Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

Translator: AdCaelum

Editor: Cale

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Chapter 4-8: Reunion and Corruption

Many of the small shops in this section of the city were closed, making the whole alleyway feel gloomy.

Among them, the isolated spots of neon lights and red lanterns made it feel like they were entering another world.

“Hey, Uta, let’s head back, okay? This place is swarming with gods of diseases and evil spirits.”

Haraedo said while continually being pulled forward by the arm by Uta.

“But, we have to make sure… Ah!”

They spotted someone on the ground in the dark next to a bar.

When they made their way over, the person got up and staggered towards a side road.

“It’s just a drunkard.”

Haraedo exhaled.

“There are only suspicious stores past here…”

He pointed to a pink signboard.

When Uta peered into the alleyway, he noticed another person collapsed on the ground.

Their bright-colored hair was dirty from having touched the ground.

“—! Sukunabikona-san?!”

Uta ran across the asphalt over to him.

“It really is Sukunabikona…!”


The collapsed god groaned quietly.

His beautiful hair and pristine skin were dirty as if he had been stepped on several times.

“Sukunabikona-san! Hey, are you okay?!”

“…This is the worst… I…didn’t want you…to see me like this…”

Uta held Sukunabikona in his arms, and the god smiled weakly, with only one corner of his mouth raised.

“Should I call an ambulance?! Wait, no, in this situation, I should…”

Uta was panicking, but the god instructed him with this.

“Call Ookuninushi…”

“Eh? How do I call him?”

“Leave it to me. I got it.”

Haraedo said.

“What happened, Sukunabikona?”

“I was attacked by Housou-no-kami… Gods of diseases weren’t the only things he brought back with him…”

(What does he mean by that…?)

Sukunabikona coughed painfully and fell unconscious.


“Sorry for making you talk too much! I’ll go and bring Ookuninushi back. Let’s go, Uta.”

Haraedo signaled to Uta with his eyes.

“No, I’ll stay and watch over Sukunabikona-san. You can go.”

“But you…”

Haraedo was hesitant, his eyes wandering about, but he nodded with a reluctant look.

“I got it.”

Then, he disappeared like a puff of smoke.

The alleyway was dominated by a heavy silence.


Uta looked at Sukunabikona whose eyes were tightly shut.

(Why did things turn out this way…?)

Even if the two had butted heads in the past, he couldn’t imagine that Housou-no-kami and Sukunabikona would end up like this. Was he that simple-minded to believe such naivety…?

He wondered if Sukunabikona had fallen asleep as the god didn’t move a single inch.

With the cold ground feeling hard on his knees, Uta suddenly felt chills run through his body.

(I’m scared… Come back soon, Haraedo…)

Just when Uta became aware of the terror surrounding him—


He heard the footsteps of someone gradually approaching from the inside of another dark alleyway.

He sensed a cold, ominous presence—a familiar presence.


The unsteady steps continued and stopped in front of him.

“Uta, let go of him. You’ll be corrupted.”

The smell of blood reached Uta’s nose, along with the stench of decay.

Housou stood there in the shape of a human, but something was creeping around him.

Uta’s body stiffened in fear.

Uta hadn’t encountered Housou-no-kami in a while, but his body was now covered with many maggots and the scent of evil spirits.

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Lord of nothing
Lord of nothing
1 year ago

Noooo…. Not the maggots!