around them didn’t change much.

“Housou-san, where are we heading?”

When Uta asked, the god looked over his shoulder.

“You’re going to search for my soul, right? Then, we have to go to Izanami.”


Uta had expected this answer, but he stopped in place.

Izanami was Izanagi’s wife, and together with him, she had brought forth this country and numerous other gods. However, after she had given birth to the god of fire and was burnt by him, she hid herself in the realm of the dead. From then forth, she cursed humanity with death.

The reason she had cursed them was because she was furious that her husband, Izanagi, had seen her hideous visage.

“Was it Izanami who gave you the power of corruption and stole your soul?”

The god laughed at Uta’s question.

“Ha, an ugliness like mine is enough to put Izanami’s one to shame.”

This was probably why he was able to meet the Izanami, who was supposedly hidden in the realm of the dead.

“Is this a matter of personal appearances?”

“No, it’s something related to an inferiority complex.”

“Inferiority complex…”

Uta felt like he understood; no one really wanted to feel inferior to anyone.

It wasn’t just appearances. You would feel envious of those more blessed than yourself and get dejected.

And you would hate it even further if you were scorned or pitied.

In Izanami’s case, all that had happened, on top of scaring her husband and seeing him run away.

Uta easily sympathized with her.

Housou-no-kami saw that Uta remained silent, so he continued to speak.

“I’m originally someone from Izanami’s side, anyways. Someone who has lived an ugly life, feared by humans. That ugliness doesn’t refer to appearances alone but also my mind. But, seeking the attention of good-for-nothings like me is your bad habit, Uta.”

That might be the case, but for some reason, Uta couldn’t bring himself to simply agree.

“I don’t think that’s right.”

“…Not right? What do you mean?”

“Housou-san, you sometimes come to see me and show me a rare smile at times…”

Uta didn’t think his own behavior was done out of sympathy. He only wanted to react since the god was someone he cared about.

“I ended up thinking that I want to see you smile.”

“So, you’re saying it’s my fault?”



Housou-no-kami looked surprised.

“But, I’m not blaming you for that. I think that…”

(…Yeah, that’s right.)

As he talked, Uta reached an embarrassing conclusion.

“I think that, you know, we just ended up attracted to each other.”

Uta enjoyed the god’s company, and the god, having caught Uta’s attention, probably felt the same, since he had ended up kidnapping Uta.

“Look here. Can you even see me?! I can send Lord Izanagi running away with how I look.”

It was true that Housou-no-kami currently had maggots crawling all over him and gave off a horrid stench.

Uta couldn’t deny the fact that his survival instincts caused him to physiologically feel disgusted.

“A nice bath ought to do the job. Also, there’s a saying in the human world: Love is blind…”

Uta extended his hand, careful to not touch the maggots.

“In short, I find you cute, Housou-san.”

When he stroked the god’s cheek, the god froze in place.

Then, he shouted as if screaming from the soul.

“—You! Are you sane?!”

“Haha… I’m rather surprised I managed to keep my sanity after coming all the way here.”

“Sigh… I’m glad I lost my soul. If not, it would have flown out of me…”

Housou-no-kami said some incomprehensible words as he hurried ahead.

“Ah! Wait, Housou-san.”

Uta chased after him again.

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