Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Chapter 5-1: A Christmas Date With…

On a certain day in late December, Sungmin was looking over the featured page from the local magazine during his break.

“French? Italian? No, I think I will go with French. Ah, but if I invite him to eat my homemade cooking, I can invite him over to my house… Oh, but if that’s the case, I might as well invite him to bed…! No, that won’t work. The manager’s denseness is on its own level…”

He muttered to himself. As he flipped the page back and forth, he accidentally ripped it.

“Oh, darn it! My precious information…”

“What are you doing, Minsuke? Your inner thoughts are coming out.”

Haraedo-no-kami had suddenly appeared next to him and was looking at what was in his hands.

Come to think of it, the god had arrived here not too long ago.

This was such a common occurrence to him that Sungmin no longer noticed Haraedo’s presence as of recently.

“Oh, right. I need to update your coffee tab…”

He took out a notepad and wrote down the date and bill.

While this was happening, Haraedo nodded at what he saw in the local magazine.

Recommended restaurants for your Christmas date… Wait. There’s not much time left until Christmas, right…?”

“That’s right. I can’t believe I started late. Of all the places I could reserve, I got one French place and one Italian place. I still don’t know which one to choose.”

Sungmin compared the info about the restaurants he had circled.

“Yeah, I’ll go French!”

“You gotta go Italian! I wanna eat their shrimp.”

“Unfortunately for you, the one I’m inviting is the manager!”

“Thought so.”

Haraedo-no-kami showed a broad smile, revealing his teeth.

“But… a meal together with Uta, huh. Sounds nice.”

“Aren’t you normally together with the manager at home? Why don’t you just eat together then…?”

Sungmin looked over at the household shrine.

Being told this, Haraedo realized that he and Uta were living together in a sense, but their circumstances were slightly different now.

“About that… that Housou guy is also with us.”

“…Eh? Why is he here?! I haven’t heard anything about that!”

Sungmin unintentionally stood up from his chair.

“Uta told me to keep quiet about it, but that happened half a month ago. I think that promise has expired by now. Housou’s shrine back at the Fuda shrine is being repaired, so Uta placed one for him here at home. I’ve been keeping watch, making sure Housou doesn’t get the chance to do anything to Uta…”

Haraedo sighed and continued to talk.

“Jeez, I’ve got no time to rest. If I can’t talk alone with Uta, I want the two of us to go outside at least.”

“I see… I understand the feeling, but I won’t easily yield my date with the manager to you.”

Sungmin looked at the work calendar stuck to the store’s wall.

If he was going to take the busy Uta out, it had to be when the store was closed. In that case, he had to make sure he was also free.

And, Uta’s next day off was coincidentally on Christmas day…

When he was about to announce this, Uta returned carrying a package delivered to the store by a delivery person.

“Oh, Uta, good timing.”

Haraedo began to talk.

“About your next day off—”

“Haraedo-san, you can’t jump the line! Manager~, the next time I’m off, I—”

“Together with me—”

The two scrambled to say their lines. Uta watched the two with a smile.

“Where will you two be going?”

“That’s not it!!!”


Sungmin slammed his hand on the counter and pulled his body over it.

“Manager, your next time off is on Christmas Eve, right? And, you spend Christmas Eve together with someone special, right?! That’s why, please spend your Eve with me!!!”

“Ah, sorry, Min-kun. I already have plans…”

Uta clapped his hands and apologized.

“Minsuke, looks like you immediately got rejected.”

Haraedo showed a bitter smile.

“W-with whom, manager…?! Housou-san? Or, is it Sukunabikona-san?! If you say that there’s another god, I’m going to cry.”

Sungmin was almost in tears when he said that.

“That’s not it.”

“Then, wait. It can’t be. A human?! Did you get a human boyfriend?!”


Sungmin’s shouting even shook Haraedo up.

“A human love rival is going to be a threat to me…”

“I’m also human, you know.”

Sungmin pouted.

“Aren’t you a zashiki-warashi, Minsuke?”

“Not only a youkai but also a child one?! Please don’t label me like that! Have you removed me from the list of manager’s love interests?!”

“Well, you are a child…”

“19-year-olds are adults in my country!”

“Eh? Is that so?”

Uta had been glancing at the two from the side but popped his head up from behind the package.

“No way, manager~! Did you also remove me from your list of love interests because you thought I was a child?! Argh! No wonder why all my flirting and hard work never paid off…”


Even if Sungmin was an adult in another country, he was still a minor in this one.

“I’m an adult, so please go on a Christmas date with me!”

Sungmin pressed Uta.

“Hey, Min-kun, I really do have plans.”

“Who and where are you meeting?!”

“I also want to know.”

Haraedo backed up Sungmin.

Uta took a breath and spoke frankly.

“My plans actually deal with what’s inside this box.”

“Eh? Inside the box?”

The two looked at him, and Uta lifted the contents of the cardboard box for them to see.

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2 years ago

Eh, what’s in the box?? More ancious than Sungmin! Can’t wait for the next update

2 years ago
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