Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Chapter 4-7: Gods of Diseases

Afterwards, the two searched for gods of diseases to find Housou-no-kami.

“A god of disease…”

Uta scanned the city at night.

“Blergh, there’s a swarm of them…”

“Eh? Where?”

“There. Can’t you see? A god of influenza, a god of Korona…”

When Uta looked in the direction Haraedo was pointing, he certainly saw countless small gods there.

“EEHH?! You’re kidding me…”

“I’m not.”

“I see. So this is why infectious diseases have been so widespread…”

It appeared that while Haraedo could see the gods of diseases, it wasn’t that easy for Uta.

He finally caught sight of them after following the direction of Haraedo’s finger.

Or rather, he probably noticed them once he focused there.

It was strange since Haraedo, Sukunabikona, and Housou could be seen normally by the human eye.

“Ah! There’s a bunch of them over there! Are those the gods of Korona?”

Uta looked at the spot Haraedo was pointing at again and spotted several children wearing crowns gathered at the entrance of the city section with all the bars.

The children smiled, showing their fangs. They oozed the scent of danger.

Uta, half-subconsciously, readjusted his mask.

The people who were walking along the street sneezed, causing new gods to pop out.

“I’m feeling kinda hungry~ Let’s grab some humans!”

Uta heard one of the gods of diseases say and jumped towards him.


Haraedo stuck out his hand from the side and promptly grabbed the god.

“Who the hell are you?!”

“I’m Haraedo-no-kami, a god who specializes in cleaning calamity and corruption. So, I’ll need you to be obedient and let me exorcise you.”

“Stop! Let me go!”

Trapped, the small god of disease swung his arms and legs.

“I see. So you don’t want to be exorcised? In that case, tell me Housou-no-kami’s whereabouts.”


“Yeah. Where is he?”

Haraedo held the god up to his eye level.

“Scary, scary, scary! Housou-san is scary!”

For some unknown reason, the god of disease feared Housou-no-kami over Haraedo.

Haraedo glanced over to Uta, but Uta also didn’t know the reason.

“What are you going to do once you find Housou-san…? You’ll die if you meet him, you know?”

The god of sickness trembled.

“What do you mean ‘die’? Gods can’t die.”

Haraedo cast a suspicious look at the god.

“A sparkling god came by not too long ago, but he was defeated by Housou-san and died!”

“A sparkling god…? Wait, you mean Sukunabikona-san?!”

Sukunabikona’s shining aura popped up in Uta’s mind.

Uta was shocked, but Haraedo expectedly didn’t believe what this god of disease was saying.

“As if Sukunabikona would ever lose to Housou.”

“…He died. He really is dead…”

The god of sickness said and pointed to a dim alleyway deep in the area.

“…Are you seriously saying that?!”

Haraedo finally looked in the direction the god of disease was pointing at.

At that moment, the god of disease slipped out from Haraedo’s hand.

“Dammit! Hey, wait!”


By the time they heard that voice, the god had already disappeared from sight.

“Dammit. That guy lied to run away.”

Haraedo clicked his tongue in frustration.

“Oh, but…”

Something felt off to Uta. Why would the god say “the sparkling god” if it was a lie… He should have chosen something more harmless and inoffensive if he were lying.

Uta stared at the dim alleyway.

“What should we do? Sukunabikona-san is…”

“There’s no way he could defeat Sukunabikona— Huh, Uta?”

“Let’s go!”

Uta pulled Haraedo’s arm close and began to run into the alleyway.

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