Coffee Galette Chofu ~Pursued by Awkward Gods~

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Chapter 5-3: Cute, Normal Cow and Probably Ugly, Reverential Cow

“Then, everyone, let me explain how to make the plushies of the twelve zodiac animals~”

Inside the closed store, Uta looked over the group sitting at the counter and began to talk.

“First, check that you have all the parts. The fabric has already been cut according to the pattern, so all you need to do is sew it and stuff it with cotton! The outline for the stitch has also been printed on the fabric.”

“Oh, then this will be an easy win!”

Haraedo promptly opened the kit and checked over the parts while saying that.

Sungmin poked Haraedo from the side.

“Haraedo-san, the face of the plushie is its lifeline! Everything will be over if you’re careless with your stitching.”

“Right. You’ll need to attach buttons for the eyes and embroider the nose and mouth. If it’s too difficult, I’ll help, so just let me know.”

Uta continued.

Sukunabikona looked at the eyes provided in the kit and said.

“A cow, huh. Can I make it look like the cow god from the Fuda Shrine?”

“Sukunabikona, frankly speaking, I don’t think that cow is very cute.”

Haraedo frowned.

“But, that cow is a reverential cow with relations to Sugawara-no-Michizane.”

“Even if it’s reverential, it’s not cute. Wouldn’t it be better for a plushie to be on the cuter side?”

“You think? I think it’s both a reverential and an adorable god.”

“I wasn’t asking for your opinion…!”

“Hey, mister, between a cute, normal cow and a probably ugly, reverential cow, which would you choose?”

Sukunabikona turned the conversation to Uta.

“Hmm… That’s hard to say. Maybe the reverential cow? It’ll probably give me blessings.”

“Uta, I think it’s pretty unfair to ask for blessings from a plushie. I’m a god myself, and I don’t have many blessings…”

Haraedo had cracked a self-deprecating joke with a serious face, so Uta was at a loss for words for a moment.

“Umm, well, anyway, let’s do our best and make some plushies! Whether they’re cute or not, whether they provide blessings or not, we just need to put our hearts into making them. Also, even if you don’t have any blessings to give, you’re fine as you are.”

“I’m also happy as long as you are, Uta—”

The two looked at each other lovingly.

“Ahem! Can you two not flirt like that in front of me?”

Stuck in the middle, Sukunabikona raised his hand to block them.

Afterward, everyone began to make their own plushies.

“Come to think of it. That Housou wasn’t invited to join?”

Sukunabikona looked over at Haraedo as he continued to work.

“As if that guy would come here.”

“He didn’t come to help out during Halloween either,” Sungmin added.

“This is just me speaking, but I’ve never seen that guy do anything to help people,” Haraedo said.

“Housou-san is a god of disease, after all. It’s fine as long as he doesn’t go crazy, right?” Uta continued.

“What are you saying? That guy’s underlings are still rioting around the area.”

Haraedo was referring to how the pandemic was still ongoing.

“Huh? But, influenza cases have been going down… although I can’t say much about Korona…”

Uta’s statement surprised Haraedo.

“Do you think that guy settled down after Uta sheltered him?!”

“You think so?”

“That’s the only explanation I can think of. You’re amazing, you know that, Uta…”

Hearing this, Sukunabikona exclaimed.

“Eh? Mister is sheltering Housou?! What’s going on?!”

“You didn’t know, Sukunabikona-san? Housou-san said that he doesn’t have a place at the Fuda Shrine, so the manager provided him a private space…”

Sungmin explained to the frowning Sukunabikona.

“I simply added Housou-san’s talisman to the household shrine.”

“Yet, that guy frequently pops out and bugs Uta for alcohol!”

“But I offer sacred wine to you too, Haraedo.”

“I’m not talking about that! That guy is getting cockier. I worry that he might do something weird to you!”

Haraedo grew angry.

“Housou-san won’t do anything. I let him sleep on my lap at most.”

“Exactly! When I saw that, I really thought about sending him to the realm of the dead! Argh, I’m so frustrated now that I recalled that!”

“…Eh, Haraedo?!”

The god stood up from his seat and headed inside with long strides.

“Did he go to pick a fight?”

Sungmin said as if none of this concerned him.

“I’m worried…”

“Just ignore him, mister. Small fights like this are an everyday thing for them.”

Uta was about to head inside his residence when Sukunabikona stopped him.

Some time afterward, Sungmin looked up after concentrating for so long.

“Alright, I finished one! …Haraedo-san hasn’t come back yet, has he? At this rate, can we consider this as him forfeiting? It looks like my chances of taking the manager out on a date have risen from 1/3 to 1/2.”

“I was also thinking the same.”

Sukunabikona grinned and placed a finished plushie on top of the counter.

“I’d known from the beginning that I would win, but my victory is even more secure now.”

The two exchanged looks and sparks quietly flew between them.

But, soon, the battle would turn extremely chaotic…

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