Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Editor: Millinia

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Chapter 4-14: Once Spring Comes

“All the beans in this Indonesian Toraja1 look good…! This Costa Rica Black Honey2 is also rated highly. Should I buy some?” 

When Uta went shopping on his day off for coffee beans to roast for his personal use, he ended up carrying back hefty bags on both arms.

(Ugh, I bought too much… Even if I buy this many, it’s not like customers will come…)

Uta slightly regretted it as he made his way back home.

He felt the handles of the reusable bags dig into his palms as he walked. Suddenly, one of his bags was snatched away from his side.

“Mister, I’ll help you carry them.”

It was Sukunabikona-no-kami, showing a bright smile after not having seen each other in a while.

“Sukunabikona-san! Are you okay now?”

“What do you mean? I’m always fit as a fiddle.”

He said it as if nothing happened and continued to walk while humming a tune.

It seemed that the god didn’t want Uta to mention anything about him lying down in the alleyway.

The god was cute but prideful. Uta surmised that the god probably didn’t want to acknowledge his loss that day.

Just then, Sukunabikona, who had been walking a little ahead, turned around.

“More importantly, are you okay, Mister? Did that guy do anything to you?”

‘That guy’ probably referred to Housou-no-kami who had kidnapped Uta that day.

“I guess you can say he had his way with me.”


“I didn’t hate it that much though…”


Sukunabikona froze in place. His eyes flickering back and forth, his thoughts racing. After that, he bitterly commented.

“Dammit…! That bastard! I knew I should’ve crushed him under my feet.”

His declaration didn’t match the calming, carefree mood of this midday weekday. Although, it did match him personally.

“I said that I didn’t hate it.”

“Even if you didn’t hate it, I do!”

Sukunabikona clung to Uta’s freed arm.

(Even though the god just freed this arm from the weight of the bag, it feels so heavy now…)

The god puffed out his cheeks.

“Your butt is mine.”

Uta was troubled that the god had to mention “butts” in the middle of the city at noon. He reflexively checked the faces of those around him.

But, leaving that matter aside…

“…Sorry, I was under the impression that you were the type that wanted to be held…”

When Uta confessed this, the god looked up at Uta with a smirk on his face.

“Well, which is the truth? Want to see?”

“I don’t.”

“Come on. I want to see you panting and squealing in bed!”

(‘Panting and squealing’…?)

Would a bedroom scene with Sukunabikona be that enjoyable?

Uta ended up imagining it a bit.

At that time—

“He~y, you two. What’s going on here?!”

Haraedo suddenly appeared out of nowhere, cutting in between Uta and Sukunabikona.

“Geh, Haraedo…!”

“What do you mean ‘Geh’?!”

“You third-wheel!”

“Huh?! Who is the real third-wheel here?”

Haraedo grabbed the reusable bag filled with coffee beans from Sukunabikona and held it up.

“Okay, let’s go home!”

“Even though you’re just Haraedo, you dare go against me?”

“Did you forget that I saved you before?”

Haraedo grinned.

“Grr, how impudent!”

Sukunabikona acted standoffishly and didn’t continue.


Even though Sukunabikona-no-kami was superior as the chief god before, after the incident with Housou-no-kami, his relationship with Haraedo changed into a weird power dynamic.

“Sukunabikona-san, thanks for carrying my bag. If you’d like, you can also come to the shop and drink some coffee.”

When Uta invited the god, he looked like he just won the lottery.

“…Ha, you hear that, Haraedo?”

“I heard it, so shut up.”

“Then, Mister, let’s leave the bags to the servant. We can hold hands and walk.”

“Servant…? Hey, you damn brat!”

Haraedo, despite showing anger, had a bitter expression on his face, so he wasn’t truly angry.

(How peaceful…)

Haraedo ended up carrying the other reusable bag as well.

This was a show of his masculine side.

It was clear from the surrounding scenery that the station square was lively even for a weekday.

Hearing music, Uta turned to look and saw a group of young people gathered for a street performance.

“I guess the crowds are slowly coming back now.”

The news reported high numbers of infected people as usual, but the mood of the city had lightened up a bit compared to before.

“I’m sure things will look up again once we make it past winter.”

When he said those words, the god of commerce and the god of exorcism deeply nodded their heads.

It was just at that moment—

“That guy! It’s Housou-no-kami…!!!”

Sukunabikona pointed at a bench far away.

Housou-no-kami was watching the crowd of people gathered for the street performance from a bench in the far distance.

“Eh? You serious?! That guy actually came back?!”

Haraedo also shouted and jogged over to the bench.

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