Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Chapter 5-2: Thirty Cows

“What is this, mana~ger…?”

Sungmin grabbed an item from inside the box.

“It’s just as it’s written here—a kit to craft plushies of the twelve zodiac animals.”

Uta shrugged his shoulders.

“It looks like you have a bunch of them though?!”

“Yeah, there’s about thirty in there…”

“Could it be…”

Haraedo interjected.

“That you’re going to make thirty plushies by New Year’s?!”

“Yeah, that’s exactly the plan~.”

Uta smiled.

“There’s actually a reason for this. I’ve been helping the craft store that makes this kit with their website.”

“That reminds me, manager. You specialize in craft design, right?”

Sungmin recalled and asked.

“No, I’m only slightly better than an amateur. Besides, the craft store had extras, so they sent me some and said I could use them for my store. Look, the design of the cow’s vest looks like coffee beans…!”

“It does. But, how can we use it?”

Sungmin couldn’t imagine how these could be of any use to them.

“I was thinking of giving these along with the coffee vouchers I’ll be handing out on New Year’s.”

“The plushie crafting kit?”

“No, they’ll be completed plushies by then, so he’ll have to make thirty by New Year’s.”

Haraedo understood and answered for Uta.

Sungmin screamed.

“You’re kidding, right?! You won’t be enjoying your Christmas but will be making plushies instead?!!! Aah! My lovely Christmas with the manager~…”

Afterward, Sungmin fell on top of the counter and didn’t move anymore.

“Sorry, Min-kun.”

Uta pushed a biscuit into Sungmin’s hand.

Haraedo laughed as he slapped the boy’s shoulder.

“Well, there you have it. There’s nothing you can do about it. It’s for the store’s sake.”

“The store’s sake…?”

Sungmin slowly lifted his head.

“Then, I’ll also help! I can just come in on the 24th, right?”

“Sorry to ask this of you. You were looking forward to Christmas so much, Min-kun.”

“If you won’t go out with me, then I’ll spend Christmas with you like how I always do during business days!”

“Hm, in that case, I’ll help too.”

Next to the pouting Sungmin, Haraedo began to check out how to make the plushies.

“Eh, Haraedo too?”

“You’re not handy like me or the manager. Can you even make a plushie?”

Sungmin was doubtful.

“Hey, now, kids. How long do you think I’ve been alive for? I can do most things that humans can.”

Haraedo puffed out his chest.

At that moment, someone snatched the plushie kit the god was holding.

“Oh, plushies on the twelve zodiac animals…”

“Whoa, hey! Why is Sukunabikona here?!”

Haraedo looked startled.

“What? I can’t come here? Mister, a sweet one, please.”

“A sweet one… Is your usual caffé mocha fine?”

Uta began to prepare a caffé mocha for Sukunabikona, who had materialized out of nowhere.

“Come through the entrance like a normal person.”

Haraedo complained.

“It’s fine to disappear when leaving, but if you don’t come through the front, you’ll surprise the other people.”

“That’s just your own rule!”

Sukunabikona retorted.

“I don’t care as long as you pay before leaving! So, Sukunabikona-san, one caffé mocha is 10,000 yen!”


Uta reprimanded Sungmin with a smile.

Sukunabikona looked at Uta.

“So, your Christmas Eve will be spent making plushies with everyone?”

“It seems like that, I guess.”

“Can I also join?”

“You want to? That’s fine with me. I’m happy for the help…”

“Then it’s decided! I’ll be super booked on New Year’s, but I should be free during Christmas.”

This was probably how it was like with gods in their shrines. Uta thought as he looked at Sukunabikona’s smile.

“So, everyone will be making plushies. I’ll see if I can prepare something delicious for you all.”

“Oh, wait, manager!”

Uta said as he brought out the caffé mocha, but Sungmin interrupted him.

“If the four of us are making the plushies, wouldn’t we be able to finish really quickly?!”

“Eh? Ah, you’re right. If we start in the morning…”

Uta nodded.

“Then, you’ll have to go on a date at night with the one who makes the most plushies!”

“What, Minsuke? Do you think that it’ll be you?”

Haraedo chuckled.

Sukunabikona accepted the caffé mocha and said.

“Eh? No matter how you look at it, I’ll be the winner of that contest.”

The three were brimming with confidence.

That was when Uta thought this.

(If I make this a contest, everyone will concentrate and work really hard, right?)

“Okay. I’ll treat whoever makes the most plushies to something.”


Haraedo and Sungmin made a victory pose at the same time.

Sukunabikona grinned on the side.

“It’ll be a Christmas date, right? Then, there’ll be more after a nice meal, right?”

“Hm, Sukunabikona-san?”

“Don’t worry about it. I was talking to myself!”

Everyone had their own ulterior motives in mind and gathered at Coffee Galette on Christmas Eve.

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